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Therm-A-Rest sleeping system
« on: 20:03:16, 27/12/17 »
hey, im predominantly a motorcycle tourist, though I walk and camp too. Im trying to upgrade my sleep system and want to use the Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Dream in XL. But it measures 30inch width - Id like to use it with the chorus quilt, which I believe has a 25" foot box.

So my question is. Are the Therm-A-Rest quilts compatible with all the mattress widths? Or is a 25" mattress the biggest that will work properly with the quilts. (I refer predominately to the way in which the quilt attaches at the foot of the mattress.



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Re: Therm-A-Rest sleeping system
« Reply #1 on: 09:12:27, 28/12/17 »
I have a Neoair and I use a Cumulus sleeping quilt which I bought from Slovakia. The quilts are made in Poland. I had a look at the Thermorest site because I use a Neoair mattress. Is the Chorus quilt attached to the mattress, or is it free standing like mine? Is the Chorus designed to have your mattress inside it, or is it like my quilt, where I have a foot box but I lay on the top? Sorry, but I could not get a clear picture of how the Chorus and mattress works. To blow my Neoair up, its not self inflating, it up I use the Thermorest yellow bag. Low tech yes and I can use it to keep stuff dry as well. Its very effective, it just takes four or five bag squeezes to inflate it to the level I like.


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Re: Therm-A-Rest sleeping system
« Reply #2 on: 19:43:20, 29/12/17 »
Contact the Quilt company.  You should find if not all strap systems that come with the quilt to be elastic.
I use an EE Revelation quilt on a rectangle Klymit insulate lite and the straps on the quilt are elastic together the same that come with the Cumulus
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