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Foot and leg pain
« on: 20:27:10, 16/08/17 »

I have averaged 6 miles a day for almost a year and up to 9 on weekend days. In the last two months I have had to walk much less due to pain. The problem is, is that the pain keeps shifting. It's my left leg and I can feel the following usually one symptom at a time: hip pain, soreness in the knee and the pain where the foot joins the leg or even pain that radiates out on the top of my foot? What on earth is this? Any help would be amazing! I am resting and trying sole inserts, but I am trying to do 3 miles max per day.

Thanks Jeremy


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Re: Foot and leg pain
« Reply #1 on: 16:25:42, 25/08/17 »
Jerem how old/fit are you? 

Six miles a day every day is more than I can manage.  When I'm fit 20 miles is no problem for a few days, but I need to have a least a few days of every week to recover.  I too have a hip/groin injury at present, that is taking months to recover from.  As a result I have been taking two week rests, between longer walks  and averaging around 2 miles per day.   

Bottom line, give your body time to recover between bouts of exercise and if it continues to worsen go see your GP.  As I have now done.


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Re: Foot and leg pain
« Reply #2 on: 16:36:51, 25/08/17 »
If its simple, perhaps a slipped disc of some sort, pain is usual felt from the hip to the feet, or perhaps like me earlier this year, I pulled a ham string muscle, I felt some of the pain behind my knee. Arthritis perhaps? In my case nothing worked like rest and a bit of help from a frozen bag of peas! Heat or cold, never did find out if one was better than the other, so stuck with peas!

If you decide to go to your GP ask for a visit to the physio. I did, they were very helpful, at least confirmed my own diagnosis so that made me feel a bit better straight away.