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Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 15:03:24 »
I took Gunwharfman's lead and got some Decathlon running underwear - briefs and boxers. Very cheap and look decent. I've been meaning to get some synthetic underwear for ages after many trips with sodden cotton M&S boxers:

Whilst I was there I noticed they have their Helium windproofs back on the shelves so got one of those. £15.99 for a 110g windproof is good value. Fits well, the DWR works under the tap test. Not so sure about the design but it's time I bought some things that weren't black or grey:

I was reading on some site about a fellow Paramo user who packs a windproof to go with his Quito and puts it over that in the case of really hard, prolonged rain. He says the windproof makes a big difference, taking the brunt of the rain and stopping it getting into pit zips etc. I.e no random wet-outs. So I'm thinking that could be a nice combo

Gear / Re: The truth about single skin / hybrid tents
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 14:53:07 »
This is a $700 tent  :o

Hmm that doesn't look like an enjoyable night's sleep.

I must say I'm not convinced by single skins other than my canvas bell tent which is glorious, although at 30KG it's a bit heavy for solo backpacking.
Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 14:48:27 »
I've not heard many people with Neoairs complaining about them but loads raving about them so they must be doing something right.

I used to be able to handle a CCF pad but not since my 20s. If I tried to sleep on one now I wouldn't sleep a wink and I'd be crippled the next day. I wish I could because they're cheap, warm and light, albeit annoyingly bulky.

So I have an Exped UL which I find good. It's heavier than I'd like but then I did go for extra large one which is massive. I can treat it like a bed and turn all I like. It was expensive but it's literally the most important bit of kit I have in that it makes backpacking possible at all for me given my back and neck problems.

It depends what you need. If you can get away with CCF then why not. If you can't then Thermarest and Exped make great products.
Gear / Re: Help me lose weight!
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 14:32:50 »
The two heavy items are the tent and sleeping bag. Especially in the warmer months, you could get away with a much lighter bag. Some ultralight summer down bags drop to like 250g. Even cheapo synthetic summer bags can be 1/2 the weight of the pile ones. I know you say you're keeping it but that is the obvious overweight bang-for-buck saving right there IMO.

And 2 man tents can come a fair bit lighter but it can start getting pricey.

After that, unless you're carrying some silly clothing choices, it really is a law of diminishing returns. But the pile jacket doesn't sound like a great choice for backpacking in normal UK conditions.

Clearly other people are far more expert at this than me - I cannot fathom how anyone could carry 3 days full kit including food & water in a 25 litre bag

Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2018
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 13:31:46 »
                          Target            Mileage to date
Ridge                     520                 319
Hillhiker1               1000                419.8
Mel                        365                 163.3
Jac                         0                    403.9
walking pole            500                14
April                       0                    429.1
beefy                      0                    742.7
John Walker            250                151
Steve922               1000               278
Slogger                  1,000              316
annknee                 1,000              101.1
fitoldbird                 1.000             456
Gadabout Bounder   0                   113
daisy+dogs             250               114.9
RogerA                   1000              219
scottk                     1000              940
R.B.W                     0                   102.5
Seferix                   250                103
AFANASIEW            500               215
Madame Cholet                            648
Doddy                    0                   279
Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 12:52:09 »
For me it is even though it is a bit expensive. It rolls up very small and very lightweight compared to my other matress and again, for me is also comfortable. I do'nt use it in my Bivi, I use my short Prolite for this. I've used the NeoAir for well over two years and no leaks at all. It can be a bit noisy as you turn over but I've more or less solved this, I use a Thermarest fitted sheet. I use the inflator stuffsack to blow it up, takes about 4-5 puffs to do it. The bag is useful as well, can be used as a pillow, I stuff my clothing in it and then place my Sea to Summit blow up pillow on top. I hate getting a stiff neck in the night.
Gear / Re: Help me lose weight!
« Last post by alan de enfield on Today at 12:49:07 »

What sort of calorific intake do you go for per day?

My 2-3 day pack (25 litre 'Regatta')  is an all-up weight of 9.7Kgs (including, food, water, and Solar battery charger/bank)

Food for 2+ days (breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, tea bags, milk, sugar, cocoa, flapjacks etc) comes in at 1.13kg
Water 3x 500ml 1.5kgs
Water Filter Pump 237g

So 'base weight' (excluding food and water, stove and pans) = ~ 6.5kg

With sleeping bag, full length mattress, pillow, 2-man (sitting height) tent, footprint, GPS, trowel, 1st aid kit, clothes, wash kit, headlight, knife, etc etc etc.

'Clothes' consists of simply :
T-shirt, Pants, Socks, Poncho, washing kit (Towel, soap, comb), pair 'camp slippers', and spare boot laces. Total weight 456g

My Kcal intake is 2000 per day, typical 2-day menu :

                        Breakfast           Lunch                            Dinner                    Supper

 Day 1               Porridge           Cup-A-Soup                 Spaghetti               Bar Chocolate
                        Cup of Tea       Twin Granola Bar         Bolognese             Cup of Cocoa
                                                                                      Cup of Tea             Flapjack
Day 2               Porridge           Pasta Mug Shotz            Shepherd’s Pie        Bar Chocolate
                        Cup of Tea       Twin Granola Bar          Extra 'Smash'         Cup of Cocoa
                                                                                      Cup of Tea                Flapjack

Nothing too heavy for lunch or I tend to get 'stitch' or 'cramps' if walking too soon after eating.

Just for comparison my 5-night pack (65 litre Berghaus) weighs in at 17.8kgs but has 3 litres of water, food for 5-6 days, complete change of clothes + jacket, etc, bigger gas cylinder, radio, kindle, fold-out solar panel kit and battery bank etc etc.
Wales / Re: TR - The Western Carneddau
« Last post by pdstsp on Today at 12:37:15 »
Love that Adalard - I took Mrs pdstsp up into that area last year and she loved it - I think she finally understood why I keep disappearing!  Like you we hardly saw another person all day.  A wonderful area to walk - particularly if you can see where you're going!
News and Articles / Re: Now damage to Hadrian’s Wall
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Today at 12:31:56 »
A lot of the blame has been aimed at treasure hunters using metal detectors , searching for undiscovered treasure, but let's not forget had it not been for the very wealthy Victorian John Clayton, there would be no wall left at all.

He was a Northumberland Beatrix Potter, but on a much larger scale.

I wonder what the locals back in the 19C thought of this rich local toff attending every property auction and outbidding anyone who dared to enter the auction and try and outbid him.

Visiting Chesters Fort last year, i forget just how many properties and areas of land he purchased adjoining the wall, but it was substantial, running in many millions in today's money, but his passion for history and the preservation of this incredible ancient monument was almost and addiction.

No matter how large or small the property estate Mr Clayton bought it, just to preserve the wall.

We have a great deal to thank him for.

Back in the 19C his passion for archaeology and ancient remains, saw him buy up just about every farm and dwelling alongside the wall.

So much of the masonry of the wall was pillaged throughout the centuries to build farms and other dwellings, that its a surprise there is anything left of this famous structure, but with a modern passion for the preservation of things old and of historical interest, people damaging this famous ancient monument are treated with dismay and quite rightfully so.

Oh how times have changed.
Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by Steve922 on Today at 12:30:06 »
The NeoAir worth the money?  Also, any opinions on the Sea to Summit infalable - looks a lot like the NeoAir  Also includes the inflator/stuff sack thing. I wonder if that can be used a a pillow too?
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