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Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 16:16:45 »

Hopefully that links to one of the screen shots that shows the meet up with Watkins path
Gear / Sit mat chair with backrest for camping
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 16:03:59 »
Are the cheap ones ok is there anything to look out for or avoid thanks
Gear / Re: hope im not too old for it lol
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 15:49:39 »
No but she has done lots of LDW in the past.
« Last post by madame cholet on Today at 15:47:41 »
I dont know whether this is a bargain or not.

I've been waiting for Aldi merino base layers to come back in, which they havent yet, I did however see this:

Its not merino but rather 45% viscose from bamboo - I think I read somewhere bamboo was good in base layers - but I've no idea whether this is a good deal or not.

Any advice would be welcome

Your looking for Autumn that's when I bought mine.
Used a Derbyshire Wayfarer today.

Set out with a vague intention to just walk down to station, get a train to Belper and do a circular walk there, thinking I could plan a route while on train.

Changed mind while on train....just decided to get off train at Duffield and walk back to Derby railway station...probably around half a dozen miles "as crow flies". Last time I walked area basically used Derwent Valley heritage route all way. But knew there were some footpaths on other side of river, and decided to start out on those.

Didn't have a detailed map of area with me (the one I'd taken was a mini map centred on Belper) but had a GPS with 1 to 50,000 map, and basically knew if I kept going south I'd end up back in centre of Derby.

That worked pretty well...walked about 3 to 4 miles before on a good path running south before that "stopped"...and I had to find a road bridge to get across the Derwent and pick up main Derwent Heritage footpath back to railway station.

Enjoyed it. Probably going to Leeds tomorrow, just for a stroll on Leeds/ Liverpool canal.
General Walking Discussion / Re: More about Lostways .....Yawn.
« Last post by pauldawes on Today at 15:01:28 »

Actually I think this has supposed to have happened with the Stepping Forward Initiative, though all it bought about is an agreement to fast track applications to re-instate lostways, I think there is also just as much chance that RoW removal can be fast tracked as well.

It still means just as much legal proof about the use of the path has to be shown. If a way has not been allowed for 60 years how can it have been used. If it had been a right of way; 'how viable it would make the rights of way it connects too,' is not valid proof for reinstatement.

Is this a serious flaw in logic?

A flaw in logic? I suppose that depends on what overall objective's "good logic" if overall aim is to just grant minimum restated footpaths to get those pesky ROW "moaners" off the case.

It's certainly not optimum approach if aim is to link existing ROW's together more coherently to allow sensible walking routes wherever practical...I suppose real problem is that few people share your deep conviction that sensible walking routes benefit all.
Wales / Re: How hard is Snowdon?
« Last post by dank86 on Today at 12:54:59 »
I've got some screen shots but they are to big to upload...

North East out of beddgelert along the A498 there is Craflwyn Hall on the OS maps there is a circular path but it has a route off towards some disused tips and mine, keep following that path and it splits in 2, the path on the right goes up to the Watkins path and the left goes over to rhyd ddu, heading towards rhyd ddu on can swing a right and go up clogwyn ddu
Lake District / Re: TR - Troutbeck Tongue
« Last post by photonut on Today at 12:50:05 »
A nice TR Seferix.  What a contrast between valley floor and Fell tops.

Like the pics of the 'elevated' mist on the fell sides
General Walking Discussion / Re: xx
« Last post by photonut on Today at 12:43:47 »
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