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General Walking Discussion / Re: How long do you keep your sandwiches?
« Last post by Mel on Today at 22:37:30 »
No pressure on Ridge then  ;D

Enjoy your walk  :)

(and your sarnie  :D  )
Poor Mel.  :(  I'll think of you on my walk. It's only a short walk anyway with lots of waiting for public transport but Ridge recommended it and his last recommendation was good so I thought I'd try his other one.
General Walking Discussion / Re: How long do you keep your sandwiches?
« Last post by Mel on Today at 21:48:06 »
Exactly  O0

You're more at risk of getting food poisoning from a kebab than a meat sarnie that's a few hours old. least you're getting out for a walk tomorrow.... I'm doing overtime at work  :'(
Lake District / Re: [(not a) TR] - The Most Pointless Trip Report Ever
« Last post by Mel on Today at 21:41:05 »
Thanks again for the comments everyone  :)

I've eaten some risky stuff in the past and been fine but I wondered if it was just dumb luck. I don't know why I'm so worried about the sandwiches really I'll probably take some with me tomorrow and stop being such a sandwich coward. You're all doing it and are fine so why wouldn't I be.
General Walking Discussion / Re: How long do you keep your sandwiches?
« Last post by Mel on Today at 21:21:48 »
I second jimbob's utter tosh and piffle sentiments  :D

The longest I've kept a chicken wrap unrefrigerated is 24 hours.  Yes, it's a bit squashed, limp and lifeless but I'm still alive and didn't get gut rot.  (wraps fare better in a rucksack than bread and are twice as filling for half the amount)

In these cooler months I wouldn't bat an eyelid at carrying any meaty type sarnie - chances are it's as "chilled" in your rucksack as in a fridge anyway.  In summer, I'd be more hesitant (particularly the summer we've just had).  In those circumstances I take a non-meaty sarnie - cheese and pickle or egg mayo.  If I really needed meat, I'd take a pork pie as they are already preserved/cured so don't need refrigeration.

Ham is a cured meat which is why it has a better unrefrigerated shelf life than chicken.  Having said that, all shop bought, pre-cooked and cut meat is processed and salted anyway to increase its shelf life.

If you're still concerned about the "chiller" factor, get one of those squishy insulated packed lunch bags from Asda/Tesco/Aldi/Morrisons/Lidl/Sainsburys/Fortnum & Mason, etc. and pop it in the freezer the night before. 

My sarnies stay cool all day when I walk in the Winter, so no chance of the meat going off then.
On hot Summer walks, I usually have a spare bottle of frozen water in my rucksack, which acts as a 'freezer block' too. Keeps my lunch nice and fresh 8)

General Walking Discussion / Re: How long do you keep your sandwiches?
« Last post by jo90 on Today at 21:10:58 »
When doing a multiday and providing it's not too warm,  I've carried and eaten ham and chicken that's been a few days old and it's never effected me🤢
And I used to eat ham sandwiches that my mum made for me at school that had been out of the fridge for 3 - 4 hours before I ate them too with no ill effects. How long would you push it jimbob? What about meat choice? I've been told ham is more resilient than chicken but I don't know if this is true or not. I suppose after 4 hours I'm usually going to want to eat my sandwiches but I'd like to know the longest you keep yours for without getting sick.
What a load of Tommy rot to be blunt. People have carried sandwiches for decades to see them through a day at work.I myself carried my sandwiches for most of my working life and cannot think of any time when it caused me a problem.
Maybe the people at the FDA are being heavily donated to by a "sandwich renewal" corporation in return for information which can lead them to huge profits. I would say typical of the US except I know  so many who are not of that ilk from over there.
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