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General Walking Discussion / Re: Personal security whilst hiking.
« Last post by jimbob on 21:21:15, 21/01/18 »
Those Faraday  cage things are  called RFID enabled.  You can buy card sized ones for pennies. I check them out by not taking them out of the case just to be sure they work . To date mine and the ones I bought for family all refuse to cough up the shekels at the scanner until removed from said RFID case.
Lovely report Mel, sounds like  great weekend.  O0
Nice report on your blog Mel  O0 It's great you are feeling the benefit from giving up the cigs  O0

Northumberland is missing from your list of counties ;)
General Walking Discussion / Re: Missing people /Deaths
« Last post by dinger on 20:42:59, 21/01/18 »
Think it must be where I originally got I from ;D

I've just returned from a lovely weekend escape in the Yorkshire Dales.

I stayed in a little village called Long Preston - somewhere on the main road between Skipton and Settle.

The weather was far from the perfect wall to wall sunshine on the Saturday (as forecast by the Met Office right up to the day before I set off  >:(  )

A great weekend's walking and scrabbling up snowy slopes to avoid falling in becks, good food, good accommodation and a lovely area which seems to be overlooked as the honeypots of Malham Cove/Tarn/Goredale Scar are only a hop, skip and a jump away.

This was a much-needed escape from real/modern/[beep] life.

As I'm sick of the forum removing pics after a certain length of time and rendering a true "on the forum" trip report fairly useless (can't blame photobucket cos I don't/didn't use it), here's a linky thingy to the write up on my bloggy thingy...

Yorkshire Dales - Long Preston Weekend

Hope the link works and thanks for looking  :)

General Walking Discussion / Re: Personal security whilst hiking.
« Last post by ninthace on 20:21:10, 21/01/18 »
I have several contactless cards including my OAP bus pass and, on occasions, a ski pass. In my experience, if you keep them all together in your wallet the system is incapable of differentiating between them so none of them work! Mrs N has a leather credit card holder with a Faraday cage built in to protect her cards.
In the past, I have had a non contactless cloned but my bank was on the ball and blocked it before I was even aware I had a problem.
IMHO the best security is to keep your cards together in Faraday cage wallet in a zipped pocket and never let a card out of your sight when you use it. To this end contactless cards are superior because you never let go of them.
I have also come across pubs and restaurants that let you run a tab but ask to keep your card behind the bar against payment. I have a dead card that I give them on these occasions - they never check until it is time to pay.
I know Cocklawfoot Farm did b&b, but thought Barrowburn Farm was just self catering?  Have they changed recently?
General Walking Discussion / Re: Missing people /Deaths
« Last post by clyoung on 20:06:45, 21/01/18 »
Apologies when I said recent I meant over 12 month period

That's ok, sorry I misunderstood. It followed hot on the heels of someone in the Wales Forum saying there'd been 4 on Tryfan "in nearly as many weeks" so I assumed this was the same.
Long Distance Walks / Re: Mileage 2018
« Last post by Mel on 20:06:20, 21/01/18 »
                      Target       Miles walked so far
Ridge               520                16.9
Hillhiker1        1000                55.2
Mel                  365                27.2
Jac                       0               55.6
walking pole      500                14
april                     0                68.9
beefy                   0                82.4
John Walker      250                23.8
Steve922         1000               64.4
What made me distrust the contactless card was at the checkout in Sainsbury's where I took the card out of my pocket and the assistant said 'all done' when I had not put the card on the card reader or anywhere near it!

I like to check the amount on the screen every time and I can remember on holiday buying a jigsaw puzzle for 10.99 but when I checked the screen the amount showed 109.90 because the cashier had added another nought. The girl was very embarrassed and I think it was a genuine mistake but could have been a very expensive puzzle.

Regards Keith
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