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Have I told anyone that is now the time to complain, I asked a question, straight forward, no rhetorical inflection. This did because I was passing on some information have met a rights of way profession in the supermarket, who passed on some inside information, which hitherto has not been air on this forum.

I have no intention of organising a mass trespass, there is certainly no bee bussing in my head, like many pet subjects that get dragged onto this forum, with little connection with the sport we all share. My inside knowledge may be helpful to some. It has been in the past as I have been told this in PM's and other means. I have yet to unload a lot more factual knowledge and scandal so be prepared to be bored rigid.

Got to go, other things to do
News and Articles / Re: Sponsored Paths?
« Last post by ninthace on Today at 14:19:37 »
What would the money go towards? Would it really help maintain paths?
I think that was the idea Natural England were looking at. Company donates money towards path maintenance in return for logo on sign posts.
« Last post by nesty on Today at 14:00:21 »
EBAY - Today (23.3.18). 20% off.
Doing a deal coupon PAY20LESS. Only until 6pm tonight for certain sections, including sport and Leisure, which covers most walking/hiking equipment. Just got 20% off a pair of Hi Tec Penriths!
I think that the bee buzzing in your bonnet detracts from your arguments.

Mel is correct. People, in general, support large ideas. They don't listen or care about the minutiae. Yes that is a stage which has to be covered, but do not lose support because of it.

Get people to support the big idea as they did in Scotland. As they did when Barbara Castle took part in the big trespass. I have said before organise yourself into similar newsworthy, yet peaceful, trespasses by walking the routes, getting others to walk them. Going on about  it to the already converted never helps, in fact it could alienate the very people you need help from the most.

As Mel says passion your time and energy into what you DO.
All else seems like you just have a good old fashioned chip on your shoulders.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Don't we ever learn?
« Last post by rambling minster on Today at 12:50:17 »

I've lost hats as well.

There's always a multitude of hats strewn around the hill

My sigg bottle has dropped out my bag on occasion, but one of those instances was when doing the northern stage of the Pennine Way. I was staying in Forest View in Byrness for two nights to break up the 26 mile stretch from Byrness to Kirk Yetholm. I told one of the guys staying there that i'd dropped my sigg ( i had walked to Windy Gyle so was on my second night's stay there, whereas he was on his first night in Forest View) and he said that he'd look out for it. Sure enough, a few days later a parcel arrived with it in! It was greatly appreciated (he wouldn't accept my offer to reimburse his postage) and shows the kindness that can exist among walkers.

I have left walking poles a few times (mainly in towns rather than on the hill) but usually someone has shouted to alert me.

My walking companion once forgot to pack underpants on a multi-day trail (we were only in a small village), but luckily a bric-a-brac type store had a few stored upstairs ;D
Gear / Re: Peter Storm - walking footwear
« Last post by nesty on Today at 12:11:04 »
Peter Storm is an own-brand of the Blacks Leisure Group (taken over by JD Sports a few years back). Peter Storm gear is budget-priced and is sold through the chains of Blacks and Millets.

I've picked up a few odds and sods of Peter Storm clothing from the bargain box and sales in Millets. It's cheap and cheerful and has done the job.

With gear, one gets what one pays for: twenty quid for a pair of trainers doesn't suggest they'll last forever.

Agreed. OK didn't know Storm was Blacks own make!
Though hopefully do the job for low demand use.

General Walking Discussion / Re: Don't we ever learn?
« Last post by Troggy on Today at 12:08:36 »
Do we ever learn? No we don't, or at least I don't. I've lost so many caps, Helly Hansen, Sealskinz, Lowe Alpine (at least 3 of them) and numerous cheapo ones (they're the ones I usually get now.)

I think my most memorable fox pah was on a camping trip to Keswick and based at the farm at Castlerigg. I met my oppo at Kendal and then we got the bus up to Keswick. Apart from talking about Everton, we spent a load of the journey congratulating ourselves at the way we had pared down the weight of our rucksacks and rabbited for yonks about the dafy amount of gear we took in the past.

Got up to the camp site and pitched next to a young woman who had brought a smashing big standu in tent, had a barbeque, camp chairs and two massive dogs. We were preening ourselves when she asked how did we manage to camp with so little gear. Told he we'd been camping for donkey's years and had now got it off to a fine art.

When I'd finished bragging, I thought I'd show her how quick the tent would go up....except there wasn't a tent to put up! I'd left it in the house and afetr everyone had stopped lauching, I had to tramp down to Keswick and, courtesy of a Mountain Warehouse sale, paid 18 for a sort of festival tent and when I got back and put the thing up, I was faced with a week end staying in a reasonable tent but covered in a design of butterflies all over the thing!

No, never learn! 
General Walking Discussion / Re: Don't we ever learn?
« Last post by Peter on Today at 11:42:49 »
A few weekends back swmbo was working, so I packed my pack, grabbed the dog and off we went. Some 8 hours later after a nice walk in cold conditions we arrived home, only to find the front door wide open, I had forgotten to close and lock it after putting the dog in the car. Luckily my area is quiet as nothing was missing, except my brain  ::)

Done this.. more than once.  :-[
Each time I was leaving for a week of camping. This was before I moved, so I wasn't lucky and was visited. Surprising what they don't bother taking..

General Walking Discussion / Re: Don't we ever learn?
« Last post by Peter on Today at 11:36:53 »
The number of times I nearly choke myself to death by forgetting my dog leash is slung around my neck and is caught up in my rucksack.  :-[
South West England / Re: Walk suggestions near Paignton Devon
« Last post by Jac on Today at 11:23:25 »
Another vote for the coast path - around the Coleton Fishacre area is just gorgeous. If you are a National Trust member (or happy to spend on the entrance fee) a lovely walk is to park at Coleton Fishacre and walk down through the gardens and onto the coast path. By turning either right or left along the cliffs you can do a circular walks though there are steep bits whichever way you walk.
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