Author Topic: Hadrian's Wall: bugs and weather  (Read 905 times)


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Hadrian's Wall: bugs and weather
« on: 15:33:09, 12/07/17 »

I'm a yank thinking about walking Hadrian's Wall next year.  I have two questions. Are there a lot of bugs such as mosquitoes, flies and ticks along the route?  We have all three in Maine where I live and they can be so bad that they just ruin a hiking trip.  Also, which time of year is likely to have the least rain?



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Re: Hadrian's Wall: bugs and weather
« Reply #1 on: 22:30:44, 12/07/17 »
I walked it this spring - March/April, as weekend stretches..  No bugs then and I doubt you'd have much of a problem even in high summer.  The archeology is interesting, obviously, and, from the Solway to about half way across across the landscapes are beautiful.   But, afterwards (i) too much of the eastern half is next to the 'Military Road' with motor cyclists racing along and (ii) the last part explores lanes around Newcastle, with much rubbish and little Wall.

If you're serious about archeology and Roman history, do it.  You'll be fascinated.

But, if you're after a walk that captures the spirit and the history of the border, crossing the country, consider this: follow the Wall from Bowness-on-Solway to Housteads fort then go north up the Pennine Way to Kirk Yetholm and, from there, follow the modern border, mostly along the River Tweed,  to Marshall Meadows/Berwick on Tweed.    You'll see the best of the Wall, the Cheviot ridge, Norham Castle and the great border fortress of Berwick.  Any you'll hear grouse and curlews, not traffic on the Military Road.


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Re: Hadrian's Wall: bugs and weather
« Reply #2 on: 09:07:53, 13/07/17 »
The best weather should be in Jun, Jul, Aug but this is not always the case. You should expect to have a few days of rain, be windy and be cold even in the summer but be prepared for four seasons, take sun block as well :) I have lived within a few miles of the wall path for my whole life so have walked along it regularly all year round.

I was on the wall path yesterday near Greenhead/Haltwhistle. It was sunny with light winds and I was plagued by midges and other flying insects. But it was a glorious day though with fantastic views, guess who forgot her camera? On the low level parts especially at this time of year there are a lot of insects about. There are sheep about so there will be ticks about too. Are you camping MrRichard? I would be using a tent with an inner/bug net if I was camping. The weather can be like winter even in the summer, it is a matter of luck what weather you end up getting  :)
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Re: Hadrian's Wall: bugs and weather
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Hi Mr Richard - I don't think you will experience the same problems with bugs as you may do in Maine - but some insect repellant for the midges would be a good thing to take. As has been said our English weather is really difficult to predict - but anywhere from April to September would be a good time - although there's no guarantee of sunshine. Morethan likely there will be a bit of wind which will keep some of the midges at bay.

If you re interested - I have a blog post which might help you in planning your trip ( My blog post is only a short section of the wall - but it may wet your appetite and will show some of the best views you'll come across! I'll add a few pics too below :-)

Hope it helps!