Author Topic: New UK Facebook selling group for lightweight trek gear  (Read 344 times)


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I belong to various groups on Facebook for hiking, backpacking and wild camping equipment, many are mostly US based member and the main one for the UK is Outdoor Gear Exchange UK. I messaged the admin about creating a group to be more specific to walking needs, like a filter but didn't hear back. So I have just setup a new group called UL Hiking Gear Exchange UK. No one has to use it, just thought it might be of use to some users who are just focused on the lightweight shelters, tarps, packs, stoves and bedding etc.[/font][/size]Anyway I hope it is ok to mention here, there is no gain by me from this, all I have done is added two links to donate to either England & Wales Mountain Rescue or Scottish Mountain Rescue for users who feel they get good use of the group.If you wish to join feel free and post away.


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