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Alan Kilroy

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Re: Backpack weight
« Reply #75 on: 10:59:49, 19/08/17 »
Day hike. 13lbs. / 5.9kg. 2 Litres of water and food. Last Thursday hike. Osprey Talon 33.


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Re: Backpack weight
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I have never weighed my full pack, as long as it 'feels' right I'm happy. I've often thought about it but I now know exactly what to take with me, no more no less, so I don't bother worrying about it.

I do plan to look for more ways to save weight but will have a go at this later in the year. 


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Re: Backpack weight
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A recent extravagance was a new rucksack.  I realised I had pared down my LDW kit list (I b&b and hostel, not camp) so successfully that the weight of the empty rucksack made up a third of the total pack weight, which seemed ridiculous.
I'm hoping to fly along on the next walk!


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Re: Backpack weight
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I rather like Simon Calder,the travel writer guru. My memory might be incorrect,but I recall him writing a book about walking along the GR Pyranean. I can recall him writing he had to crawl along one high trail  being afraid of the drops either side. But what I found most surprising was he said he was carrying some 40kgs in his rucsac. I often thought was this a misprint,or had he got it wrong,or was he exaggerating(or bragging!) I know it was some time back,but...40kgs! That's some weight

 Its might well be true if he did the walk more than 35 years ago.In 1982 I was carrying loads of around 60lb on week long backpacking trips.On my walk across the Swiss Alps in 1984 I started with a 70lb pack.The weight went down a bit after I discovered the Swiss have things called shops. ;D


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Re: Backpack weight
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Now,'some years on',with some health issues,that best thing to carry but had no weight,was youth,a fit body and the confidence and bright outlook that came with it,gratis. You don't get that again! Decent muscles,a clear sky,a walking companion,an early don't get better.

There's been some times and on some walks where I have said 'it can be no better than this',and sometimes(confession)I can be a tad on the negative. The Mary Berry ingredients for such are that sunshine,a good view,a body still able,and your goal/bed/evening meal just those last few miles away.

Heaven meets earth.