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Wales / Re: Brecons weekender suggestions?
« Last post by Dyffryn Ardudwy on Yesterday at 23:00:40 »
Not having ventured in the Beacons for some considerable time, roughly twelve years, i was wondering how busy the Carmarthen Vans have become.
When i lived in Cardiff, and used to drive on the Craig Y Nos A4067 to Llandovery road, which was about twice a month,  i rarely saw any walkers in this area of the National Park.

With news that the main Beacons have become very busy, far busier than twenty or so years ago, is it the same for the rest of the National Park,  or can one still find solitude if one tries.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Too many races and events?
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 22:54:56 »

I don’t have a “problem” at all.

I do sometime have a “tinge of concern” when somebody who doesn’t do a fair bit of walking goes straight in for a challenge such as three peaks, whatever.

I just don’t think it’s a great introduction to a wonderful hobby. I imagine that most of the people that do it, grit their teeth, get it done...and think “never again”. Hope I’m wrong.

^^^ this  O0

I'm of the thoughts that these organised events and challenges aren't "done" by regular walkers, per se, and the hills and countryside certainly wouldn't be "enjoyed" by the competitors who are probably more focussed on the competitive element (be that achieving a personal best or beating joe or jane blogs in front of them, or simply gritting their teeth and "getting through it" for a good charitable cause).

"it's walking jim, but not as we know it..."  (read to the tune of starrrrr trekking across the universe)

Personally, even though these events have turned into commercialised, money spinning hype, I don't mind coming across people doing these events - it's always a good opportunity to stop for a rest whilst I let them pass  ;D   .... after all.... I'm out on the hills for pleasure..... but are they?

Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 22:45:53 »
Never used Airbnb while walking but have used them in this country and abroad and never had any problems.
Lake District / Re: Winter returns to The Lakes, a Seathwaite round.
« Last post by Ridge on Yesterday at 22:39:25 »
Amazing photos.
The Langdales inversion particularly  O0
Lake District / Re: Winter returns to The Lakes, a Seathwaite round.
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 22:38:48 »
Brilliant pics snoopdawg  O0

With the snowy mountains and blue skies, it's hard to believe that's our lovely England in winter.

General Walking Discussion / Re: Todays local walk ..
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 22:34:50 »
Lovely pics GB  O0   The Roaches/Hen Cloud are just instantly recognisable, even in the snow!

Though I like the pic of the weak sunshine framed by the trees as well  :)
Nice report on your blog Mel  O0 It's great you are feeling the benefit from giving up the cigs  O0

Northumberland is missing from your list of counties ;)

Cheers April.  I definitely found it much easier, breathing-wise, no wheezing  :)   Northumberland is, indeed, missing... at the moment....  8)

Lovely report Mel, sounds like  great weekend.  O0

Cheers Ridge, it certainly was a great weekend.  I got to finally see some snow, for starters  :D

Enjoyed the TR and photos Mel and it sounds a lovely weekend away    :)   

Thank you.  Glad you enjoyed it Dovegirl  :)   It was lovely just to get away from "the norm".

Snails pace Mel?
You've speeded up then...................... ::)

Aye. But no.  I'm embracing my slowness  O0

Really enjoyed the TR, Mel. We've driven through Long Preston a few times when we've been going into the Dales but never stopped there, so it was interesting to see what the walking is like around the village. I think I'll add it to the list as a destination now instead of just somewhere to look at en route! The Boars Head sounds like a bargain too.  O0 

The blog is great, btw - I didn't know you had one, probably me being dopey. Looking forward to catching up on your previous posts on there.  :)

Cheers adalard.  Nope.  You're not being dopey.  I've not mentioned my blog before now.  I set it up mainly so my family (who aren't on Facebook) could see my walks and then my facebook account decided it didn't like me to upload pictures anymore so I'm slowly updating the blog with past walks ... or pictures at least, and trying to find my trip reports on here and adding them there to go with the pictures. 

Lake District / Winter returns to The Lakes, a Seathwaite round.
« Last post by snoopdawg on Yesterday at 22:16:52 »
Wainwrights included on this walk: Allen Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Seathwaite Fell

Hewitts included on this walk: Allen Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike

Date walked: 20/01/2018

Time taken: 7

Distance: 16.5 km

Ascent: 1125m

Like most of the hillwalking fraternity I had been studying the weather reports for the upcoming weekend. Saturday seemed the only option, a seemingly "still" day amongst the winter storms. My first option would have been a 2 day raid on The Donalds as I'm keen to get into Glen Afton and maybe use Clennoch bothy but a study of reports and seeing locals FB entries regarding the amount of snow lying in southern Scotland it was a non starter, so a visit to The Lakes was arranged and maybe a chance to use the axe and crampons.
Pick up was made at a local station and it was en route across the A69. As usual no definite plans were made and it was a case of choosing en route. If the snow had been bad down low I would just have chosen something roadside. Getting to Penrith area I was surprised how good the roads were and it was straight down to Borrowdale. Quite surprised how many cars were parked up on the lane and surprised how many chose to bury their cars in the deep mud verges :crazy:
I was with a mate, Steve who is unaware of how many Wainwrights he has done as they are spread over a lot of years so he has started them again. I had been on Scafell Pike on boxing day so didn't want to repeat it so opted for a different circuit perhaps not one people would immediately think of.
First off was the route along to Stockley bridge and then the ascent up towards Styhead tarn. When we got past the site of the former huge cairn that I was always told was the 1000ft marker we headed straight off up the rake that leads to Seathwaite Fell. I included this in his round as I had ignored it for years not knowing it was a Wainy.

Looking down Borrowdale from Seathwaite Fell
 DSC01978 Having got onto Seathwaite Fell it was then a case of bagging the other cairns and then making our way over to Sprinkling tarn. En route over steve suffered the dreaded winter mishap, sinking straight through the snow and into a hidden bog thus ensuring a cold wet foot for the entire day. Getting over to the tarn and up towards Esk Hause was hard work, the snow being fairly deep and soft. As we walked the weather was changing to the north and began to clear. Southern Lakes remained under cloud however.
Sun trying to break through over Esk pike
Top of Grains Gill
Looking north from Esk Hause.
Inversion over Langdale
The path up onto Esk Pike was better, the wind having stripped the slopes of snow leaving ice which was walkable. The sun came out on Esk pike and the day became a perfect winter walking day. Esk Pike completed it was down to the col and the quick ascent of Bowfell before dropping back down to the col again and then dropping down towards Angle Tarn but before the path dropped too far cutting over snowy ground to join the path going up to Esk Hause. From there it was a quick ascent of Allen Crags as it only sits about 250ft above Esk Hause and was too close to miss. Spoke with 3 youngish lads who had been backpacking for a couple of nights and were camping again at Angle tarn, hardy folk considering the forecast for Sunday
Yours truly on Esk pike
The Scafells
Top of Allen Crags
Allen crags towards Great End
From Allen crags it was back down to Esk Hause and then down the slip slidy descent to Sprinkling and Styhead Tarns and then down the icy path to Stockley Bridge before the return to the car as darkness closed in.
Good round in hard conditions, just over 10 miles and 4 wainys.
Great Gable in the clouds.
Long Distance Walks / Re: The Spine Race2018 - List of competitors
« Last post by johhnyp on Yesterday at 22:02:47 »
well done guys.
btw, scrub that..10/11 days!
Rest of England / Re: TR - Glemsford (Suffolk)
« Last post by Dovegirl on Yesterday at 21:45:32 »
Enjoyed the photos, especially Chequers as I love half-timbered buildings    :)    Looks lovely rolling, spacious countryside
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