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Re: Most tedious bit of Trail
« Reply #30 on: 07:46:24, 24/05/17 »
There's a bit on The Lyke Wake Walk on the North York Moors where the path follows an old railway line on cinders. It's not difficult or anything, but from what I remember it is around the 20 mile mark and it's just a soul destroyer. Mind numbing walking.

That would be the the 7 mile or so slog between Bloworth Crossing to Blakey Ridge following the old mineral mines railway route.
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Re: Most tedious bit of Trail
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The first section of the Cumbria Way starting at Carlisle, I remember being bored for quite a while.

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Re: Most tedious bit of Trail
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As I have just finished my C2C (wednesday) and its still easy to remember, 20 boring, tedious miles from Brompton in Swale to Osmotherley, farm fields and road walking nearly all the way. It was a pleasure to see hills to climb after passing through the two Ingleby parishes.
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Re: Most tedious bit of Trail
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I did a traverse of the Carneddau on Friday (from the Ogwen Valley to Llanfairfechan) and the two-mile track down from Drum in baking heat and barely any breeze seemed like a neverending nightmare at the time...

(Edit: Not a LDW, of course - sorry, just noticed which board this thread is in... It did feel like a LDW at the time though!)