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Long Distance Walks / Re: C2C A1 Diversion at Catterick
« Last post by johhnyp on Today at 13:27:07 »
I think the you tube guy didn' film the relevant slabbed bit. There are only two formal routes from the and blue and the slabs are at the point where they diverge.
I do hope they don' slab any more. Certainly the rest of the red route doesnt seem too badly eroded and because the peat bog elements of the c2c are much smaller than the pw; even the slabs laid look quite intrusive.
Looking at the funding aspects of the project, I think that will be it. Nine standards is certainly not blenkinsopp common
Gear / Re: Tilley Hats
« Last post by Pitboot on Today at 12:19:40 »
I have to grow a ponytail to wear one?! Well I suppose the law is the law

Or your man-bun. ::)
Rest of England / Inscribed Stone near Lanercost.
« Last post by bigbri on Today at 11:17:12 »
Does anyone know if you can get to an inscribed stone near Lanercost at approx NY5407 6423?  It's on the OS map but from previous experience not always locateable  when you get there!!

Hi all - it's been a very long time since I walked to Scafell Pike (only done it once) and I fancy doing it again to take some friends to Englands highest mountain. The walking route I done before was from Seathwaite/Borrowdale - the map is below. I'm also aware of the really quick route that I believe 3 peakers often do from Wasdale head? but not really keen on that one as I like a bit of variety in a walk - again map below).

Can any of you recommend any other routes to walk and include maps or give links to map routes? If the route includes a bit of scrambling thats totally fine too - just interested in what options there are to walk to Scafell Pike other than the 2 maps shown here.

I'm also interested in what are peoples favourite routes if you've tried a few of them? I think a lot of people seem to enjoy the route that i done from Seathwaite that takes in the corridor route? Cheers!

Great pics and tr Ape O0
We got some excellent weather
Just wait till ya see the pics I got from  last nights  escapade  ;D
Fancy a wc this weekend  :)
The Crinkles drive me up the wall. Done them loads of times and always have a Nav blip in the same place ( Keep too far left off the first one) Think I would have learned my lesson but apparently not.
General Walking Discussion / Re: pain in the neck
« Last post by tonyk on Today at 09:44:47 »
I have had neck problems since I was 35 and its still the same at 62,not better but thankfully no worse.Strangely,my neck settles down on a long walk and I have a feeling the pack acts as traction and opens up the joints.As April suggests,go to the GP and find out what is causing the problem and then work out a treatment (or rather management) plan.I found the Zen Physio massager to be very effective and five minutes use gives me a couple of pain free days.Despite the discomfort I have never taken pain killers.
Rest of England / Re: Brampton Cumbria
« Last post by bigbri on Today at 09:33:24 »
Great, thanks April.  We are heading that way today and staying until Sunday.

Bri and Terri

General Walking Discussion / Re: Ditching the Car
« Last post by barewirewalker on Today at 09:02:32 »
One of my first linear walks coincided with the town council, trying a new experimental traffic scheme. I thought I would be safer out of the town, so I took an early bus ride out to Attingham Park, an enclosed National trust place, where they wanted to charge me for walking through. Eventually I persuaded them that I had no money, only a bus pass and I did not want to lurk within the precincts of their august acres. I was given a wave through,  to a little known back access point, from there I wandered for the rest of the day aiming for the penultimate bus on a route about 11 miles away.

All carefully planned, but I missed that bus by 5 minutes, however there was another service about 3 miles away, so rather than wait an hour an half, I walked cross country, with selective field margins and subtle use of the RoW 2 step to this other bus stop. I arrived with time to spare according to the bus time table, but 3/4 of an hour after the time the bus should have arrived I was pondering a 7 mile walk home or going to the village pub and getting sufficiently intoxicated to spend a night under a hedge. Forgetting the reason that my free trip through Attingham park was caused by a genuine lack of funds.

At this point and empty bus arrived, as I boarded the driver said, "Bet you thought I wasn't coming". Apparently the town's traffic had been locked solid all day, due to the councils experimental traffic scheme, not a single service had been able to run to time and the bus I thought I had missed was probably running late anyway.
Since then I have done many interesting linear walks using public transport.
General Walking Discussion / Re: pain in the neck
« Last post by April on Today at 08:57:57 »
I hope it is a temporary problem MC. You might have just strained something it and it will get better on it's own. Does the pain go away when you take off your rucksack? If the problem continues I would go to your GP to rule out anything that needs attention. I get some pain at times later in a hike but I have neck problems and just have to put up with it  :(

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