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General Walking Discussion / Re: The NHS and my hiking experiences
« Last post by pauldawes on Today at 11:46:51 »
I have a rather more jaundiced view of the NHS - even though my grandfather founded the dental side of the business!

The NHS is excellent for rare or acute problems - terrible for chronic conditions such as rheumatism.

On several occasions I've fallen foul of the four and a half day week syndrome of the NHS - DO NOT fall ill on a Friday afternoon - it will be Monday before you will get treatment.

I can relate to practically all the posts on this thread..the NHS does (of course) do wonderful work.

But I can also relate to this one. Parts of the NHS really, really donít operate well. Apart from management of chronic conditions..where I agree with you (that itís poor) often admin of just making sure necessary appointments are scheduled is feeble.

 And those cases where thereís a grey area between medical and social care (should a really old confused person be discharged or not?) are often managed with a view to clearing beds, rather than being certain discharged person will be okay at home.

I think knowing that NHS does have weak points can help individuals. Iíd advise anybody waiting for an appointment for a scan (or some such) to get on phone and check whatís happening, if appointment letter doesnít come within a couple of weeks, for example.
Photography / Re: My best pic of the day
« Last post by Mel on Today at 11:26:40 »
Cheers Jac.  If it means Iolo will have to do a field visit to my house then I might just have to let them know  :D
Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 11:10:46 »
The X frame seems to have lots of gaps to let cold through? Even in your sleeping bag can this be a problem or do you have to ensure you have something else underneath you as an insulator? With so many edges do you get airleaks more often?

I couldn't use one because I use a sleeping quilt which does not have a back or a hood.
Gear / Re: The truth about single skin / hybrid tents
« Last post by gunwharfman on Today at 11:05:00 »
Can't say that condensation bothers me much, it happens of course but except for the odd drip, usually because I nudged the mesh by mistake, I've always managed to stay dry. When awake and as soon as I can and if its not raining, I just whip the outer tent off, give it a quick whizz over with a flannel and lay it out flat. Its usually dry, or at least not so wet, by the time I need to pack it. If I have to pack wet I try to find a place sometime later in the day where I can lay it out flat again.
Gear / Re: The truth about single skin / hybrid tents
« Last post by Requiem on Today at 10:49:17 »
It's weird all these reports of condensation, I've a TN Jupiter Bivvy which sits (like all bivvys) against my sleeping bag and never transfers any condensation at all - Its as if single skinned shelters really need to have a minimal volume and PROPER breathable fabric so the action of you body heating and breathing the small amount of volume within the shelter slowly expels air OUT through the tents skin

It also seems to be about pitching at times. I always pitch the low end of any tent into the prevailing wind, and the wider entrance in lee of the breeze - This always seems to make a vortex at the high end of the tent which against circulates air and keeps condensation down?

Scotland / Re: TR Eastern Cairngorms.
« Last post by Owen on Today at 10:33:25 »
[quote author=richardh1905 link=topic=36701.msg522217#msg522217 date=152982

Finally, a few questions:

- By the Hayfield, I take it you mean the large grassy area to the W of the road after you have passed through Glenmore? I'm looking for a place to leave the car overnight.

- How reliable is the crossing at Fords of Avon? I imagine that it could quickly become a 'no go' if the heavens open.

- I'm intrigued by your references to a 'dire consequences' sign; I passed Ryvoan on my way up Meall a Bhuchaille with my family last year, and I cannot remember it.

All the best, Richard

Yes that's the hayfield, I just park in the layby. There is a car park but you can only pay per day, no good for overnights.

The ford at Ford's of Avon is across a major mountain river, when it's low you can get across dry footed, in spate it can be impassable.
Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 10:32:58 »
Will look into them, Richard.

Currently I use a cut down foam mat sheathed in foil /foam car "beach  mat" cut and taped down the sides with aluminium jointing tape.  Very light. No probs with cold. I get to sleep on it. BUT it rolls up too big for any rucksack known to average man. So is strapped on in a bin bag.

Gear / Re: Sleeping mat matters
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 10:07:24 »

HI Marmot tungsten,  I am 6'3" and could give you 13kg and still be slightly heavier than you. I didn't have my sleeping bag with me that day so just winged it with my poncho.  Truly I wanted it to work,
Will stick to my adapted foam pad till I find what I'm looking for.

Have you seen the Klymit Inertio O Zone pads, jimbob?

Smaller gaps, so might be a bit better for people who sleep on their side or move around a bit. A bit heavier than the X frame though, but not unbearably so.
Gear / Re: The truth about single skin / hybrid tents
« Last post by Troggy on Today at 09:42:00 »
  :) Great stuff Alan!!! They'd be shot by the thought police nowadays.
Scotland / Re: TR Eastern Cairngorms.
« Last post by adalard on Today at 09:38:34 »
Really enjoyed the TR and the photos, Owen.

Especially liked the one of Beinn Mheadhoin from your camp - and the view down Coire an Dubh Lochan is beautiful.  O0
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