Author Topic: Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge  (Read 875 times)


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Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge
« on: 10:26:42, 05/01/18 »
Hello. Iím new to any serious hiking but do have a pair of sturdy walking boots and some good technical clothing however my fitness level is below average. The event is on May 18 so any advice on suitable training ideas would be great. I casually mountain bike and  like 5k Park Runs (which I jog and takes me approx 40mins to complete). Thanks


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Re: Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge
« Reply #1 on: 13:21:37, 05/01/18 »
I know from experience that Snowdon is hard when unfit.

I did it last year with my son, and I struggled massively up the Rangers Path.

Hill walking is more about stamina and endurance, than muscle building, basically it's like walking up the stairs in a tower block.

Like any endurance sport, training should be progressively lengthened. Start with doing a distance that you are comfortable with, and then steadily increase the distance. Once you get comfortable doing an extended walk, find a route that takes you up and down hills, the journey down is as important as the walk up as this is a rest time for you legs, and then as before as you get more confident, increase the incline.

It's all about pushing yourself past your comfort zone, until you get to a point where you cannot reach it any longer.


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Re: Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge
« Reply #2 on: 16:04:47, 06/01/18 »
I'd definitely take in a few serious hill walks to build your stamina, maybe even a trip up Snowdon beforehand to see what you're up against.


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Re: Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge
« Reply #3 on: 15:46:51, 18/01/18 »
Get out there and practice some night time navigation and build endurance.  At night even the most 'obvious' routes can become confusing, especially if you get poor hill conditions, and whilst I'm sure other competitors will help you out, you can't rely on this.

Best thing is make sure you're comfortable out hillwalking by yourself, and can figure out a way to return to your route if you do get divided from the group, this skill doesn't suddenly just 'appear' during the event, and you'll find it much more relaxing when you develop that self assurance during worse conditions.


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Re: Training advice - Snowdon Midnight Challenge
« Reply #4 on: 09:29:00, 19/01/18 »
The only activity that's going to help, is hill walking.
Find out where there's some hills near you, a few suitable paths and start practicing
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