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Photography / Re: Photobucket photos seem to have returned?
« Last post by barewirewalker on Yesterday at 11:58:20 »
Still be some big holes in topics, I suppose, and will cost 50 or 60 a year depending on the 2$ to get 3rd party hosting is I have interpreted. I for 1 removed all my pictures, as did some others.
Still have not got around to putting any pictures onto the internet, it was a useful service while it was free for those of us living on pensions. If I was still working it might be different, not sure if I am going to be bothered.
Gear / Re: Down sleeping bag advice please?
« Last post by gunwharfman on Yesterday at 11:42:24 »
I use a Cumulus (Poland) Down sleeping quilt which I imported from Slovenia. Took about 5 days and cost about 200. I believe it works at its best when married to a proper mattress, in my case a Thermarest NeoAir, with a fitted sheet, also from Thermarest. On warm nights its great, I just use it like my home quilt, when hot I just throw it off me. In the colder months keeping warm requires a bit of a knack, either to have 2 or 3, 12"elasticated ties, secured to little loops to pull the sides together and under me, or to wear long johns, possibly socks and an upper body warm jacket. I tend to use the second option most. I use a compression stuff sack, covered with another waterproof stuffsack and my quilt stuffs down to a really small size. Its also rather light in weight. I have never let it get wet, I have read, that once wet, down products become pretty useless until they dry out again. I've had my product for over three years now, still looks as good as new and only one or two feathers have ever poked through. I was it each year, can take a week to dry but the wait is worth it. From my experience I think I would always buy a down product (but not a down jacket) because of its light weight and compressibility mainly and it keeps me warm as well.

Having looked through various models recently if I bought again I believe I would go for the 'Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20', looks good but importing it from the USA?
General Walking Discussion / Re: Ditching the Car
« Last post by barewirewalker on Yesterday at 10:51:30 »
It does  :(

If we had a car we could get to Patterdale in 45 minutes. By bus it would take 3 hours.
There is always a risk relying on public transport (PT) for walking and Islandplodder list some. Having spent 5 years on a LAF, I believe the authorities and those pressure groups, who supposedly represent us do not fully understand the positive points of using PT as an adjunct to both day walking and multi-day projects.

In Shropshire there is a shuttle bus for walkers, high season, joining points in the South Shropshire Hills, this is  considered a jewel in the crown by the Outdoor team in Shire Hall, but I have never used it. The main routes radiating out from the county town and surrounding market towns and their relationship with the rail network is a far more valuable asset. The knack is to recognise these as 'transport hubs', then see how the access network fits the pattern.

When I tried to explain this on a LAF meeting and promote the idea of Linear Walking, I was told to read a guide book by some Uni-boffin from Loughborough called Lumsden, as this subject had already been covered. I found the book in Waterstones and skip read the relevant pages, the grasp of the idea was infantile,I hope his subject was not Geography and he is just an enthusiastic walker, with a penchant for Shropshire. I suspect the reason why I was steered of the subject was to avoid my taking up agenda time.

Maybe this points to walkers in general not saying how the craft is evolving. Having spent more than a decade browsing this site, I could point to many touched on this subject and Linear Walking and yet the reality is no one really understands how far it could develop.

A landowner on the LAF at the same time as myself, was very dismissive of the idea that anyone would want to walk between Bishop's Castle and Craven Arms. I think it was about 11 or 12 miles and I passed through that landowner's 2000 or so acres, when I tried to piece together a route that maximised the terrain and those rights of way that had real value. Bishop's Castle is on the end of a Bus route from Shrewsbury, but is also itself a transport hub interconnecting with other services, these all cease after children are got home safely after school hours, but Craven Arms is a rail station with an hourly service that continues to midnight.

Should these sort of factors come into our understanding of how the existing fabric of society be modeled to fit a developing leisure industry?

The landowner referred to became chair of the LAF and I was booted post-haste off that forum. Not that I minded, because I had served more than my allotted time, but it is notable that there is a lack of original thought going into access in relation to the existing infrastructure that is still there.

Now Jac's post highlights a county that has caught on to some extent. I think of the top of my head that the Welsh coastal path earns the Welsh economy about 80,000 per mile per year on the one year's figures I have manage to find. But is the Coastal Path the whole picture, how much does the other paths, which access it play in the economic's. If Wales manage to go the way of the Scottish Land Reform Act, will the Welsh coastal path show us how Demand Led route finding might boost this route into greater performance.
Gear / Re: Down sleeping bag advice please?
« Last post by Steve922 on Yesterday at 10:41:35 »
I never considered the Rab Ascent 300 either Owen. I've seen a review or two (I've read a lot!) on the Ascent 500 saying they were cold and I think this has coloured my vision.
   After these replies, I'm thinking the 700 might be overkill and the 500 adequate, maybe a 300 would be good enough? I'm really attracted partly by the price but mainly by the lower weight.
   So many choices to make!  :-)
Gear / Re: Down sleeping bag advice please?
« Last post by Steve922 on Yesterday at 10:38:26 »
>>>Have you considered this :

This looks really interesting Alan, thanks.  No, I hadn't considered this one. It looks great value and I love both the weight and price!  But I'm really bothered if it will be warm enough for me.
   Any other views on this one (the OEX 300 from GO)  ?
Thanks @Glyno - I'll look into Piers Gill -seems like there are multiple ways you can tackle Piers Gill? Got any good links?
General Walking Discussion / Re: Ditching the Car
« Last post by Jac on Yesterday at 10:28:38 »
Huge congratulations and thanks to Pembrokeshire for subsidising the little coastal buses that link the coast path.
Just back from 4 days round the St David's peninsula but so far from the start of the trail at Amroth we have used

The Coastal Cruiser
The Puffin Shuttle
The Celtic Coaster
The Strumble Stroller
and, on the next leg of our walk, are yet to enjoy The Poppit Rocket!

In the summer they run 7 days a week (which is more than the 'normal' buses do)
The drivers too are absolutely brilliant - cheerful, helpful, remembering where everyone wants to get off, and amazingly calm in the face of oncoming visitors who can't reverse in the narrow lanes, along one of which yesterday the cow parsley brushed both sides of the bus and there was more grass than tarmac. A wonderful service and in consequence lots of walkers who will all be contributing to the local economy.
Gear / Re: Down sleeping bag advice please?
« Last post by Owen on Yesterday at 10:26:11 »
I have a Ran Ascent 300 and a 500. The 500 is very warm I only use it when it's freezing or lower, far too hot for typical summer nights out in Scotland. The 300 is better for 3 seasons use. Expensive but you have to pay for quality. The 500 is 1050g the 300 is 812g.
The family from hell have a busy itinery, I send em details of A n B's trips so they can follow em ;D
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