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Re: Camping prices
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In Sweden you can wildcamp one night with a tent in most areas without the landowners permit you are even allowed to have a small fire.
The Swedish tourist association/Svenska turistföreningen takes about 110sek/10£ for tenting outside their cabins with the fee you are allowed to use the toilet(dry outhouse) , gas stove, freshwater, dry your clothes inside the cabin and use the sauna if they have one.


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Re: Camping prices
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I have been wild camping for a while now but use sites when with my daughter and out in the Mazda Bongo (and in France), I think the prices that many sites charge in the UK is an utter joke, vote with your wallet and don't give them your custom. I echo much of what has been said and find that many UK campsites are polyester 'housing' estates, tents and vans crammed together no privacy, loud music et al.....not my idea of getting away from it all.

Hugh Jarse

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Re: Camping prices
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Thanks to all of you out there......

I have a cunning nothing unless its a nice farmer and his wife( who might do home cooked meals as well.).......pitch late break early.

I have even found camping for a couple of quid.....Lordstones can jam that 22.50 quid up their Blurter.......

Crack on Cracknell.

Hughie. O0


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Re: Camping prices
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I have only used them out of season when we have done something like a 6 hr journey up to the Lakes and just want to pitch up without the faff of hiking to find a spot to wild camp.
Were happy to pay the £8 each to pitch. Left the car there whilst we wild camped afterwards and came back to use their showers at the end, which was bliss! 😂
A campsite the first night then a couple of nights wild camping followed by the long journey back home.