Author Topic: FS: Paramo Bora Windproof and Fleece combination  (Read 278 times)


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Just a heads up that I'm selling my Paramo Bora windproof smock and Bora fleece combination on ebay:

Reef blue and size Large.

I wore the windproof once for a few hours and never wore the fleece at all so that's as new. It took be best part of a year to get the combo together as they were out of stock everywhere and once I did, I realised I'd got the wrong size! Idiot. I'm c.16 stone and really could have done with the XL but there is no way of getting the combo in that size either now.

The windproof is light at 200g with map pocket, stiffened hood, vent zips etc (it's really pretty good). The fleece is showerproof and windproof and the hood and zips etc match up to create a smock with the full Paramo Analogy weatherproof effect

As far as I know I'm the only person selling either item in a Large (a couple of shops claim they are but when you try, they've not got them) and I'm certain this is the only combination on sale in the UK.