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« on: 18:14:12, 02/09/17 »
Just been recommended this (free) mapping app which you can use without wi-fi or phone coverage. Haven't been anywhere to test it yet bit it looks really useful. The guy who recommended it is on a cycling trip and said it's helped him pin-point his location on a number of occasions.



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Re: app
« Reply #1 on: 09:42:23, 03/09/17 »
One of our walking party still uses it. It's crisp, clear and fast.
Rest of us have moved onto Osmand+ which is a few quid. For fell walkers it adds contour lines, hill shading, cliffs, scree, more accurate representation of woods (maps me does not show woods that are on Heath land for some reason most of the lake district is therefore wood free on maps me), historic sites, many more little things.
However osmand+ is a bit slower.
I still like maps me a lot for it's clean easy display and real easy to use and would be happy with it if there was no alternative. I still use it for non fell use.

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Re: app
« Reply #2 on: 22:11:22, 04/09/17 »
very useful app. works offline, you just need to download the maps for the area that you're in
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