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« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Today at 13:37:04 »
That certainly makes huge sense, and i cannot think a better answer.

If the Scarpa Vegas had been ordered by a customer, i recon a substantial deposit or a full payment would have been taken for them.
Few people would forget to collect such expensive boots.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Slogger's 5 day C2C attempt.
« Last post by One F on Today at 13:14:28 »

 so you inspire people, not the opposite and that can't be a bad thing.

Agree with that as Sloggers exploits have inspired me to push the boundaries a little, as have the exploits of others on the Forum. Love to read about people's adventures whatever speed they go about them, but as I push on past 70 am very mindful that there are a lot of challenges out there which I may be capable of - won't know of course unless I give them a go and being inspired by others boosts the confidence to at least get to the starting line.
Gear / Re: map ownership
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 13:09:20 »
Well even if Garmin went bust your GPS and maps will still continue to work.  VR will also be ok provided you've downloaded the maps to your phone.  The issue may be if you later change your phone.
Gear / Re: map ownership
« Last post by alan de enfield on Today at 13:04:05 »

Interesting question, and similarly, if you are storing 'stuff' in a 'cloud' and the cloud is closed down - what happens to all your 'stuff'.

I had loads of pictures stored on Photo-Bucket which I can no longer access unless I pay (to me) exorbitant sums of money.
« Last post by alan de enfield on Today at 12:59:44 »

Limited use maybe, but a similar boot in design and application in their Cotswold shop up the road retails at well over 400, and the fact that they have them in stock, must mean they must sell them at that inflated price.

You may be correct, but, I would have thought the opposite, they originally stocked them as part of their stock-profile, have sold none (or very few) and hence why they have them in stock.

Cynical Moi ?
Gear / map ownership
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 12:58:24 »
Serious question.
I use Viewranger and have a Garmin GPS device.

On both I have purchased maps for my day to day walking use.
I note others use these software apps/devices as well as others such as Memory maps.
How is my ownership of those map files affected if the company were to go bust and the app cease to exist? Or does ownership of software based products only exist in an imaginary parallel universe.
At least with paper maps I can continue to use as long as the paper physically lasts even if OS went belly up, and if Parliament removed their statutory duties which is a huge measure of protection for us taxpayers and possible subsidisers of that service.

I did manage a three mile trek around Tenby, so i did complete a walk, but parking of any kind there, is a total nightmare.
Weather on Wednesday in Dyffryn, 60+mph winds, Thursday, horizontal rain, lasting over seven continuous hours, today, yet more very high winds, with opening my front door-  difficult to say the least !!

There's no secret in walking in this kind of weather, if you do not have to venture out in such weather, wait until the weather improves.

The only negative issues in living in the Western half of the British isles, is the inevitable autumn and winter storms.

This week its been very unseasonably tough, and i cannot imagine what it would be like on the main Rhinog summits.

If i find it difficult to open my front door, accessing the mountains would be interesting to say the least.

Somehow, i do not even think i could safely reach any of the peaks, such is the strength of the wind here on the west coast.
The secret of walking in this weather DA is like that of good comedy.......................................................................timing.

We managed to slip in a couple of local trips this week between the weather, either circular from the house or catching the bus down the road a ways and then working a route back through the back lanes.
I've got everything battened down outside and fingers crossed.  Should be over by Monday.

PS - not sure road trips count for this thread  :)
Wales / Re: Cnicht - Walk in memory of a friend
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Today at 12:41:20 »
Blimey how the weather has changed, as Cnicht this week would have been a no go area with such hostile weather, its a very exposed summit.
Ive only climbed it three times, as its not a straight forward peak to access, its one of those Snowdonia mountains you deliberately single out.
Either ascend from Croesor or Tanygrisia.

Its one of my favourite vistas from outside Tremadog, a really beautiful mountain, very shapely and un Snowdonia like, more of a  minature Alpine peak.
Do you ever find yourself find yourselves in a truly beautiful place. Last Tuesday we found ourselves drinking our coffee on a bridge over the Shropshire Union canal on the Staffs/Shropshire border, if you have clicked on the link you will see the bridge shown as a pronounced diagonal to the canal. The construction fascinated us because all the sandstone masonry was cut to this angle, but that was not the beauty. It is quite a high bridge, and gives a breathtaking view either along the canal, slanting sunlight penetrating the lengthy tree canopy playing on the water and cutting.

Sometimes being in a special place at captured moment makes the craft of walking so worthwhile. I was not following a guide book route, just searching maps grew my curiosity to this area. If you have clicked the link to Streetmap and gone one bar up on the zoom, notice the Beer Mug, this was where we parked, walking through the door was a time warp back to the sixties, a proper country boozer, just without the overhanging fug of ciggy smoke. After a coffee, 1 each, to which I added a voluntary parking donation and was still well below Costa Coffee, we set of in the direction of Knighton Wood. I had not loaded the route into a GPS and as the farming practices are rather contrary to the access network, setting the map was quite important. With some variation to the righteous way we chose our own convenience in crossing the terrain, quite prepared to defend ourselves from any objecting wurzles.

The wood was a delight, followed by open fields, then one of those anomalies of out rights of way system, that plays at odds with the indifference this forum seems to hold sussamb's post. There we go, then onto 2 miles of towpath and some interesting chats with passing canal folk. Passing my aforementioned bridge and stop we came off the towpath, where another pub is marked, sadly now a private des res, and walked north along a road a bit too busy for comfort.

At Offley Road Farm we turned west, terrain was interesting and picturesque, but soon ran into 25 acres of potatoes the ridges undisturbed by any sign that the RoW crossed the field.  We followed the spoor of 'one man and his dog', who seemed to know and walked the entire south perimeter of the field set in by the headland ridges of the potatoes. However I lost his track at the field boundary, this combined with some seriously scruffy estate management made finding a partially collapsed bridge, not marked by OS, difficult to find. Don't think I would have liked to have led a group of ramblers over it but Mrs BWW was over it in short order.
 Exited the other side of the wood boundary to a lovely lakeside meadow and a short length over road back to the Haberdasher's Arms, where the locals told us we had just walked into the last real pub in the whole UK if not the world.
A thoroughly enjoyable day and about 6 miles walking.
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