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I got an answer from ViewRanger support:

The app switches between maps automatically as you zoom in and out.

To stop that, first zoom to the map you want. Then use menu tab, 3 dots top right, Display preferences. Scroll down, switch on "Don' t change scale on zooming". The app then stays on the same map scale as you zoom in and out, until you switch that off or explicitly open a map from the Maps list.
OK so I've now watched the whole thing and I'm definitely already regretting being cocky about it. There is a bit of exposure though the kind that would scare rather than terrify me. I'm not sure I would be as good at finding the best route up to the summit and might end up making it needlessly difficult. I'd also have liked to see the descent, that's often harder than the ascent. It doesn't look particularly strenuous. I think I'd find Catbells scary but possibly of an amount that is perversely pleasurable. Not convinced but definitely maybe.

I also skipped through this video:

Where I can see the summit scramble people talk about (I think). Wish I could have seen them do the whole thing but there's nice big places to put your feet from what I saw, it would be exciting I think.

Still not convinced but warming to the idea. A downer is it doesn't look like there's anywhere I can use my new stove!
Probably, never been up that way. Have a look at for a more detailed commentary with route advice. Did you solve your Harvey problem?

No I didn't solve the Harvey problem, I've emailed ViewRanger support.

If the scramble at 7:17 in the video you just posted is anything to go by I'll be fine. I'll probably regret being cocky about it but the scramble on Holme Fell albeit short was vertical Catbells looks easier. I'll watch the whole video soon in case there's a harder scramble.

I must say jumping through the video Catbells looks more fun than difficult or scary.

Edit: I knew I'd regret being cocky, I'm not sure about the summit. Could always go up there and see what it looks like in the flesh I suppose. Probably rather go up there than go back down the scrambly bits so I'd likely push on. Hmm.
Is the bit at 2:08 the scramble people were talking about? The one near the summit?
Probably, never been up that way. Have a look at for a more detailed commentary with route advice. Did you solve your Harvey problem?

Is the bit at 2:08 the scramble people were talking about? The one near the summit?
I'm not sure about Troutbeck Tongue, I downloaded the route from walklakes but I can't see a path on satellite. On my last outing I ended up traipsing through bog because there wasn't a clear path and I had to find where the field boundaries meet point my phone so the compass was roughly in line with it (by which I mean the direction matched) and walk. Good practice for navigating perhaps but Troutbeck Tongue is quite a long walk I'd have to get up early in case I end up following paths on the ground the wrong way like I did on Holme Fell. I'll think about it.

Maybe I should do Catbells next? I've been avoiding it because of the scramble (and a little bit because it looks a little bit exposed on top and I'm scared of heights) but looking on the map the only place the contour lines are close together are at NY2443219960 so I'm thinking this is a short scramble? There was a short scramble on the Holme Fell way I went I managed OK. Is that the case?

Forgotmyoldpassword says I can avoid it by going along a tourist trail to the west but I don't see any path to the west. Anybody got the coordinates so I can see where you turn off?

I was looking at the route available here for a trace.
A walk on the coast path today with Mrs G.  Very warm and millions if not billions of flying ants and midgies.  In all my years I have never seen so may flying ants.  We were battered by them crossing one head land.  Thankfully they took time out about 4:30 pm.  Not sure why, but very happy to finish the last few miles without their company.

Hope they have finished their mad spree by Sunday.
Gear / Re: How to switch between Harvey Maps and OS Maps on ViewRanger
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Try this. Open app.  Tap the ... on the top of the screen.  Brings up a set of sub menus - top one is maps.  Select maps,  scroll down to the map you don't like. Tap on it, see if you can remove from device, there is also a remove from account option if you truly want rid.
Phone app or website?

Phone app

If you don't like it then remove the map.

I think I just need to get used to it. Ideally I'd like to use it but switch to OS mapping to look at the contour lines until I get used to the Harvey ones.
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