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Dovestone reservoir
« on: 20:28:52, 22/01/07 »
Just got back from a little stroll over the moor from Dovestone towards Black Hill and back.  Not a lot of distance, but the snow made us work for what we covered and the wind took the temperature down to about -15 (the water froze in my camelbak hose and I had frozen lumps stuck to my laces and poles).  Only downer is that the pay and display machine at the reservoir carpark wasn't working and we returned to discover we'd been given a ticket.

Some random pics from the day.
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Re: Dovestone reservoir
« Reply #1 on: 16:10:09, 01/02/07 »
Hi titaniumdude we had the same problem when we parked there and some of our colleagues as well just wirte to them the manchine is always broken not sure if anyone had the same problem on here like. Nice pictures by the way the snow looks great!!
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Re: Dovestone reservoir
« Reply #2 on: 00:30:37, 04/02/07 »
A few years ago, when I used to climb on Indians Head, Rob's rocks, Dovestones Qy etc you didn't have to pay at all. Seems to be another example of the scourge of pay parking creeping in. Since the pay parking I tend to park in one of the layby's off the main road, it just involves a slightly longer walk. Good photos by the way. years ago people used to x-country ski around there and in the 70's Graham West a well known local climber was killed in a winter avalanche. Oh, and I've heard lots of others complain about the unreliable machine.
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