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Lake District / Re: Coniston Old man - the mist cleared at the summit
« Last post by henryb on Today at 19:36:22 »
Thanks jamiek :)
Fab pics and write up April.  I like to see walks on the lesser-known and less popular fells so thank you for posting  :)
News and Articles / Re: It's Pretty Wet Up Here Today....
« Last post by Mel on Today at 18:53:12 »
Obviously, being pure of thought and deed, I have no idea what you're alluding to Ridge  ;D
Lake District / Re: A Squelch around the Naddle Valley
« Last post by Mel on Today at 18:51:36 »
It was pleb.  A pleasant adventure  O0
General Walking Discussion / Re: Wandering off-piste
« Last post by Mel on Today at 18:49:47 »
Same here.  I just "do it".  I've not been challenged either. 

It's always good to discover hidden gems that might otherwise be missed and, if you can get to them without damage or injury to yourself or your surroundings then go for it  O0

Could your 'Church Hill' have been a preachers' point?  Where a man of the cloth would stand and address his adoring followers below?

Gear / Re: Phoning for help?
« Last post by Mel on Today at 18:42:02 »
It's an american thing that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie by the looks of things.  It could well use different frequencies to the UK.  It needs wifi or mobile data or a general phone signal to work.  I'm assuming it needs another phone within its range "tuned in" to the same channel/frequency to work as a walkie-talkie.  Otherwise, it seems like a glorified radio with rather limited channels to "tune into" which will eat up your data allowance. 

If I was you I'd stick to dialling 999 in an emergency  O0
Gear / Phoning for help?
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 18:29:19 »
When hiking I have never yet had phone for help, but there is always the possibility of a first time.

Apart from a direct mobile call to a loved one, using a whistle, etc what the other options?

One reason I ask is that I've been reading about a free app called Zello which a newspaper article claimed was used extensively in the Houston hurricane to help people get to safety.

Has anyone used Zello, is it useful, possibly or not.

I've downloaded it but (due to my age I think?) I just cannot seem to get a grasp on how it might work. Or, is it simple and I cannot see the obvious?
Lake District / Re: Coniston Old man - the mist cleared at the summit
« Last post by jamiek on Today at 17:54:18 »
Looks like a great day for it! Nice photos Henry :)
Photography / Re: Advice
« Last post by jamiek on Today at 17:51:25 »
You will get a s/h Canon 5d markII on ebay for around 500 that leaves you 300 for a lens, 17-40mm f/4 go for around  250

This, do this!

Not the lightest... but the quality will be spot on!
I was hoping up Snowdon over Crib Goch, but as usual the weather looks horrible up there!

Maybe a walk around the lower ground of Snowdonia it is then!  O0
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