Author Topic: Pricing flights and luggage costs  (Read 903 times)


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Pricing flights and luggage costs
« on: 12:34:07, 23/02/17 »
As a little project for myself, I decided to try to get a better understanding of seeking out cheap flight tickets and booking in my rucksack at the same time.

I've had a go at Skyscanner, etc and have learned (I think) how to play the dates around to get the best prices but when it comes to luggage that seems to be a bit tricky. Some of the sites seem to be a bit coy in letting me clearly know what the cost will be. Having to make a special effort to search for the information is a bit irritating. I presume they work on the principle that if your halfway through the booking process and you suddenly find out that its £20 or more for your bag, then you will just keep going and not pull out?

To get a 'bargain' seems to be about taking everything into the cabin, but it has to fit in certain dimensions. For my part, it looks as though I need to look for a new rucksack where the back is a maximum 55cm. Also weight plays its part, on an Easyjet flight they don't seem to mention a weight restriction. but on a Monarch flight 5kg seems to be the maximum.

For those of you that have more knowledge of this process I would be grateful for any 'tricks of the trade' you can offer.


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Re: Pricing flights and luggage costs
« Reply #1 on: 15:09:11, 23/02/17 »
Monarch is 10 kilo as hand luggage the same as most of the low cost airlines. They are not overly keen checking the weight but seem to be on the size. You could always wear any bulky items like coats etc and take off once you board.


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Re: Pricing flights and luggage costs
« Reply #2 on: 16:30:02, 23/02/17 »
I booked a Ryanair flight and after reading all the rules for weight, size and more importantly for security, I bought a cheap waterproof rucksack cover/holdall and decided to just check it in. That means I can also take my own walking poles and Swiss knife etc. as they cannot be carried as cabin luggage.

Also means I have to be a bit more patient on arrival as i wait for the luggage to appear on the chute. (Hopefully)

(Cover keeps all straps enclosed and once at the other side the whole thing converts into a waterproof liner. They only weigh a few ounces.)

Too little, too late, too bad......


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Re: Pricing flights and luggage costs
« Reply #3 on: 10:34:27, 13/03/17 »
For Sweden many Turist stations/cabins(svenska turistföreningen) in the scandinavian alps have the option for you to send the equipment/food ahead so you dont need to carry it, it will not be cheeper but you can take more gear with you. A new food/cloth package every 6-8days keeps a few kilos of your back.