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Gear / Re: Track recording device
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 06:53:57 »
I have a tablet.  While it may last more than a day it doesn't if GPS is continually on and tracking, which is what is wanted.  I use it on SAR searches with ViewRanger and am lucky if it lasts longer than around 8 hours.

Either spare batteries or a power pack are going to be needed to meet the initial requirement.
That is great advice, thanks, I'll definitely look into it. Having lived in France for a while, I know that bureaucracy doesn't change very quickly  :)
Gear / Re: Tilley Hats
« Last post by The Wondering Wanderer on Today at 06:18:31 »
I'm going to ask a stupid question but, what's a tilley hat?

From reading through the comments, they sound like any old wide brimmed hat, but they seem too expensive for that to be the case.

I haven't clicked any of the posted links because they all seem to be talking about alternatives to tilley hats as opposed to tilley hats themselves.

Please excuse my ignorance.

Edit: Never mind. I just googled them. Got my girls a couple of cheap knock offs of these. We call them their "Explorer hats". They like feeling like little adventurers when I take them out walking.
Gear / Re: Anyone got an Altberg Box they no long require?
« Last post by Strider on Today at 00:35:03 »
I have indeed.  It's in reasonable condition, not 'as new' if that's any good to ya?
Gear / Anyone got an Altberg Box they no long require?
« Last post by nesty on Today at 00:13:29 »
Looking for an Altberg box, doesn't matter about the label (won't be noticed).
If you finished with it, I'll pay postage and a bit extra for it.  O0
General Walking Discussion / Re: pain in the neck
« Last post by happyhiker on Yesterday at 23:51:03 »
Two things to try.

1) Many people carry their rucksacks too high so the shoulders and back bear too much of the weight. Maybe this could affect the neck too as they are all connected. The hip belt should be snug around the hips to transfer some of the weight there. Also do not carry more weight than you need!

2) I find walking poles on steep up hills help my [size=78%]back, no doubt because some of the weight/balance support is transferred.[/size]
Peak District / Re: 3.90 for a glass of Pepsi Max
« Last post by [Rgmw]largie on Yesterday at 23:26:47 »
Today's walk:

Has anyone paid even more...and why are his knees wrapped in clingfilm?

Only reason i can think of for the cling film is to cover a fresh tattoo. Thing is i can't imagine anybody wanting to go hiking with freshly tattooed knees !

General Walking Discussion / pain in the neck
« Last post by madame cholet on Yesterday at 22:52:55 »
while walking the Cumbria way my old ruck sack was giving me a pain across the neck and back by the end of the day had it 20 years never any problems before. just tried a different one from home today and i had the same problem after 4 miles. :(
Settled on doing the chiltern way.

It'll mostly be done a day here and there in between shifts but if I get the time I'll do longer stretches over a couple of days.
Gear / Re: Track recording device
« Last post by madame cholet on Yesterday at 22:49:27 »
I have a 7" samsung 2 30 ebay with free viewranger for tracking and gr app to give me location on map. Could last 2 days on a charge.
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