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Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 21:03:28 »
I camp and the first time I did the PW going N to S, when I got to Cowling, when I stepped onto the road I turned right for a short distance and then camped in a small field on the left next to a grey older property. Not sure if the place is still open? I had my breakfast in the bus shelter, a nice spot.
Rest of England / Re: TR - Glemsford (Suffolk)
« Last post by April on Yesterday at 20:58:57 »
Nice pics, love the shot of the tree  O0
Gear / Re: Vaude Power Lizard Gul 1 person tent
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 20:58:26 »
I've just had a look at the site and the video. Personally, I wouldnt buy it, cheaper to buy a Zephyros 1, but then again I can be a right cheapskate when I want to be and I do not do enough hiking to may the outlay of cash. I'd rather spend the money saved on wine, beer and food.

OK its a light tent and it looks really flash but how really important is tent weight really? In the overall scheme of things (my fully loaded rucksack) I find its easy enough to carry, I don't consider my rucksack heavy, its no hardship at all.

Personally I'm a person who if using a one man tent I likes a big interiour and good headroom, thats what I prioritise first. I chose unwisely when I bought my Zephyros 1 (although it is a good tent) but I chose better when I bought my Marmot Pulsar 1. If I could choose again I'd go for a Naturehike Targa 1, a Chinese copy of the Tarptent Rainbow. On balance it looks like the Targa 1 has something superior over the Tarptent rainbow. On the opposite side to the tent entrance it has a half circle zip which allows the camper to put things outside of the sleeping bay but the gear stays within the outer tent area. Good for bits and pieces, like water bottle, wet clothes, boots possibly? I have a similar zip in my Pulsar 1 and I've always found it really useful.

At another level, the opposite to what I have just written, I'm also interested in buying a Snugpack Bivi bag. Not willing to buy a new model but just can't seem to find one. I'm willing to pay up to £100 for one. If you know of one I'll be most intersted.

I bet there are even better tents out there as well, but in the end I just couldn't summon the energy to keep comparing and contrasting them all.
Rest of England / Re: TR - Long Melford & Liston (Suffolk)
« Last post by April on Yesterday at 20:56:16 »
Great shots Seferix  O0
Gear / Re: Vaude Power Lizard Gul 1 person tent
« Last post by beefy on Yesterday at 20:25:21 »
I have been looking and checking out this Ultralite tent

Quoted at around 700grams .

But find the Inside  headroom  75Cm ,

very low and Off putting .   

Plus the prices Very dear . 

Any thoughts ...................
Will be appreciated
It's very light, but weight saving usually comes at a price,
There's little headroom as you say and you are meant to lie with your head at the higher end,
I don't like tents that are not symmetrical personally,
I would rather carry more weight and have more comfort, we have an MSR  elixir, we could have a lighter tent, but for us it's all about enjoying the experience,
We had to be realistic when choosing a tent an accepted the extra weight penalty
I personally wouldn't be comfortable in this tent, too much like a coffin
It looks like the rain would wet the inside when opening the flysheet for entry/exit
Gear / Wild camping gear
« Last post by Welsh Rambler on Yesterday at 20:16:36 »
For those thinking of wild camping and unsure of what to buy there are a couple of guys on YouTube, 'Wiltshire Man' and 'Mindwiseman' who use a variety of tents, tarps, bivis,  cooking stoves, dried food etc to give you an idea if they would suit your purposes. There are lots of videos to choose from and one by Mindwiseman in the Brecon Beacons shows it can be a dangerous place in rough weather.

Regards Keith

Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by Rocky on Yesterday at 19:49:13 »
Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by One F on Yesterday at 19:47:53 »
My second question is can anyone recommend a taxi app (preferably not Uber) for the Cowling/Keighley area and one for the Settle area. If I need to get a pickup to overnight in a larger town, it would be nice to book a cab as I come down from the tops.


Re Settle area - not a huge choice of taxis in and around Settle and they are often fully booked. Probably best to look at using the train from Horton to Settle, last one about 9pm it takes just under 10 minutes, and then back again the next day. But note that the early train from Settle does not stop at Horton, so it would be around 10am for the first train from Settle to Horton. Have a look here

Edited to add - just seen Islanplodder's post above  O0
Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by sussamb on Yesterday at 19:44:04 »
Perhaps Iíll open a B&B up, Lothersdale maybe, that would be a good place, any takers?

Yes please ... Summer 2022  ;D
Long Distance Walks / Re: Pennine Way Accommodation
« Last post by Rocky on Yesterday at 19:43:54 »
That's a great idea!! Thanks :)
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