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Gear / Tent Comparisons
« Last post by alan de enfield on Today at 19:35:50 »

A (very) long time walker and forum lurker. Getting back into walking during the last couple of years following medical advice.
Walked many long distance walks in the 70's/80's but 'life' eventually got in the way.

I purchased a 'Nature Hike' (Chinese) tent a couple of years ago. I have not had any problems with it, and its never leaked a drop, but was thinking of updating my equipment and going a little more 'lightweight'.

This 2-Man tent weighs in, (complete), at 1240 grams (1322g packed) and I've been struggling to find a reasonably priced alternative that offers any weight savings.
The best I have found is the MSR Reflex 2.

I am sure there are some quality differences between the 'brand' tent and the 'Chinese' tent but looking at the specifications they look comparable & if anything the Nature Hike appears to have better HH (water) resistance, and is 'heavier grade' material and less likely to be damaged.

So, after all that pre-amble, and considering that the existing tent is still watertight is it worth spending another 350 to save 250 grams.

Specification Comparisons

                                                 MSR Reflex 2                     NH 15T002-T-20D Silicone
Floor Area                           2.7m2                                                  2.9m2
Interior height                   860mm                                           1000mm
Flysheet Material             7 Denier 1200mm                              20 Denier 8000mm
                                                Durashield Silicon                       Duraflex Silicon
Floor                                      15 Denier Nylon                           150 Denier
                                                1200mm PU                                 8000mm
Tent                                       Mesh 10 Denier                            150 Denier + Mesh
Poles                                     Carbon Fibre                                  Aircraft Aluminium Alloy
Packed Size                         43cm x 13cm                                  40cm x 13cm
Packed Weight                  990 gram                                          1240 gram
Current Price                       349 - 420                                    62.99

Any comments or observations welcomed (I'd be quite happy if the consensus was to stick with what I have)
Lake District / Re: TR Wild Camp on Silver How Sat 17 to Sun 18 Feb 18
« Last post by April on Today at 19:25:59 »
Thanks lostme1, it was good to be out camping  :)
Lake District / Re: Another zip wire plan, this time across Thirlmere
« Last post by April on Today at 19:25:11 »
Perhaps people think that it is inevitable that there will be a zip wire somewhere, with a constant stream of planning applications, so at least if it is there it is less obtrusive than over Thirlmere.
But I'm only guessing, you know what I think.

Some people aren't just thinking along those lines though, they were totally against Thirlmere but very pro Honister. It is more than thinking it is not as bad.

Mike Turner was interviewed on BBC Northwest news last night about his withdrawal of the Thirlmere plan - In response to reporter Dave Guest's question  Would you think of trying this somewhere else ?   " Yes absolutely, I stand by 100% the concept we put together at Thirlmere.  We already operate zip wires and I think the Lake District can accommodate a lot more."

I saw that just before on iplayer. I can't really write what I think about him on here  >:(

What's he trying to do, win a popularity contest?

 ;D He won't be winning any of those, he has to be the most unpopular person in the Lakes!

I still haven't made my mind up about the Honister Zip Wire.   I was against it when they applied last time, but I'm not so sure this time around.   I haven't really had time to read through the application yet.

Honister have worked very hard to make the plan acceptable, all the reasons it was rejected last time seem to have been addressed. It does seem to be a very reasonable application. It will be a tricky one for a lot of people. Is the side of a fell going to be an acceptable place for a zip wire? The plan was rejected the last time (along with the other reasons) because it was from a summit. For me personally, I could never agree it is a place for a zip wire. I love Fleetwith Pike and Black Star and the thought of the shouts and screaming of the people on the wire will spoil it for me and a lot of other people. And you will hear the screams, regardless of what the noise report says. Also it is the precedent that will be set. How many quarries and mines are there all over the Lake District? There are enough for Mike Turner to build quite a few zip wires.

I have to admit, I just don't see the attraction of going on a zip wire, isn't it something that belongs in a children's playground? Sorry if that offends anybody who likes going on them but it is just my opinion about zip wires. Perhaps if I did think of wires as being a grown up activity I might think a little differently.

Thanks April especially for naming all the views. Good to see you out wild camping again.
Lake District / Re: VR - Wild Camp on Silver How
« Last post by lostme1 on Today at 19:04:39 »
Great video. Looked rather cold with than snow on the ground.
Lake District / Re: TR Wild Camp on Silver How Sat 17 to Sun 18 Feb 18
« Last post by April on Today at 18:48:28 »
Thanks Henry  O0

Thanks sunnydale, how are you recovering from your surgery? I hope you are on the mend  :)
I wonder also how many of the listed drugs may be addictive? Also, will antidepressants become the new 'antibiotics', get so overused they become ineffective anyway and will it now put more pressure on GP's in that more patients will demand more anti-depressant medication from them? It is my experience, that with a lot of so these called 'solutions', in reality, there is no real light 'at the end of the tunnel', you may believe you are solving a problem by encoraging more anti-depressant use, but more than likely, all you may do is just create new ones. I am a great believer in the law of unintended consequences. Maybe in a couple of years or so we may have a clearer idea of the benifits vs. costs of such a report?
General Walking Discussion / Re: Madeira anyone?
« Last post by BuzyG on Today at 17:23:14 »
Haven't done much walking in Madeira, mainly surfing :) .  Be sure to catch the gondola up and back and enjoy an afternoon in the Botanical Gardens in Funchal.

The view from the top of the island is something special too.  We drove up one evening and were the only people there.  But judging from the size of the car park, it must get quite busy.

Have a great holiday. O0
Welcome / Re: Hello from Canada!
« Last post by Stube on Today at 16:48:17 »
Welcome from South Hampshire.

I've done some day walks in Canada on family visits - mainly in Nova Scotia.  O0
Radio 4 today program this morning was saying that 'thousands more people could benefit from anti-depressants' I think the word 'could' as oppose to 'would' is probably quite important here.

Agreed its another of the silly season this week red wine is good for you but chocolate is bad, now hang on dark chocolate is good for you and all alcohol is bad for you, drinking white wine can help you lose weight - no wait a minute thats red wine thats good - all white wine is bad - all clear drinks are good all other drinks bad. All sugar and salt is bad, except that no sugar is bad, lo-salt is good for you or at least better for you unless its next week and the pottassium in lo-salt is bad for you.

For me a story to chuckle at and ignore story - nothing to see here - time to move on to the next scientific report with astounding outcomes - I'm guessing it'll be 'people who read books regularly have a wider vocabulary than people who've never read a book' - do I get my research grant money now?
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