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Gear / Re: Recommend me a tent peg.
« Last post by fernman on Yesterday at 23:32:48 »
Nyah, mine's only 5g!

Seriously, Alan, that looks OK, though you'll probably need to shorten the length of the side pipe otherwise it won't push the peg in far enough. (Distance from inside the tool to the end of the side pipe = how much of the peg will remain sticking out of the ground.)
Long Distance Walks / Re: What is success?
« Last post by fernman on Yesterday at 23:11:49 »
Copying something from elsewhere is one method spammers employ, although in this case it is totally unrelated to our walking forum.
It happened sometimes when I was a moderator. I'd be reading new posts when suddenly I'd think, hang on a minute, I'm sure I've read this before!
A bit of searching would reveal that a spammer or would-be spammer had copied a post from a similar thread on the forum from two or three years ago. If you weren't alert it could be overlooked, even with the spam link at the foot or as a signature.
Other times a product or service name would be randomly inserted into the copied text, where you could miss it.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way - Langdon Beck to Garrigill
« Last post by johhnyp on Yesterday at 22:44:41 »
That is great. Thank you. Sounds like you did cover the ground in question. There looks like a wall adjoining Crook Burn. I am guessing this is a good place to cross and that it is shallow enough generally.
I do like a bit of variety in walks that I have done a few times before and this variant of the PW looks a good one. There are a couple of opt out options in the first half of the day too that get me to Garrigill if the weather turns nasty - bonus.
Gear / Re: Recommend me a tent peg.
« Last post by alan de enfield on Yesterday at 21:42:41 »
Here it is, my peg pusher:

Great idea which I have copied (but, I think, improved on slightly with a 'smoother' feeling to the hand)

Supplier = Toolstation

Item = "Overflow 21mm T-Piece"
Cost = 59p (saving 40p against the 'serrated' version)
Weight = 17 grams

Long Distance Walks / Re: What is success?
« Last post by Hillhiker1 on Yesterday at 20:55:03 »

I've just googled this; It's from a poem by Fady Joudah..
I dunno what the relevance is mind. Google didn't specify. Interesting poem though.
Lake District / Re: TR Catbells from Grange Sat 24 Nov 18
« Last post by Penygadair on Yesterday at 20:29:56 »
Great stuff April. Fond memories of Catbells but not the wet rock as you descend to the col between the summit and lower Catbells. Mind you it was hissing down!

Oops and ouch!
Wales / Re: Moel Penolau Named as a new Welsh Mountain- Where Next
« Last post by Penygadair on Yesterday at 20:20:07 »
Hill or mountain doesn't really matter. It's a cracking but relatively easy walk. Last did it summer of '17.

Follow the track from Cefn Clawdd to the old manganese workings turn north and ascend the col between Moel Ysgyfarnogod and Foel Penolau. You can now easily reach either summit.

However some scrambling is required to get to the top of Penolau. Just remember to leave a marker where you went up.

Nice country walk with clear photos. Seldom walked public footpaths outside popular areas are always a lottery, sometimes aerial photography can be helpful beforehand but we always expect the worst on the day.
Photography / Re: Froswick, Thornthwaite Crag 05/12/2018
« Last post by vghikers on Yesterday at 19:31:27 »
Grand pictures in the low light, the best time to capture the landscape.
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