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Re: Best Long Distance Path....
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I walked the Two Moors Way with Jodie, a GSD (oh yes, and one of my mates as well).   Her problem was sheep which wasn't a problem until the middle of Exmoor, but we got away with that one.   We also lost her for a while when we rounded a corner on a lane in 'middle' Devon and found ourselves face to face with a stag.    She wasn't vicious though and never hurt anything, my concern was always that the animal might be bothered.

There aren't many cows on Dartmoor and Exmoor, but I think what I'm getting at is that if you take a dog on a LDP, there is always a risk that it will chase something.   You just need to mitigate the risk.

But the other side of the coin is that a dog can be a wonderful walking partner.

BTW, as with your situation Jodie wasn't my dog either.   She belonged to a very good friend who understood that when she went walking with me, for her it was like two weeks in Barbados for him.   Despite the occasional scare, I wouldn't have missed it though.
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Re: Best Long Distance Path....
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I have walked a few long distance paths with my dog, who sadly chases sheep, so has to be kept on the lead when they are around.
Though I walked many stretches without any sheep.
The South West Coast Path has few sheep, though plenty of cliff drops. Zen, my dog has given me a few heart attacks when he insists on peering over the edge.
The West Highland Way (I walked last November) has very few sheep and you can camp almost anywhere.

The South Downs Way, Pennine Way & Coast to Coast had lots.
I walk with a very long (3metre) bungee lead that clips round my waste which works well.

I have done a couple of walks abroad with my dog and there are virtually no sheep, thought ibex, goats and bulls to worry about.
Hope this helps,
Ian & Zen
Good luck on your next adventure
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Re: Best Long Distance Path....
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I don't know if this is helpful? My sister has a very friendly dog who will 'chase' anything in sight, in a friendly way of course. She solved her dog problem by buying a 'buzzer collar', if he gets too much over the top she presses her hand held radio control and the dog stops in his tracks!