Author Topic: Alternative for Glo Sticks for Photography  (Read 529 times)


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Alternative for Glo Sticks for Photography
« on: 19:40:04, 27/06/17 »
Right, bear with me on this one. This Forum seems to have a higher proportion of out-of-the-box-thinkers so I thought I'd ask here first

I use small glow sticks when out doing night photography to make faerie light kind of glows amongst rocks. They look good but they're very wasteful, being plastic, ammonia and various chemicals to produce the glow - anyone got a suggestion for something thats more reuseable and sustainable?
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Re: Alternative for Glo Sticks for Photography
« Reply #1 on: 20:04:58, 27/06/17 »
You can get loads of variations of solar lights, candle style, strings, lanterns, small ones on a stick Just charge them in the sun and they last ages. Many I have also have the option of using an ordinary battery when they haven't charged up fully. My local garden centre has a huge selection so maybe try yours, but also available online.

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