Author Topic: a quickie on the high peak trail  (Read 1287 times)


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a quickie on the high peak trail
« on: 22:17:00, 14/03/08 »
decided to try out the new boots today with a quick walk on the high peak trail.  not exactly an earth shattering walk, but it served several purposes 1) try the new boots out 2) 1st walk done solo 3) recovering from flu, so only wanted an easy bimble........  was also the first time i'd been out walking after doing the pw last year.

so it was 4 miles in total, hurdlow to parsley hay and back again. weather was a little overcast, but dry. walked in an hour and 10 mins. minimum back pack (waterproof trousers, water) so that will have helped with the speed.

was a bit nervous walking solo for the first time, but was ok. forgot the mp3 player, and my hat and gloves. boots were nice and comfy, but was just starting to get a bit of rubbing on my right heel - something to watch out for.  came home and slept for and hour or so, so body still not quite recovered.

still, was nice to be out there. looking forward to a nice walk next sunday with mr kkm. destination as yet unknown  :)

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Re: a quickie on the high peak trail
« Reply #1 on: 22:25:43, 16/03/08 »
Maybe not such a fair test if you've had a dose of flu - it can take ages and ages to recover properly from that - ('course, we men have our own version of flu, which is much worse, obviously)  ;)... ahem...
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