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Thank you for the replies, very helpful.

I think you’re all right that mental attitude will be the big thing.  And the advice to get some long days/hours walking to get used to being able to walk for ten hours is good.  Will definitely wear my boots as much as possible from now on.  I do walk the dog 3 miles most days so will wear them rather than my wellies for dog walking from now on.  Thanks.
Lovely photos from both days April    :)   
Wales / Penallt, Monmouthshire
« Last post by peapod21 on Today at 20:54:52 »
Here's a TR from one of my local walks. 2 great pubs and great scenery within the Wye Valley. What more could you want?
Wales / Skirrid Fawr
« Last post by peapod21 on Today at 20:52:59 »
Okay, so I know this over a year old, but I haven't posted in the forum for you all to enjoy  ;D
General Walking Discussion / Re: Route that can be done in 5 days
« Last post by dav on Today at 20:52:40 »
C2C, but you would have to get a wiggle on.  ;)
Slogger replying as having to use this old alias due to login problems.
Scafell Pike in under 2 hours, pretty good, mind you from Wasdale Head I used to be up and down in 2.5 hours in my running days, and when leading a group of 10 on the national 3 peaks, we were up and down in the dark in just under 3 hours.
The C2C however shouldn't be a problem so long as you don't try and go at that speed, the majority usualy take 12 days over the route, I average 38 miles per day and get across in under 5 days, once under 4 days on a straighter line.
Of course things don't always go to plan no matter how well you prepare, my last two 5 day attempts ended just after Sunbiggin Tarn and Gunnerside respectively.
During one trip I met a couple of female nurses who had planned the trip some time before, done loads of walks, and then one had developed a bad ball of foot blister during the first day to Ennerdale Bridge and couldn't carry on. The other girl was upset, annoyed and desparing. They ended up spending a few days at her parents in Keswick before re-joining the route in Kirkby Stephen. Their walk already ruined and judging by how the girl with the blister was struggling again on the way to Keld, before I left them, I did wonder if she had to stop again and whether their friendship survived.
Lake District / Re: Langdale wild camp,MLD Supermid August 2018
« Last post by beefy on Today at 20:47:25 »
Great pics Peter O0
I like your tent, would prefer a solid inner though  :)
It's been a while since I was last on the forum, mainly due to selling my house and waiting for my new one to be built. Anyway, I'm getting back in the swing of things and here is my first trip report since my return. More to follow hopefully. Enjoy!
Scotland / Re: Ben Nevis in September
« Last post by sparnel on Today at 20:00:50 »
Drive up to the head of Glen Nevis. Walk up the wide corrie to gain the ridge, turn right and head up Ben Bhan (the white mountain). Return the same way. Check out the route on a map.
Welcome / European Walker
« Last post by BlaBla on Today at 19:51:10 »
Norwegian - with british roots way back & two stays in Liverpool.
Did 3 peaks, Hadrians wall and Waendel marches this year.
Mid-life, joined my father whose ambition was to do the 4-day Nijmegen marches (200km) before 70. Now, ten years later this is an annual/recurring  walk and we try to do 2-3 IML walks (international marching association) a year. In 2016 I walked copenhagen-nijmegen ( with the danish army:100 participants, 650 km in 11d.
Interested in both history and physiology of walking - which is less studied than running.
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