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General Walking Discussion / Re: Viewranger's 2017 Walking Challenge
« Last post by Mel on 18:15:30, 21/09/17 »
I reckon they've got a bit more time to get out and about John Walker  :-\   Good luck with those last 25 miles - you'll easy do that by the end of the year  O0
Lake District / Re: VR - wild camp on Seargeants Crag
« Last post by beefy on 17:21:10, 21/09/17 »
Great as always Beefy, thanks for taking the time to do them for those of us who can't be there. I didn't know what Smithymire Island was called.

Who is that vagrant huddled behind a rock clutching a bin liner?
Thanks ridge  O0
The vagrant was some old drunk trying to cadge money for booze  :D

I watched the video again very carefully looking for an old tramp that I hadn't noticed when we were there.

Then I realised you were referring to me  :o ;D .
;D ;D ;D

Long Distance Walks / Re: Country Walking 1000 Mile Challenge 2017
« Last post by Slogger on 16:49:51, 21/09/17 »
Forgot to add the 38 miles walk from Montgomery to beyond Chirk Mill.
67 miles to add following my efforts in the Offas Dyke Ultra last weekend.
SplanK - 1065.1 miles
Fit Old Bird   921 miles
Sarah Pitht 526 miles
Rural roamer 506.5 miles
Ridge 426 miles
Fat Goat 242.58 miles
Slogger - 507 miles
tonyk 94 miles
mananddog 80 miles
Gear / Re: Can you help me buy some boots please?
« Last post by jethro10 on 16:45:49, 21/09/17 »
It's a fabric/suede combination which are hard to clean and requires constant treatment with a waterproofing spray to keep them waterproof. If the waterproof liner gets punctured or wears through at some point the boots will be totally useless in wet weather. I believe it's a false economy to buy any fabric/leather/suede combination boot unless you understand and accept the fact that it's very likely that you will need to replace them in less than 2 years time and that's always assuming they don't fall to bits before then.

Can I pull you up on this comment and ask you to explain a bit further please?
you're obviously a leather fan, and yes, my experience has been less than perfect, and i now usually go fabric after failing miserably with the weight and comfort of leather - but I did try!

however I believe what you say here is totally incorrect.

1. You say fabric type is hard to clean.
I use a soft brush and a hosepipe to clean boots - a few mins - like leather. no more, no less.

2. you say - requires constant treatment with a waterproofing spray to keep them waterproof.
Totally wrong I believe, it's the membrane that keeps them waterproof, a spray is unnecessary and I doubt there is truly a waterproof spray anyhow.
After washing, Sometimes before I use them next, about every 5-10 uses, I spray them as it helps keep them a bit cleaner. a spray- about 10-20 seconds a boot.Now Altberg, from their website ( I'll paraphrase though.)

3. They say if it's warm, cover with a damp cloth and dry slower as drying can shrink the leather - what a pfaff[/font]
They say wet/dry cycles will inevitably crack along joint but you can slow it down - built in breaking is another way to look at it if you're being harsh;-)

4. They say, wax EVERY TIME. They are saying timing is important to do it when nearly dry, or just dry. What a pfaff again. I may be at work at the critical point !!!

Fabric - wash, spray for 20 seconds sometimes.[/font]
Altberg - wash, possibly dry with a damp cloth if warm, it inevitably cracks, and wax every time - more than 20 seconds!

So leather v's non leather aside. to me, fabric wins hands down on the time/effort compared to leather. totally opposite to what you say and I believe I've explained why quite clearly.

You say, "it's very likely that you will need to replace them in less than 2 years time", yet provide no evidence what so ever for this statement. I have no evidence either, but I'm not making a statement. What I can say is that between my Wife and I, ALL our fabric boots have lasted longer than 2 years, the last two that got binned lasted 7 and 10 years, and the 7 was not for leaking.
Your comment seems biased.

And lastly you say "that's always assuming they don't fall to bits before then", well that's just totally biased - why do that?

I'm all for educating a person asking questions, both types have pro's and cons. but you sound like an altberg salesperson. Are you? ;-)

To the OP.

As before, keep your eyes and mind open, go try some. buy what you're happy with.

Long Distance Walks / Offas Dyke Ultra Race.
« Last post by Slogger on 16:42:36, 21/09/17 »
I took part in the Offas Dyke Ultra race starting last Friday at 8pm. Nowhere near fit for racing but having secured a free entry due to volunteering last year I decided to start and see what happens.
It was a much smaller entry compared to it's inaugural event last year, which is unusual, perhaps word had got round regarding it's toughness.
8pm and go! I made sure of being last through the start line. Half a dozen at the back were quickly left behind and i joined and worked my through until I settled.
Running! I had not run for more than 3 miles for some time and those short runs of only about three in the previous 2 months.
I could see and recognise some of these around me and thought what the hell am I doing in their company. I must have been panicking not wanting to be left too far behind, but the truth was that this smaller field by numbers was a more elitist than last year, there were no 'fun' runners.
It turned out that one of the guys that was around me for a good many miles ended up winning the race, I had set off and maintained the first 12 miles far too fast, I had not run that distance in one stretch in over 10 years and this time with a 6kg pack on my back.
I was happy with my position until i missed a turn and several went through in front of me before i returned to the route.
This happened again after the first CP at Monmouth, which meant I did an extra 2 miles in a circle and when back again on route was now absolutely last!
Running I saw headtorches in front and regained 6 places.
Pandy CP in and out, another error and passed again by two guys who I never caught.
Hay on Wye CP at 52 miles which I reached in 17 hours, before carrying on.
The extreme undulations of this route, mostly steep in ascent and descent and my fast early pace were now playing havoc with my quad muscles, especially on descent. I knew that if i pushed on beyond Kington CP I would slow dramatically with no chance of finishing within the 90 hour limit for the 185 miles.
I retired at Kington 67 miles, which I reached 21 hours.
I had been the first over 70 years to enter this race but failed to be its same finisher.
I was eventually transported to Montgomery and repatriated with my drop bag.
Having thought that i was unlikely to finish I built in a contingency that would allow me to carry on at my own non race pace.
After a full days rest there I set off at 5.30am and reached a few miles beyond Chirk Mill after 38 miles, where I found a B&B.
Continuing on the following day at 6.30am, as I approached Frontisylte Aqueduct I switched my phone on to take a photo when i noticed a text from my wife. her brother who had been ill for some time had taken a turn for the worse and things looked bleak. That was the end of my race/walk.
I managed to arrange a taxi which took me to Prestatyn where I had left my car.
I saw the last two racers finish then I was off for the drive home.
We are going back to Montgomery tomorrow to collect my drop bag which I had left at the Dragon Hotel.
Gear / Re: Luxe Sil Hex Peak v4a - any tips?
« Last post by stuartpb on 16:12:28, 21/09/17 »
Not sure to be honest. I prefer a lot of mesh as long as there is solid material covering around where I'd be laid.  I'm going to be using it over the winter months so time will tell if that still holds true when it's sub zero temps  ;D

I've never used a tent like this before, so was hoping I could pick some tips up.  I've seen a few videos but some of them are in foreign languages. I've got a DD Hammocks tarp and travel hammock that can be used as a bivvy, but never had the confidence to try it that way so this tent is a softer option, hopefully.[/size]
Doing a 13 mile walk from Ashbourne on Sunday with a group of friends. From the walk description, a lot of it will be on paths in areas that I don't know much about; Mapelton, Oakover Park, Swinscoe, Middle Mayfield and Snelton Park. I don't recall walking in any of those areas before, so could/should be an interesting day :)
Gear / Re: Luxe Sil Hex Peak v4a - any tips?
« Last post by NeilC on 15:38:18, 21/09/17 »
No-one used one? That's worrying  ??? :)

I don't know about that. There are a lot of tents out there and not many active users on here so it's not a big surprise. Looks very interesting at that price I must say.

I wonder why they use quite so much mesh? Is it designed for warmer climes?
Gear / Re: Luxe Sil Hex Peak v4a - any tips?
« Last post by stuartpb on 15:20:02, 21/09/17 »
No-one used one? That's worrying  ??? :)
Coniston coppermines valley, and where ever that may lead.

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