Author Topic: Training for Yorkshire 3 Peaks  (Read 310 times)


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Training for Yorkshire 3 Peaks
« on: 19:27:51, 11/09/17 »

I am training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and want to buy a pair of walking boots. Need recommendations of good, solid, durable but cost effective boots.

Any good ideas?

I'm a 23 yr old female, not that that probably matters :)


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Re: Training for Yorkshire 3 Peaks
« Reply #1 on: 07:35:25, 12/09/17 »
A bit more info from you might be helpful.

Is the Yorkshire 3 Peaks a one off walk or is walking something you intend to do regularly?

If regularly do you intend to mostly do lower level rambling on prepared paths or higher level hillwalking?

Do you have a preference for a fabric/leather construction boot (lighter and less durable than leather and maybe last around 2 years) or a full leather boot (heavier, more durable and cost effective than a fabric/leather construction and maybe last around 5 years)?

The big question is what is your budget? It's no good anybody recommending a boot you can't afford.

Your boot size maybe helpful just in case there are bargains available in specific sizes which people can point you to.

This guide may help and this older Go Outdoors video is worth watching and explains what you need to be looking for to suit the type of walking you do.

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Re: Training for Yorkshire 3 Peaks
« Reply #2 on: 08:44:17, 12/09/17 »
Selecting the correct footwear is really important. You will spend all of the time on your feet and if your feet aint happy then you wont be happy nor enjoy it. (How many enjoy the Y3P? :-) )

There are varying terrains, road, track, flagstones, rocky sections of up and down, Limestone and still plenty of wet areas.

I was up there in July, on DofE duty, and the water crossing the Y3P route up to Whernside was close to the top of our boots.

Most importantly the boots need to be chosen to fit the width and shape of your foot. Different manufacturers have different width lasts to manufacture their boots and walking trainers. Go to a quality Outdoor shop at a quiet time and explore options with the shop's boot fitter

Above all else get your footwear fitted to your feet. Buy a pair of socks at the same time and always use the same pair or same type of sock.

Good luck
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