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Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell
« on: 21:16:57, 13/08/17 »

I'm planning a route that follows the main "green" path starting at 286, 052 on the North Sheet of OS Explorer OL6 map.  The path goes to the Pike of Blisco, along Great Knott to Crinkle Crags and onto Bow fell.  If I follow this path exactly on OS maps GPS will it take me up and over the bad step and along the ridge.  These are both parts of the walk I want to experience.  I'd also like to see the Great Slab at Bow fell, do I need to deviate from the main path to see this at Bow Fell?  How is the Crinkle Crags ridge compared with say CMD near Ben Nevis?


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Re: Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell
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Do you mean you are starting from the NT Campsite in Great Langdale? or thereabouts? I've just been clicking in my os maps for the grid ref to see where you meant? I can't find a 'green' path going from where you describe...However I am only looking on my phone and haven't go my paper maps to hand so I may be mistaken...

When reading route descriptions, I always appreciate  some qualitative information as well e.g. along Oxendale or from Wrynose Bottom etc etc. For me anyway, I understand the relevance of names more easily than the numbers.

I think there is a recent thread about Crinkle Crags below, but if you follow the main drag/the obvious path you will encounter Bad Step on Crinkle 2. It is fairly obvious. It is also avoidable with a path around to the left - also clear.

Great Slab on Bowfell - search below for my Langdale Weekend thread (It's on page 2 and called Langdale Beckons) and you will see my TR for ascending Bowfell via the Climbers Traverse and Great Slab. If you want to ascend via Great Slab you will need to drop down off the main ridge route at Three Tarns.

However, If you just want to look down on Great Slab from above, I would imagine a veer off to the right from the main ridge route between Crinkle and Bowfell flee as you approach the summit would get you there.

I havne't wlaked CMD on Ben Nevis, but Crinkle Rags ridge holds no technical difficulties as far as I remember.

Have a great walk!
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Re: Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell
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Re the bad step, if you study the 25K OS map carefully around NY247048 you will see the "green" path (the ROW)* looping west round the knot - it is the other path (marked by a broken line in black) that goes straight ahead up the 'bad step'. Incidently, approaching from the south, you can bypass the  bad step on either side.

You ask:  "How is the Crinkle Crags ridge compared with say CMD near Ben Nevis?" They are very different - CMD is a narrow arete, Crinkle Crags is a wide series of broad rocky tops.

Re the Great Slab, the eroded and very clear 'tourist path' from Three Tarns to the summit of Bow Fell passes quite close to the Great Slab - once the path levels off and starts to swing west, keep an eye open to your right for a little pool and you'll find the slab beyond it.

* BTW, a broken green line indicates a right of way (ROW) and may not mean there's a path on the ground. However, the ROW you refer to starting at NY286052 is clear on the ground.