Author Topic: A Dales Walk in the Peak District  (Read 2177 times)


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A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« on: 22:43:48, 15/07/08 »
Bought a "Wayfarer" ticket at Chorley Rail Station.  Ticket is 9.20 and will get you by train to the Peak District and is valid on all train and bus services once you get there.  Took direct train from Chorley to Buxton and then bus from Buxton to Hartington, where this walk starts and finishes.

Start of the walk by the public loos in Hartington.

The well-made path takes you across pastures to Beresford Dale.

May I pass, please?

Pike Pool, Beresford Dale.  So called because of its grey monolith or pike that rises out of the water.

Into Wolfscote Dale.

It had started to rain, so I sheltered for lunch in the cave.

And finally up through Biggin Dale.

To end at Hartington Hall Youth Hostel.

From Hartington, bus back to Buxton, bus to Bakewell and then bus to Hathersage and the Little John Inn for refreshments.  Train from Hathersage to Manchester and then onwards by train to Chorley.  Not bad for 9.20!

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Re: A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« Reply #1 on: 21:09:18, 16/07/08 »
Although I did this walk at Easter, I posted it yesterday as I was supposed to be doing the other half today, Thorpe - Dovedale - Milldale and then onto the finish in Hartington by retracing my walk through Biggin Dale.  Unfortunately, the chap I was going to walk with today had to go in to work to cover for sickness, so it was postponed.

Never mind, there's always another day.  In the event, I ended up travelling to Heysham and walking along Sandylands and Morecambe promenade and getting soaked by a horizontal monsoon at one point!   >:(


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Re: A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« Reply #2 on: 23:59:00, 21/08/08 »
How long did this walk take you and how many miles do you reckon it was?
Didn't you spend more time on public transport than you did walking?


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Re: A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« Reply #3 on: 12:53:20, 22/08/08 »
Hi, dellwalker.

The walk was about six miles and took me about three hours, factoring in time to explore and stop for lunch etc.  It could easily be done in around two hours at a brisk pace as it is mostly flat.

Yes, I would have spent more time on public transport than actually walking, but that doesn't bother me as I like to travel around and visit one or two local hostelries when I'm out on my own.  Had I travelled straight to Hartington, walked, and then gone straight home I would have been out for about seven hours.  However, I was out for about twelve and a half hours and even had time to visit the Strawbury Duck at Entwistle on my way home, by changing at Bolton with the same ticket.  (link below)


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Re: A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« Reply #4 on: 12:37:46, 31/08/08 »
I know what you mean Dave, I quite like travelling around on trains/buses myself. Find it a nice relaxing way to finish a walk (with the addition of some liquid refreshment of course) and see the countryside.


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Re: A Dales Walk in the Peak District
« Reply #5 on: 18:48:59, 31/08/08 »
If you have access to the railway line that runs through Edale and on into Sheffield you have a huge chunk of the Peak District at your mercy - Edale station is literally a stones throw from the Kinder massif, and Grindleford station is perfectly placed for access to the edges ( Baslow, Curbar, Froggatt, Stanage ).
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