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New Members
« on: 21:48:57, 28/12/17 »
Posting as a new member of this walking forum which has a great many people on it who genuinely love the beautiful British countryside which in this modern day & age of plastic is a good thing to see. Pilgrim Gp7, hello to all, i'm in Yorkshire but spend as much time as I can on Kinder Scout, I absolutely love it. Ascending the plateau isn't always possible if you go at night in the worst possible weather & I walked 20 miles a day in Snowdonia in 1978 as a 4 year old with maybe 5 miles carried by my father here & there, I walked all the routes of Snowdon as a child admittedly in daytime, I've been stuck in blizzards ski-ing in the Alps & experienced many various weather conditions & types of country & Kinder Scout in winter in snow with a freeze/thaw scenario so we have ice, slush, the bog, all mixed up together with the groughs being hidden by a layer of snow is a proper Wilderness & if you can spend a few hours up there at night in the dark & wait for a combination whiteout of mist/fog & snow then as far as i'm concerned walking round in that is something that all the town & city people should experience. I don't wish to deviate from a short introduction too much but i'm considering a question I saw about all day waterproof trousers & gaiters & my answer is yes to that. Not only yes, i'll confirm it. I wear full zip hardshell waterproof trousers with full length gaiters over the top should the time of year & weather conditions require it & I also use snow-shoes & poles should the conditions demand it. They work just as good on boggy ground as they do on snow. Beautiful country, beautiful weather but far too many people die every year in the United Kingdom doing things outside & being unprepared. All day waterproof trousers & full length gaiters is a totally normal thing for me from probably early October to May. Pilgrim Gp7. Where there's a Walk, there's a Way.


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Re: New Members
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Welcome from Portsmouth. I always find it interesting how we all do somethings the same and other things differently. Some people carry large packs, I've read 85L and more, whilst I find it hard to fill a 48L pack. Then there are others who belive you get what you pay for and others think not. Even waterproof trousers, some go for them,  others like me hate them. Even gaitors, you wear them over your trousers and I wear them under my trousers. Differences can be fun reading. 


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Re: New Members
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Hello Pilgrim and welcome from a snowy Peak District O0

Kinder looks lovely at the mo!

Tracey :)
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