Author Topic: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?  (Read 30550 times)


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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Reply #345 on: 06:35:15, 22/08/17 »
Pop top caravan, a Fleurette Tamaris 31 to be exact.  Not strictly for walking  as such but will enable me to head off to my intended walks the night before instead of having to get up at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning, added bonus is that Samantha (wife) and the two idiot spaniels will be able to come to come and do some of the easier walks too.
Not a complete idiot, bits of me are missing.


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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Reply #346 on: 10:32:08, 24/08/17 »
A new Explorer OL17 Snowdon map for my forthcoming circuit around the massif.
Bought because my old one didn't show the restored Welsh Highland Railway which I'll be encountering on the western side.

Mildly disappointed to find that the mobile download offered on and inside the card cover is only for Android and iOS, and not for Wind-up Phones like mine; it's not made clear on the map, you have to go to the website to find out for sure. Good job I didn't buy the map specifically to get the download.
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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
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The latest Explorer maps of my area, around Dyffryn and Cadair Idris.
I am currently exploring the history of the 18C Droving routes, in and around Harlech and Dolgellau regions.

The OS Explorer maps are an absolute must have, to learn about the areas ancient history, and to follow the Drovers route from Cwm Nantcol, all the way to Barmouth and beyond.

Without the trusty bit of paper, i would walk past ancient ruins, that have great significance, you simply do not know their there, without the aid of a map.

The Digital map is extremely popular, but receiving both my bits of paper from Cornwall, it was like opening Christmas pressies  early.


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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
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I've been on the hunt for a pair of super-lightweight summer boots for a while. Just got some Inov8 Roclite 325GTX to try out:
Well, first impression was good. Very lightweight. Seemed well-made. Good treads and a reasonably solid sole (so shouldn't feel stones).
Tried them round the house. Very comfy and a good fit (I did go half a size up as recommended in reviews I'd read).
Tried them for a walk near the house. Very worrying pressure point on inner ankle. This is probably just me as I had this problem with school shoes when I was a child.
Wore them for their first proper walk a couple of days ago. Just a few hours in the Brecon Beacons. Luckily the pressure point didn't reappear, hopefully this was due to a different lacing I tried and will sty away. Very nice boots to wear for summer. Not convinced they'll be properly waterproof as they rely on GTX, but they're for summer use so it shouldn't matter too much (I still have other boots for harsh conditions). Best thing is, I can run in them while still having some ankle support. Perfect!
Walking routes visiting ancient sites in Britain's uplands:


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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
« Reply #349 on: 09:44:41, 25/08/17 »
Bought an additional inflatable sleeping mat:

This is for the kids rather than me. I take one of the kids backpacking fairly often (they take turns, the lucky devils) and we both sleep in my small 2-man tent. My extra long extra wide Synmat takes up most of the floor. They've been making do with a Gelert 3/4 length but I've been getting complaints recently. Saw this in Decathlon and noticed it's pretty narrow so would fit the tent and at 30 for 550g of comfort seemed like a good idea. I does seem well made out of tough-looking fabric.

I really need to stop going into Decathlon with any means of spending on me. I cannot leave without coming away with stuff: camping gear, dartboards, tennis table set - I wouldn't be surprised if I become the owner of an inflatable kayak soon if I'm not careful.