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General Walking Discussion / Re: Visiting Cafes and Tearooms
« Last post by John Walker on Yesterday at 18:32:09 »
I agree with Lee and Mel :) . We just got back from a few days walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path between Fishguard and St. Dogmaels.  There was a particularly strenuous (and muddy) stretch between Newport Sands and St. Dogmaels and we were sooo pleased to find a Tea Room at Poppit Sands, with a brilliant cake selection.  The sun even came out so we sat outside enjoying the life-saving tea and coffee and walnut cake. Bliss! :)

I also love the Penny Pot cafe, next to Edale station, which is where we always go when we travel to the Peak District.  And the Angler's Rest at Bamford (OK, actually a community pub but they still serve a reviving fruit cake as well as a pint).

Let's hope tea shops don't go the same way as so many rural pubs  :-\
General Walking Discussion / Re: Visiting Cafes and Tearooms
« Last post by Lee in Doncaster on Yesterday at 18:05:20 »
Tea rooms are a mandatory bit of walking kit  :D

Indeed they are.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Visiting Cafes and Tearooms
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 18:00:35 »
Tea rooms are a mandatory bit of walking kit  :D

Gear / Re: First post. Leaking shoes. Again.
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 17:51:43 »
Gonna throw a curve ball in here...

.... when the only part of your sock soaking is the toe box...

Is it possible that your feet are sweating and this is being mistaken for a failing waterproof shoe? 

I currently have some Meindl shoes (suede/nubuck) and the only time they let in water is when it comes in over the top but (certainly in the warmer months) my socks have felt damp, particularly round the toe area.

... just a thought...
Photography / Re: A relaxing video medley
« Last post by Mel on Yesterday at 17:41:20 »
Lovely start to the weekend.  Thank you for posting beefy  O0
Gear / Re: Can anyone explain Pacer Poles to me
« Last post by ninthace on Yesterday at 17:36:20 »
The gloves, nah, couldn't be bothered!

Try snowshoeing across the North Pennines in the depths winter, you would wear gloves with your poles then!

Or did you mean the special gloves they supply to go with the poles? I wear ski gloves.
Gear / Re: Can anyone explain Pacer Poles to me
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 17:30:00 »
The gloves, nah, couldn't be bothered!
Gear / Re: Can anyone explain Pacer Poles to me
« Last post by ninthace on Yesterday at 17:27:18 »
because of the shape, I guess you run them a bit shorter normally, say on the flat. With normal poles, I have my elbow to hand horizontal, so the hand sits naturally in the pole handle, but pacer shape has it so my hand is a bit lower than the elbow?, and similar on a downhill I guess?

Down sides - weight, quite a bit heavier than the Karrimor carbon poles I have.
Extension - I love the Cam action on my poles, great when wet or with gloves - just looking now, they don't have cam adjusters.
I may email them and ask if they have cam ones in the works.

EDIT: I see they do have cam lock, but only on a certain model. I'll investigate further...
Also just thought, looking at the site, what about the unusual shape and gloves on cold/wet days? is it ok for you?


As to length. If you stand with your upper arm parallel to your body and hold your lower arm parallel to the ground and close your hand, thumb on top, then the hollow of your hand will be the shape of the grip and, if the pacerpole is the correct length, then the tip will sit naturally by the outside of your toe cap. It is about the same length as a conventional pole.
When I bought my poles from the lady that makes them, she said they had tried cam fastenings during the development process but she thought they spoiled the balance of the pole when in use.  If the carbon poles are exposed to a rapid change of temperature then they can slip so if you get out of a warm car into a frosty walk so it is worth giving them a quick tweak up after 10mins or so just to be sure but normally once they are set I don't have to touch them again. Other than that, I have never had them slip. I use poles all the time so I normally only have to set the length one per walk so cam or twist is irrelevant to me. If I was constantly putting them away and getting them out again it might be different but they are not really intended for that kind of use IMHO.

They are fine with gloves, better in some ways because you do not have to fight a damp or bulky glove through a thick wrist strap.  They have been used successfully on polar expeditions - don't see it as an issue!
« Last post by jimbob on Yesterday at 17:21:04 »
Hi Moonraker

This forum is packed with great advice. Using the "custom search" area at the top right hand side (almost) you can trawl years of advice on all subjects.

Now at first sight it may appear that some advice is contradictory, but thinking about it we are all different creatures , some hot , some cold, some tall, some small, our needs may be different to our mates. so, all in all, the advice gives you some idea as to where to pitch your requirements, especially on things that may not have occurred to you.

Its a great forum, full of characters and more important knowledge through experience. That search bar is my starting point for all my new requirements.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Visiting Cafes and Tearooms
« Last post by BuzyG on Yesterday at 15:39:56 »
Not many cafes on Dartmoor.  :) O0

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