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Half day from Dublin
« on: 22:18:26, 04/02/17 »
I've got to go over to Dublin on the Friday in a couple of weeks, give a lecture, then go to a formal dinner, but no need to leave till late on the Saturday; hosts have booked me on a flight round 6 o'clock that evening

Which leaves the question of where to go to for a walk.  I could leave Dublin at 0830 Saturday, assuming I avoid a serious hangover, and come back by 1500 to retrieve smart clothes from the hotel before going out to the airport.  Not long enough to do anything serious like going down to the Wicklows, but enough to do something.

A few ideas I came up with:

1) Get the DART down to Bray and walk up the Sugar Loaf.  I did this once before and seem to recall spending lot of time wandering along surfaced lanes till I reached a short sharp pull up the hill.  It doesn't really drag me back, but perhaps I'm being unfair if there are better routes.

2) Simplest and maybe best given time constraints- go to Bray on the DART and walk the cliff path to Greystones, getting the train or bus back. It looks beautiful, if a little tame.  I could also do it in reverse, going down to Greystones and starting from there.  Which is better - S to N or N to S?

3) I caught the train from Belfast down to Dublin a few months ago and thought the final stretch, down the coast from Laytown to Donabate was beautiful,  perhaps worth exploring on foot.   Trawling the internet I find references to people having walked from Balbriggan to Skerries, both with stations, but am left with the impression that this is maybe only possible when the tide is very low.

Any views on these, or 'better ideas' are most welcome. 
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