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General Walking Discussion / Re: Best views, etc in the UK
« Last post by davengf on Yesterday at 22:57:35 »

BuzyG -  I was down there in October, camped at Teneriffe Campsite for the night then walked from there to Kynance Cove.
Half term so when I saw the stream of people coming to/fro the carpark, I gave the cafe a miss & looped back to the campsite.
Nice clifftop walk.

Great thing about the UK - For a small group of islands, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to 'Best Views'

General Walking Discussion / Re: Best views, etc in the UK
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 21:19:09 »
The view into a deserted Kynance Cove, at low tide from above the path from the car park.  Never tire of it different every time with the sea and the seasons. An amazing body boarding spot too. As the waves sweeping in from the Atlantic reflect and interact from the cliff face to form an ever changing series of A frames trying their utmost to throw you on to the rocks.  Heavon on water.

Just don't visit during the summer, as it is full of folk.
General Walking Discussion / Re: SNOW ?
« Last post by Bigfoot_Mike on Yesterday at 20:44:47 »
I would prefer snow to rain. It has been quite a while since I have done any serious winter walking, but in the past I have managed a few Munros, some Lake District mountains, a bit in Snowdonia plus some summer walks / scrambles in the Alps above the snow line. I think I need to improve my general fitness before embarking upon anything high in the snow. I have never done a formal winter skills course, but have learned from more experienced walking partners and through trial and error (not always a good idea in the winter hills). One advantage of the snow is that normally busy hills can be deserted.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Best views, etc in the UK
« Last post by rambling oldie on Yesterday at 20:43:10 »
Coming down south, walking down the Selborne zigzag on a bright autumn morning is stunning, with the colours across the village and the valley and lythes, made slightly 'Quatermass' like by the giant golfballs.  Then a couple of miles southeast to the eastern side of Noar Hill, described by the travel writer and keen walker Bill Bryson as an almost perfect view over English countryside.
General Walking Discussion / Re: SNOW ?
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 20:06:05 »
I enjoy the snow very much. Though my winter skills are limited to lots of internet surfing and several winter trips into the UK mountains.  Hoping to get back to Ben Nevis in a few weeks time, if a suitable weather window shows itself.  Long way to drive and not climb.
Wales / Re: Offa's Dyke Path - Advice, Tips and Help
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 20:02:26 »
I like Knighton, nice little place. I've been there twice, once when I walked Offas Dyke going north and the second time when I walked the Glyndyre Way. A couple of nice pubs, a 5 a night camp site and first thing in the morning a great little place to get a bite to eat and coffee.

My suggestion for a really good long distance path is Offas Dyke from Chepstow to Knighton, then hike the Glyndyre Way to Welshpool. Then hike either north to Prestatyn, or south back to Knighton and then catch the train home. Personally I would choose to go south.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Hiking for Fun and Profit - Almost
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 19:53:46 »
That happened to me once about 7 years ago, I found a Nokia phone (no money though) in the grass in a lay-by on the Isle of Wight. It taught me one very important thing as I scrolled though the phone trying to make contact with the owner. Never leave loads of sexy messages, suggesting to the receiver what you would like to do to him! I found the owner, phoned her, waited and she drove to me to collect it. We had a bit of a chat, but she then left because she had to get back to teaching her class of children.

The only time I have found money was about three years ago in the middle of a local busy road near to our University, 30 in a wallet plus 3 photos. It looked like Mum, Dad and a young brother. When I took it to our local Southsea police station the desk Sargeant just said to me, "happens all the time mate, all the time!"

If Darwin was right by now lemmings would only throw themselves off small pebbles.
General Walking Discussion / SNOW ?
« Last post by Slowcoach on Yesterday at 19:37:59 »
Are you looking forward to a cold winter with a good fall of snow?
I am watching the weather forecasts for the Lake District keenly from here in the south west.
I am planning to take a winter skills course in the Helvellyn. Have any of you been on one?
We get them jumping off the sea wall here in Portsmouth. The 'famous' one was the lad who is now paralysed from the neck down.
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