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Wales / Re: Foel Fadian
« Last post by adalard on Today at 10:08:21 »
My heartfelt thanks for this topic and a happy reminder of this ravine. Mrs BWW and I returned there yesterday and did a glorious 6.25 mile circular culminating in Foel Fadian as the sunset started over a distant view of the sea.

That's nice to hear, Barewirewalker. And it sounds like you timed reaching the summit perfectly.

The ravine sounds fascinating. If I do get to visit it, it sounds like I'll have to do it as a solo walk as my partner wouldn't entertain anything like you've described. I'm really looking forward to returning to the area, particularly around Pumlumon Fach and Pen Pumlumon Fawr.
I remember hearing about this, I think it was on a Robert Winston program. They gave the reason as needing the young males to go out hunting and fighting for the good of the tribe both of which can be very high risk. Older, wiser and hopefully more risk averse members of the community would govern the tribe to keep it safe but young males are expendable, you don't need many to ensure that the gene pool is fresh.

That's interesting, Ridge - cheers. I wish I'd seen that. Hopefully it'll be repeated at some point - if it was BBC, a lot of documentaries seem to get recycled on BBC4 & iPlayer, which is great.

Funnily enough, a friend shared an article a couple of days ago on Facebook about the difference in sleeping patterns between the young and the old - a study suggested that it might have an evolutionary advantage as older people would be awake to warn of danger when the younger members of the group were sleeping (and vice versa, of course).
Lake District / Re: Monk Coniston to Skelwith Bridge
« Last post by adalard on Today at 09:47:11 »
It looks very picturesque, Henry - those waterfalls are wonderful.  O0

Handy to know about these low level walks as I have to confess to being something of a "fair weather" walker myself, and wouldn't venture onto higher ground if I knew the conditions were going to be poor. Not very dedicated of me, I know...  :-[ ;D
I walked around the northern edge of Kinder yesterday - from Edale via Grindsbrook Clough and down to Hayfield from Sandy Heys.

The northern edge path seemed tougher going than I remember it. I'm not sure whether it's because it's been wetter recently than the last time I was there or whether there's been a lot more erosion from walkers over the last year or so. Either way, I went flying in the peat twice and then got home to find the water was off because of a leaking mains pipe in the village. Thankfully, it came back on during the night - never did a hot shower feel so good as the one I had this morning!
Having a second attempt at a recce walk today, for one I'm leading next Wednesday.  I wasn't 100% happy with parts of the first route I devised, so back for another go today.  Trying to find all the quiet, more hidden paths around the Haddon and Chatsworth Estates. The walk should be fairly quiet anyway, as it will be done mid week and the hols are well over O0
Gear / Re: Gaiters - worn under or over your trousers?
« Last post by PeterDevon on Today at 08:25:06 »
Not sure if Berghaus make them anymore, but they were good.
They still make them, I saw them in Taunton Leisure the other day.
Gear / Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Last post by PeterDevon on Today at 08:18:24 »
I can also recommend the Thermarest Neo Air, although can be a bit warm in the summer.
Gear / Re: Can you help me buy some boots please?
« Last post by kinkyboots on Today at 07:46:36 »
If you have a budget of up to 200 I would suggest that you take a close look at the Altberg Tethera which is available in half sizes and 5 width fittings so you can get a perfect fit. Provided that they are properly maintained and looked after they will outperform and outlast any budget boot by a considerable margin.

The Altberg Tethera was specifically designed for use on the Lakeland Fells and Scottish Hills and are highly regarded amongst many forum members. Regular treatment with Alt-Berg's Leder Gris Original Wax will ensure that the boots remain waterproof and they have a Sympatex waterproof lining to back that up. They can also be resoled if and when the need arises. Numerous posters have reported using the Tethera with flexible crampons for short periods without any problems or issues.

It's essential that you visit an Altberg stockist to get properly measured and try them on before buying. Do not be tempted to buy online until you have done this.

Your nearest Altberg Premier Retailer is

The cheapest place I can find to buy the Altberg Tethera online is here @ 179.99

Slightly cheaper here @ 169.95 if you require a Narrow Fit

Here's a YouTube best in test video review of them

« Last post by jimbob on Today at 01:25:12 »
Thanks Marshy Pete. Been looking for a day bag  with a well ventilated back. At that price I am happy to give it a go. Was going to buy a much more expensive Osprey. Will give this bag a chance over my Autumn walks.
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