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Gear / Hot weather raincoats? Am I missing something?
« Last post by Ronin83 on 15:10:59, 12/08/18 »
Didnt want to hijack other threads, so specifically...
What's the point in expensive waterproof jackets for hot weather, expensive obviously because they supposedly achieve waterproofness + better breathability?

If it's really that hot, why keep your head/torso dry anyway? Surely rain is a relief and youd dry off again in no time when the rain stops?

If it's just for comfort or when it may get a tad chilly whilst its raining then why not just use a £20 packable thing which work for showers and are fairly breathable(enough for when itsi "a tad chilly".

Im not arguing against it, just asking more experienced people if im missing something.
Gear / Re: Recommendations for lightweight packable waterproof jacket
« Last post by Ronin83 on 15:04:21, 12/08/18 »
Berghaus cape wrath? Its got goretex active which is more breathable and light than normal gtx. Pricey tho
Gear / Re: Recommendations for lightweight packable waterproof jacket
« Last post by NeilC on 14:52:48, 12/08/18 »
If it's hot then all shells are pretty sweaty but if it were me I'd get the most breathable shell material possible like Neoshell. Not only is it breathable but it's slightly air permeable too which should help in warm conditions.

Unless you're an ultralight backpacker I would worry too much about packability as most are packable enough anyway. And if you go too light then the thin fabric tends to plaster against you when wet and windy which isn't as nice as a more robust material holding itself away from your skin.

And I'd get something with good venting options like out zips and two way front zips etc.
Welcome / Hello I'm a new member
« Last post by sanfairyanne on 10:07:01, 12/08/18 »
I'm a new member, however, I'm not new to long distance hiking. I found this site and feel it could be of much use to me as I'm planning some European long distance hikes. I'm from the UK and whilst I began long distance hiking in England I quickly moved further afield. I'm currently putting together some ideas for a thru-hike in Europe. I've always intended to hike the GR5 and GR20, I'm looking into also combining sections of the Sentiero Italia; more than likely the Sicily and Sardinia section and also the Italian Alps. It sure would be nice if I could post directly on the International page of the forum. I guess this post counts as one of the 25 posts required before I can use the international page.
Anyway my thanks to whoever set up this forum and those who contribute to it.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Southern Upland Way - July 2018
« Last post by johhnyp on 00:33:52, 12/08/18 »
Well done Brian, Good effort. Need to publish my C2C report ( my IT skills do not match up to yours however!). I spoke to a couple at St Bees in May who had done the SUW a fortnight before and they said it wet to the point of being nearly impassable in parts at that time. Reckon you may have hit it at the right time in that regard.
Regarding accommodation stops: would it be possible to add a day or so onto your schedule or would you have to add several to make it work. If 13/14 is possible; how would you schedule it?
General Walking Discussion / Re: How to judge how far you could walk
« Last post by Ronin83 on 00:01:38, 12/08/18 »
Its not just how much you CAN do, its how much you can do without causing yourself damage.
Many people run the London marathon and end up with long term injuries lasting years or even lifetimes, but they complete it. Is that good? Personally I want to preserve my body a bit. Thats my balance.
So it's up to you.

Took advantage of the cooler weather, on Friday evening, to hammer around a short steep training route I enjoy on Bodmin moor near minions.  It's four miles with four steep ramps in the middle of around 200 - 250 ft each. Plus I run/jog the flatter sections. I am crtainly not built for fell running at 16 stone.  But delighted to clock 57 minutes and break 4mph.

15 miles planned on Dartmoor, at a moor modest pace tommorrow.

Two weeks to go now untill Ska fell with my son,.  Hopefully I won't hold him up too much. :)
General Walking Discussion / Re: How to judge how far you could walk
« Last post by BuzyG on 22:59:18, 11/08/18 »
Kno, I am striggling to understand your thinking here.  I do not know how fit you are, though it is clear you have limited experience in the hills You may well have been able to start your training at 10+ miles.  But it sounds like this is a team effort. Your leader has to work to the pace of the weakest member of the team and build their strength and skills to he point we're the whole team will succeed. 

If you have the necessary  skills and knowledge to lead a team to success, then you will know what you should be doing in a situation like this is offering your support to the current leader and help them in the challenge.  That way your time will come to lead.

If you simply do not get on then perhaps you could find another group to train with where every one is at least as fit as you to start with.  Good luck if you choose the second option.
Gear / Re: Alpkit Numo: Lightweight and affordable!
« Last post by snoopdawg on 20:53:20, 11/08/18 »
Just bought the Alpkit cloud base as I fancied the wider size. At £45 cant complain, will do me until the colder months.
General Walking Discussion / Re: How to judge how far you could walk
« Last post by tonyk on 20:50:04, 11/08/18 »
Me and the man have completely different ideas how Iíll get on.
Its pretty clear from your previous posts that you don't see eye to eye with "the man".Why not leave the group and go your own way.If it ends in illness and death on the fells then so be it as its your choice and yours alone.I can understand "the man's" caution as a lot of fingers might be pointed at someone who knowingly took people with illness or disability onto the fells and pushed them to breaking point.If you don't respect your leaders decisions its time to leave.
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