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General Walking Discussion / Re: Brecon Becons in February
« Last post by GinAndPlatonic on Today at 19:23:06 »
If you plan on walking up at higher altitudes then check the forecast before you go.[/size] also very much depends on what clothes/footwear you intend wearing as to if it will be ok or not.Down at the Storey Arms it can be very different to walking around on the top of Pen Y Fan. If you plan a walk around and near to the Story Arms and stay at lower altitudes then still check the forecast but it it tends to be a little more benign than higher up of course.If you are lucky even in February it can be nice & dry, although cold but still a fine walk up to the top of Pen Y Fan, (assuming you go straight up from the Storey Arms along, whats sometimes called the motorway and descend along a different path which will take in about four miles). It is very manageable.
Lots of people use that particular route so maybe not to everyones liking but it is still a great day out, if it is your first time..Much depends on what previous experience you have, & there are lots of people on here that have much more than me, & likely to give great advice.

My wife & I took our (then) 8 year old daughter years ago, up Pen Y Fan when it was around 5C as we got out of the car but 3/4 the way up the ground was freezing and the wind made it bitterly cold. My daughter had a few tears at one stage, and I told her we could go back down. But after some hot chocolate, and by coincidence meeting a guy coming down who walks up & down regularly just for excercise, who gave my daughter a chocolate bar. He told her a story about how his Dad took him up for the first time when he was 6 years old.She really perked up and we made it to the top. I stayed very much conscious of what was happening weatherwise though. But it turned out sunny and bright so, the forecast that day was correct. O0
General Walking Discussion / Re: Brecon Becons in February
« Last post by Vincent82 on Today at 18:19:41 »
Thank you, I thought it might be pretty with the snow actually, but only if possible to walk then.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Brecon Becons in February
« Last post by phil1960 on Today at 18:01:15 »
Itís fine at the moment if a little damp, if itís an option for you to do as late as possible then I would. There is some snow forecast and the weather does change here quite quickly, but it doesnít seem to stop the hundreds of people every weekend taking the tourist route up Pen y Fan so I wouldnít worry.
Long Distance Walks / Re: SPINE RACE 2019
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 17:56:25 »
He's up the steep bit out of Byrness now. I hope he makes it having dragged himself all this was.
Long Distance Walks / Re: SPINE RACE 2019
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 17:51:02 »
That should give him enough time, hope he makes it.  There are medics at both huts and numerous safety teams up there now so he'll be watched and assessed carefully.

He appears to be moving very slowly, looking at his tracking points. 20 minutes to cover only 250 metres.
Long Distance Walks / Re: SPINE RACE 2019
« Last post by Stube on Today at 17:47:34 »
  Posted by: dav ę on: Today at 15:35:39 Ľ 
  • Insert Quote

  •  Quote from: tonyk on Yesterday at 22:34:25<blockquote> Sounds like a new challenge for Slogger........unaccompanied of course. ;)
    </blockquote>Not for me as it's just about all tarmac.

    Not True - with all the flagging a greater proportion of the PW is paved.

    Outside of Worcester at the start and Brighton/Shoreham and the finish the only major tarmaced stretches are through Birmingham and Bristol. The late Trevor Anthill who devised the Monarch's Way avoided roads wherever possible, sometimes zig-zaging wildly to do so.

    Its use of minor footpaths is what makes navigation difficult in walker hostile counties such as Somerset - often there is no visible route on the ground. Landowners frequently removed all public footpath signs let along named trail waymarking.

    The difference as you cross county boundaries can be amazing.

    Long Distance Walks / Re: SPINE RACE 2019
    « Last post by Ridge on Today at 17:42:00 »
    I have passed the message on. He looks tired but happy he`s having a meal then off he goes again.
    Now you can have a nap
    Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
    « Last post by taxino8 on Today at 17:28:27 »
    I'll be very interested to know what yours weighs.

    It was in Goal Zero's Tech Specs as 68g, but mine received for Christmas is 78g on digital scales.
    I took it up with them, response was a bit slow, they thought maybe I was talking about the wrong lantern, I had to send them photos, and the end result amounted to little more than 'we'll look into it'.
    I just checked on their website, they've since dropped the grammes from the specs and just state 2.4oz - which converted is 68g. Amazon, meanwhile, says 73g.
    You must have the Micro Mini which is not what I have, mine is the Lighthouse Mini, spec on that says 226.8g but Iíve weighed mine on very accurate scales that Iíve just calibrated and mine comes in at 234.77g.
    General Walking Discussion / Brecon Becons in February
    « Last post by Vincent82 on Today at 17:24:10 »

    I'd like to go to Brecon Becons, possibly Pen-Y-Fan or other walks near Storey Arms, the first weekend of February. Do you know if it's ok at that time of the year?  I'd be travelling from London but could wait until last minute to check the weather and book train and hotel.

    Thank you in advance
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