Author Topic: Cotswold Way over 3 days....  (Read 742 times)


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Cotswold Way over 3 days....
« on: 14:23:28, 08/11/17 »
Hi All,
I am young and fairly new to longer distance walking but have done lots of full day (8hr) ish walks with no trouble at all.  June 2018 I plan to do the cotswold way challenge for alzheimers UK. The challange is only part of the cotswold way, starting in Bath and ending in Cheltenham(Roughly 100km). I have decided to split the walk over 2 days with a sleep stop in the middle rather than to power on through & walk it continually. But I plan to sleep in Cheltenham on the Sunday night & try and carry on the walk on the monday completing the last section from Cheltenham to Chipping Campden! I know this is probably a bit crazy of me but I really want to push myself as this is something I am very passionate about.
I feel I have plenty of time to train from now until the end of June. Am I being realistic or stupid?? If this is possible does anyone have any training programs that you recommended for this sort of distance?
Honest replies welcomed! Thanks


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Re: Cotswold Way over 3 days....
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  Its sounds very realistic,especially as you have eight months to train.Plenty of long walks with several back to back 20 milers at weekends and shorter walks or runs during the week.Aim to hit a peak of 50 miles a week in the final few weeks of your training and then back off during the last couple of weeks.Most important thing is to want to see it through and being determined not to give up whatever is thrown at you,weather,pain or just completely fed up.


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Re: Cotswold Way over 3 days....
« Reply #2 on: 10:39:55, 09/11/17 »
Well I did the Cotswold Way in 5 days and I wasn't hurrying that much so I suppose, if you are determined to push yourself, 3 days sounds about right to me.