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Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2018
« Last post by April on 22:19:38, 15/10/18 »
                            Target            Mileage to date

Ridge                     520                  516.8
Hillhiker1               1000                 773.4
Mel                        365                   274.4
Jac                         0                      654
walking pole            500                  14
April                       0                      731.9
beefy                      0                     1270
John Walker            250                  151
Steve922               1000                 284
Slogger                  1,000                523
annknee                1,000                101.1
fitoldbird                1.000                626
Gadabout Bounder   0                     113
daisy+dogs             250                 114.9
RogerA                  1000                 781
scottk                    1000                 1012
R.B.W                     0                     102.5
Seferix                   250                  182.5
AFANASIEW           500                   590.5
Madame Cholet                               715
Doddy                    0                      279
richardh1905         1000                  874
MichaelUK             1500                1037
G2EWS                 1500                1567.4
In this case my motive is not entirely altruistic. I have a walking trip to NZ next year (well my son is getting married there and I never waste a trip). I hope to earn credits from people downloading my routes to get enough credits for ViewRanger mapping of NZ.

A smaller world than it once was.  My son is off to New Zealand after Christmas with his girl freind.  Her parents have moved there, so no idea if or when he might return.  Might see you out there next year. LoL.
Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by Ronin83 on 22:02:34, 15/10/18 »
Berghaus peak 3.3 tent. Tested it sat night. From about 3 or 4 am we had powerful winds and heavy rain. It did well and was very practical, light and easy to put up/down. Perfect for me n the missus.
Pleased with it so far.

Gear / Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Last post by dank86 on 22:01:43, 15/10/18 »
Latest purchases are a pair of Scarpa r-evos and a sleeping bag liner
I really enjoy writing up trips away.  I start picking a selection of photos that can hopefully convey the feeling of the day, without being too repetitive.  I load those up into msWord. Then I add the words, stating with a preamble on why we were there in the first place.Taking care to try and create a flowing story rather than just a series of statements.  Then finish off with a few words on the journey back home. 

It does indeed take effort and hours to write up a walk even after some practice.  Personally I get plenty out of the effort for a few reasons...

It provides a record of the trip, for when I am too old to do them over.

One site, where I post most of my reports is very active and always provides vibrant positive feedback, along with a little micky taking, as it is actually a car forum.

When people do ask about walks I can link them to earlier reports. 

Alas most sites require third party hosting for pictures.  This can be a bind and it is why I do not post reports directly on this site or walking highlands.
General Walking Discussion / Re: How do you combat boredom?
« Last post by dank86 on 21:11:21, 15/10/18 »
Im another singer lol there's normally a song floating round my head anyway lol

If it's a day hike I don't mind popping the headphones in, on multiday hikes I won't listen to as much if any music etc
General Walking Discussion / Re: Video/film editing software?
« Last post by dank86 on 20:32:05, 15/10/18 »
I use videopad, it's very good and doesn't leave water marks. So much more options than windows movie maker, it was a little bit of a learning curve but it's fully featured!
I use osmaps website for plotting routes in the UK and for Europe I use all are accessible to everyone on both sites
Thanks BuzyG  - didn't see your reply until this evening - great trip report and cracking route.  Will do a tr here when I get a moment.  Paul

Gear / Re: OEX Boots..
« Last post by tenmilesplus on 20:08:52, 15/10/18 »

  I have now done around 30 miles in them which has been 5/6 local walks, They have been painful, blistering, waterproof and not waterproof, a real mixed bag... I thought they were fit for the bin / Summertime..

 I washed / proofed them, didn't seem to improve the water repellency any but they seem to be much more comfy than they wre when I first wore them so it does look like they are Summer only boots..
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