Author Topic: When to buy walking boots  (Read 704 times)


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When to buy walking boots
« on: 10:19:10, 25/08/17 »
Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a new pair of walking boots but is there a better time of the year to do this (from a sale point of view). I've done my long distance for this year so it's not urgent. Do boots even see a reduction in price at certain times of the year or are they a commodity that maintains their price (other than flash sales)?



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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #1 on: 10:59:57, 25/08/17 »
It really depends which specific make and model of boots you're considering buying?

There's never much change in price in the better known models of boots from the better known suppliers regardless of the time of year and of course the price trend is always up and never down. It's just a case of keeping your eyes open for the odd bargains that do appear from time to time.

The sales of the lesser known brands seem to be on all the time with a specific push at the end of the season to clear the old stock just before the new season's new "improved" models hit the shelves.

There are always some bargains to be had on eBay if you don't mind waiting for the right model in the right size to be listed but you need to have done your homework beforehand (i.e. tried them on in a shop) and know exactly what size you need in any given model.


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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #2 on: 11:29:34, 26/08/17 »
I work on the theory of ... if you want boots for general walking, wait until the end of summer when the shops are gearing up to sell winter specific gear so will be selling off their summer gear in "end of season sales" to make way for new winter stuff.  Likewise, if you want winter specific boots, wait until the "end of (winter) season sales".

No expense spared in pursuit of a bargain ;)


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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #3 on: 13:24:18, 26/08/17 »
I generally work on "theory" that it's best to wait until you really need something then search out best price available at that specific time. That way removes "danger" of buying a lot of stuff you may end up never using, and having to store it for long periods, etc.

I do "modify" that theory in a few areas.

And boots are one of them. I certainly still wait until pair need replacing before looking around. But then I place a big premium on being completely sure the boots are well made, suitable for walking I do, and comfort..and I'm more flexible on price than for other things.

I take the line that if I go to a specialist shop, and spend ages trying on boots...that if that shop get remotely close to internet price I will buy there and then, and not via the internet. That's partly down to trying to deal with the specialist shop fairly, and also down to ultra-caution (I prefer to have the specific boots I've actually tried on in the shop...than a pair coming days later...that if boot manufacturing was a precise science would be practically identical, but may in reality be a wee bit different.)


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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #4 on: 14:44:38, 26/08/17 »
I tend to buy again when, I'm fed up with them and fancy a change, the soles or heels have worn too much and the most important of all is if they leak!


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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #5 on: 15:03:19, 26/08/17 »
I tend to buy my boots whenever I need a new pair and my old ones are nearly knackered. O0


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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #6 on: 20:23:03, 29/08/17 »
If you know what you want and what size, Bootsdirect .something.
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Re: When to buy walking boots
« Reply #7 on: 22:07:36, 29/08/17 »

Cotswolds have a store, where many of their reduced priced boots are located, and it does not matter what time of year you buy them

Tell them what your after, and they usually can come up with the goods.

Make sure though, that you are not talked into buying boots that are more than you want to spend, stick firmly to your budget, and come away with boots that hopefully will serve you well.

I did that many years ago, got carried away in buying a pair of Scarpa Manta boots that were way over the top for my needs at the time.

They were an out and out 4season boot, and pretty stiff when you wore them.

I did eventually stick with them, but they were far too over the top for general walks, and never saw a harsh winter.

They had been reduced to clear, were sensibly priced, and i bought them.

Good Luck, Cotswolds here i come.
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