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I've only had it a few times, usually around my ankles and occasionally round my knee in association with a knee brace I sometimes wear. The only common factor was sustained strenuous walking in hot humid weather but it happens rarely even then. Fortunately, I have found it fades within 24-48hrs if I rest or walk less vigorously the next day.  The only advice I can give is don't push too hard, especially when it is hot. Make sure the affected areas can "breathe" - easy with a knee brace, just go without; harder round the ankle area, can't go without footwear!
As regards grass - although I have a grass allergy, this seems to have no bearing on the occurrence of the condition. Similarly, I only ever walk in long trousers so I don't think that is a causal factor.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Public Footpath through river!
« Last post by ninthace on Today at 17:00:12 »
GoogleEarth, Bing Maps or the Ariel imagery in the OS mapping app can be your friend when planning a route with a river crossing. If the ariel image shows an obvious trail leading away from both sides then it may be a goer. If there is no trail in or out then the crossing is probably a figment of the map makerís imagination (perhaps egged on by the Definitive Map). Often casting up or down stream will turn up an alternative crossing point nearby. 
I use this technique a lot, not only for water features but also for finding routes through or round bogs on Dartmoor and Exmoor as well as plotting routes that donít show on the map but exist on the ground. Today, was a case in point, parts of my walk followed paths that are not on the OS map at all and included one water crossing.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Public Footpath through river!
« Last post by Doddy on Today at 16:42:33 »
On the John Muir Trail in the US at a knee deep river crossing a pair of Crocs had been left and people used them and the Crocs traversed many, many times back and forth across that river.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Public Footpath through river!
« Last post by fernman on Today at 16:35:31 »
An advantage I have found with copying published Snowdonia routes is that someone else has already walked that way, therefore it must be passable. When I make up my own routes I find problems.
For example, both the 1:50k and 1:25k maps show a footpath crossing the Afon Caseg a couple of km to the east of Bethesda. I now know from experience that even if the path existed on the ground, which it doesn't, the river is too deep and fast to be crossed at that point on the map!

Another one I know is in the upper reaches of the Afon Mawddach where the map shows a track crossing it at a point marked 'Ford'. The green track is indeed plain to be seen on both sides of the river, but even with the water level extremely low as it was in May last year and will undoubtedly be at present, it would be impossible to cross without soaking your legs or perhaps breaking an ankle if you tried to hop across the boulders.

Scotland / Re: Galloway forrest
« Last post by dinger on Today at 16:20:56 »

Yeah im guessing its not to far from loch trool car park really hence reason boozed up partys walk here and leave there crap.
Its a pity because its in a nice location but just been abused!
Long Distance Walks / Re: Advice on hike
« Last post by RogerA on Today at 15:57:32 »
We're already decided on the Dales Way though  :)
Good choice - I hope you have a great time. Please do stop by and let us know how you get on.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Public Footpath through river!
« Last post by RogerA on Today at 15:51:38 »
Theres a great one over the river severn near Malvern (not quite sure where but my nearest photo is at Shrawley Wood) often its fine but the last couple of times I was there it was at least 2 foot under a fast running river.
General Walking Discussion / Re: MIFI problems in France
« Last post by ninthace on Today at 15:06:54 »
Found this link in the UK Motorhome Forum discussing MiFi in France.
3 claim it works:
Their website has a chat line - try talking to them.
Met a group of wild campers today taking a break near Little Hound Tor.  They had overnighted by the North Teign at Gidleigh Common and reported water was not an issue.  On the way off the moor today I found the Blackaton Brook on the way to Shillstone Tor was still big enough to present an obstacle but made it dry shod.  Never even saw a boggy bit on today's trip (Shillstone Tor, Hound Tor, Cosdon Hill).
Last Saturday the West Dart was low but flowing well as was the Devonport Leat. My advice stands - bogs fairly dry - plan to stop by a major stream. 
Scotland / Re: Galloway forrest
« Last post by vghikers on Today at 14:39:47 »
The terrain in Galloway is notoriously variable:- easy walking on decent paths, easy walking on pathless slabby rock, very wet and boggy ravines to dense twisting tussocks especially near the 'lanes' (watercourses). It's a superbly wild area for backpacking, normally very few people apart from the popular route up the Merrick and, to a lesser extent, the Rhins of Kells (we have a few Galloway backpack reports on our site).

We've also heard about those bothies being frequented by boozy yobs and vandals, it would seem so unlikely being pretty remote. The relative difficulty of access to the heartland is one of the reasons for so few people.

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