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World Heritage Site
« on: 21:01:14, 09/07/17 »
The Lake District has been confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. My initial reaction is to be delighted but I've no idea what it will mean. I guess the obvious is a raised international profile and more overseas visitors.

Your thoughts?


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Re: World Heritage Site
« Reply #1 on: 13:33:10, 10/07/17 »
It's seems to polarise opinion.
for me, someone, civilisation, people, committees if you wish, invented some criteria - "Unesco World Heritage status". And the lake district meets the criteria, so that's that. It becomes a site.

However, I feel the lakes is a large area. If I go to Bath, the baths are a small place - easy to define & visit, similarly with the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

If I go to the Lakes, exactly what would I be looking for? some bit's are tat, some great. I think it's too diluted and won't be the extra draw it would be for a smaller site like my examples above.