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General Walking Discussion / Re: Water, the age old question.
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Yesterday at 23:42:31 »
Thanks for all tour contributions..

  The main reason for my water enquiry is that I haven't walked more than a marathon (26 miles) in a day before and I'm going to try and walk as much of the Test way as I can in one / two days which is 44 miles. Walking the marathon was an organised event for Alzheimers so there was no issues with food or water.. I did carry 2l with me to share with my Wife.. On a daily we generally carry too much, 10mile walk in Winter we would carry 2l with extra in the car but in the heat over 14deg I carry 2x 1l bladder and 2x700ml bottles with extra in the car, we always come back with about half.. We also don't eat much other than an apple or such..  Food wise I was hoping to survive on oat bars and beans in a re-sealable pot.

 Any recommendations for a cheap water purifier ? I was looking through 'Walking Magazine' today and it's not difficult to spend over 100 and very few 30 or under.. I notice too that some are buy and use and others need extra filters or tablets etc.. 

Nice sunset; you had better weather than I did.

And I forget just how green the Lakeland Fells can be.
Lake District / Re: TR Wild camp below Ladyside Pike Sat 16 to Sun 17 Jun 18
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 22:31:32 »
Great photos April particularly considering the weather that you had.  O0
Not the best of weekends, midges, rain, mist n clag - but I love the pic of Hopegill Head.

Better luck next weekend

Welcome / Re: Hi from solihull
« Last post by dittzzy on Yesterday at 22:17:33 »
Hi from up North.

You've come to the wrong place if you are looking for a neglected and misbranded pastime.   And you don't have to go to Wales or the Lake District to walk.  I hope you enjoy the forum.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Hey up. Another C2C plan.
« Last post by dittzzy on Yesterday at 22:13:29 »
Thankyou Sussamb O0 O0
Short heather can be wonderfully comfortable if you can find it - and dry.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Challenge walks.
« Last post by tonyk on Yesterday at 21:41:08 »
Did quite a lot of challenge walks in the eighties including the 1985 Yorkshire Dales 100. Did you do the 1987 Peak District 100 Trial (held in Nov)?
Strangely I thought I'd responded to this a couple of weeks ago - the beer in Elterwater obviously addled my brain.  I think the Friends document is well argued and I support all their concerns.  I will respond tomorrow , promise  O0
Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by tom83 on Yesterday at 21:24:56 »
I have found that with an internal water bladder it is not easy to clean and you tend to lose track of how much / little you have drunk, rather than taking off the pack to get to water bottles I have been using a Heath-Robinson arrangement of elastics and 'bottle hangers' but finally decided to 'splash -out' (see what I did there ?) on water bottle holder that can be attached to my rucksack strap.

Spent a whole 2 on a cyclists water bottle holder, adjustable for all shapes and sizes of bottles, simple attachment to my shoulder strap and only weighs in at 35 grams.

This is superb. A genuinely very good idea. I may have to rig something similar up for myself, as I struggle to reach my backpack's side pockets.

In other news, my boy actually made me my Fathers Day present this year, and Im made up with it.

A walking stick with my initials in it. Ignore the mess on the table, we are getting the boys DofE kit together.

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