Author Topic: Complete Novice - Lyke Wake Walk. General advice and equipment tips?  (Read 761 times)


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Hello all, first time poster and complete novice to any form of long distance walking. 

I've wanted to get into Hiking/walking for some time now, and an opportunity has presented itself through work.  Hoping to get some advice/tips on what gear to bring! 
We set off in around a month, so hopefully that's enough time to get some practice in and gear up. 

So first question - walking/hiking boots or trainers?  I'm getting conflicting advice on this, some say bring trainers, and a spare pair as your first will most likely get ruined going through the bogs. Others say definitely bring waterproof boots and multiple pairs of socks.

Chafing??  I imagine this would be an issue on such a long walk, how to avoid? 

Gear recommendations would be lovely


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The answer is experience.
I've not walk the LWW but have experience. I would go with what I am comfortable with.
Arguments will be made for a light weight, trainer approach and equally others will argue for boots.
One thing for sure is that if you get it wrong you will have an uncomfortable time and that your feet will suffer for a long time as the Blisters heal.
I recommend going into a quality Outdoor shop, mid week, and ask to have footwear fitted to your feet. Feet come in different shapes and sizes as do boots/approach shoes/trainers.
In summer you could expect the bogs to be drier. I've not walked the LWW so I've no idea. Gaiters might be an option to slow down water ingress into your footwear but it will get in eventually if you are continuously through soggy bog.

Someone that I do know has a huge amount of experience on the LWW is Brian Smailes at Challenge Publications. His info is available online. give him a call.
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I haven't walked it either but the first third to half of it is the same route as the coast to coast which I have walked.

My memory of that section is that it's a very good path which would be fine to do in trainers.

Someone else will have to tell you what it's like after the Lion at Blakey.


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Several crossings under my belt, the most recent being in September last year. 

You don't say whether you're doing a supported or unsupported crossing.  If unsupported go light, especially if you are not used to walking any great distances with a backpack of any sort, backpack, headtorch, waterproofs, spare socks, food, liquid, first aid kit to include plenty of Compeed,  if supported, take everything you think you might need and leave it in the support vehicle to be got at at the earliest opportunity if needs be.

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On a long walk (though I don't do anything as long as the LWW these days) I find Boots blister stick really helpful.  You rub it over your feet before you put your socks on and it reduces the chafing which causes blisters.  I haven't had a blister since I started using it.  I suspect Vaseline would do just as well.  Some people with extreme blister problems use Gewohl foot cream, same idea but heavy duty, you can get it from Amazon.