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 ::)  The National Trust have lots of permissive paths over land which would otherwise be out of bounds had the green wellie plum in gob brigade still owned it.

As for raising money to repair paths.  Aye, the NT may have funds from memberships and donations in wills, etc. but they divvy those funds into primarily restoration and maintenance of the properties.  Funding for ancilliary tasks has to come from elsewhere (cafes, begging bowls).  All that fine wining, dining and sixty nine-ing is just to butter up potential injectors of cash to part with said dosh.

General Walking Discussion / Re: Losing weight!
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 23:04:41 »
(duplicated post trying to edit the above one!!)
General Walking Discussion / Re: Losing weight!
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 23:02:49 »
I pretty much agree with everything you said here (and everyone else), and yes, dinner plates now seem to be large food display platters rather than a sensible sized plate. In theory I know how to eat and cook, and portion size is something I normally watch, but I'm  in the grip of eating 'for pleasure' in the absence of anything other to do. Inactivity is the cousin of laziness, and laziness is the cousin of depression - it's a vicious circle. The less i do the less I feel like doing. I usually enjoy cooking  and eating pretty well but fast food has snook in. I'm feeling the cold like never before this reason too. Maybe I'm getting old(er)!I was just beginning to get over my knee injury and pretty much smashed it up on the concrete and I'm back to square one. I think honestly I may be feeling sorry for myself as well  :-\  . It's a motivation/mental issue as much as diet. Ironically walking keeps me sane and it's the one thing I haven't been doing.Thanks for all the replies, I have been reading but there's too many to reply individually  O0

I can relate to most of that.  Injury and frustration at not being able to get out and about as much as you want breeds a sort of apathy where you WANT to get out and do more but you don't want the aches and pains that go with it.... so you sit and do nowt! Mebby eat a bowl of Doritos, then a cheese sarnie, followed by a bag of goodies whilst googling all the walks you'd like to do.  Sod it, can't be bothered to cook so ring for a takeaway.  It's woefully self-perpetuating.

Interesting point about feeling the cold though.  My personal take on that is that the lack of activity is making your metabolism slow down, so it's even easier to gain weight  :-[

(can you tell I've been there and bought the tee-shirt on this subject?  ;D  )

It still does boil down to willpower though, and making small changes so it doesn't all seem so .... daunting .... and you don't feel over-faced with the enormity of "The Task Ahead".

My small changes have been my Challenge365 (walk a mile a day for a year) project.  Cutting out sliced bread and breadcakes from my diet (chicken and coleslaw wraps are the new packed lunch).  Snacking on a tub of pre-prepared fruit (grapes, peeled satsuma, chopped apple and such like) on my walks - they're sweet and juicy (plus, the apple makes me burp and gets rid of that "false hunger" feeling.... too much information?  :D  ) - even my longer walks really don't require high energy calorie intake and I've plenty of "energy" stored in my hips and thighs anyway thanks  :-[  If I'm going to snack in between meals then remove all temptation of crisps and biscuits (ie. don't buy them) and replace with fruit (ie. do buy those!) and finally, portion sizes, they don't need to be as big as you think/have gotten used to and you won't feel any less full by cutting them down.

Oh, no.  THIS is finally... smaller plate piled with food looks, psychologically, more filling than a larger plate with the same amount of food scattered about on it.  Eat yoghurts, puddings, breakfast cereals and yes, even soup, with a teaspoon... again, psychologically, you're putting food in your mouth more often so your brain thinks you're eating more than you really, actually, physically are  O0

I really am a firm believer in the sayings "everything in moderation" and "a BIT of what you fancy does you good".

Scotland / Re: Walks Around Britain - Short Film - Great Glen Way
« Last post by Tin on Yesterday at 23:00:31 »
I've watched a couple on tv recently but didn't know they were on youtube. Thanks for that Mel. O0
Gear / Re: OS Maps online / mobile advice
« Last post by tom83 on Yesterday at 22:29:54 »
I have the subscription to OS maps, and I find it very useful. Basically I plan and plot my walks on my laptop, and save them. Then on my mobile, cache the map areas, and then open my planned route and follow it. It is really easy to use, and even if you don't plot a route, you can still follow yourself on the map using the GPS.
Gear / Re: Tent Comparisons
« Last post by alan de enfield on Yesterday at 22:23:09 »

Alan are you from Enfield?

A regular question, but, No.
The name refers to the Lee Enfield rifles that I collect & shoot
Scotland / Re: Walks Around Britain - Short Film - Great Glen Way
« Last post by bricam2096 on Yesterday at 22:16:41 »
And much better than the 5-10 Min one that I'm nearly finished making.
Gear / Re: OS Maps online / mobile advice
« Last post by RubberSoul on Yesterday at 22:14:13 »
That is awesome thanks Mel. I didn't see that page (and I scrolled through lots of pages on their site!)

Plus I found that there is a 19.99 subscription on desktop, saving a fiver. Not much but every little helps.

Now I know it will cover both platforms, I'll get on it. Cheers again.

Gear / Re: OS Maps online / mobile advice
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 22:07:52 »
Yes, you can/it does.  You have to download the OS maps app onto your phone and it will sync with your computer.

5th paragraph taken from ^^^ that link:

"Use your subscription with the OS Maps app to download any section of map to your iOS (Apple) or Android device for use outdoors, even without a data connection. View your location and planned route or record your travels with the built-in GPS functions."
Scotland / Walks Around Britain - Short Film - Great Glen Way
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 22:01:41 »

Found this on yooochoob:

45 mins long - following Andrew White's walk along the Great Glen Way.

For those that don't know, Andrew White produces short walking guides which are shown on TV channels such as Estuary TV (Humber/Lincolnshire area) and Forces TV.  He focuses more on the scenery, snippets of info about the history and area and the route and less on himself, brand advertising or privileged opportunities to do things mere un-famous mortals can't  :)

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