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Doh just realised Tony beat me to it!
It won't help this time but I can recommend challenge walks organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association.
They aren't out to make a profit so cost is generally much more reasonable, as an example the South Downs marathon organised by the Sussex group is only £10 for non LDWA members and includes a checkpoint with refreshments, a couple of water stops and a light meal at the finish.
I just picked that particular event at random, I've done similar things with the South Wales group and Bristol and West.
Organised brilliantly by walkers for walkers and a bargin. O0

General Walking Discussion / Re: 6 dales challenge - pure challenge
« Last post by tonyk on Today at 10:50:44 »
 This company sounds like it is run by a gang of criminals.How can a company that has high demand, a good customer base,low overheads and takes money up front go bust? It would be interesting to identify the directors and see if they have been involved with previous operations of this nature.Here again,the directors might be front men taking a cut whilst the really big players hide in the background.It is inevitable that this market will attract criminals out to make a fast buck as all you need is a fancy website and the net to bring in business.

It was only £45. For the challenge. But imagine how many of them they have had. Cant believe nobody has got a grip of them

 I would advise anyone who wants to do challenge walks to join the LDWA and enter events that are run by honest people who know what they are doing.Entry fees are peanuts compared to what these cowboys are asking.The LDWA charges £7 for the same route.I was in business for more than thirty years and have often done a quick costing when reading adverts for these events.Where exactly are the overheads and how do they justify their absurd entry fees? Lets say you get 200 starters at £45 per person.That is a grand total of £9000 paid up front.The facilities are rent free other than perhaps hiring a village hall at charity event rates for a day,no business rates,minimum advertising costs, volunteers at check points (would they stack shelves for free at Tesco?),no electric or water to pay for,and very low medical back up costs.Its a business model that Arthur Daley would have been proud of.
Thank you Ozymandiac I'll  put them on my list ,Only use bnbs as a last resort due to cost, no where to cook in the evening and I don't eat breakfast lol.

You're welcome :) I just remembered something from our guidebook (Trailblazer Guide Books Ė Offa's Dyke Path: Prestatyn to Chepstow). I said that you can camp on the grounds of the Hunters Moon Inn in Llangattock Lingoed. Since we haven't used it ourselves I can't recommend it but it might be possible. Best to phone ahead to be sure.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2018
« Last post by Jac on Today at 08:33:53 »
                     Target       Miles walked so far
Ridge               520                181.3
Hillhiker1        1000                271
Mel                  365                 115.8
Jac                       0                264.0
walking pole      500                  14
April                     0                270.1
beefy                   0                470.9
John Walker      250                74.0
Steve922         1000               181
Slogger           1,000               251
annknee          1,000              101.1
fitoldbird          1.000              325
Gadabout Bounder   0             113
daisy+dogs        250               114.9
RogerA             1000              219
scottk               1000              450
R.B.W               0                   102.5
Seferix             250                103
AFANASIEW       500               124
Madame Cholet                       512
Photography / MOVED: Something a bit different..
« Last post by Chris on Today at 08:17:09 »
Just so you're aware, when a company is "in administration", the administrators help the company repay debts rather than face insolvency or liquidation.  Administrators are legally appointed by courts/the company or its creditors.

Aye, sounds like a right cowboy setup to me  ::)

It may be (effectively a cowboy company).

Some people do repeatedly set up companies formally, register them etc...and have no real intention of honestly providing the goods and services they advertise.

Formally setting up isnít that much trouble and expense and puts a gloss of respectability over the enterprise that helps the con.

Gadabout explained it really well. Of course, honest companies can run into trouble...but the give a way is the character and track record of the directors: are they often associated with a string of failing ventures?
Wales / Re: TR - Moel Hebog
« Last post by redeye on Today at 06:50:27 »
Brilliant. Done that route a couple of times amd never disappoints.  Good stuff  O0
Gear / Re: got a new lightweight windbreak
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 06:42:10 »
Is that for real?  I suspect a Photoshop moment  ;D
Long Distance Walks / Re: C2C Proposed Equipment List
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 06:39:45 »
I avoided the summit of Dent by turning left alnog the road and right along Nannycatch Lane on to a path between Dent and Flat fell.

I love summits, I take diversions to get to them  ;)
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