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Gear / Re: how to fix a rip in a tent ?
« Last post by vizzavona on Today at 12:19:45 »
I hope this product is more secure that the McNetts Tenacious tape.  I tried this tape a couple of times on the seam of the slot where the single pole slots in on my Spacepacker tent and both times did not last out the length of the trip.
Wales / Re: Fan y Big downgraded
« Last post by Requiem on Today at 11:08:39 »
My 'Giving a Monkeys' Quotient about this was recently downgraded from 'Not Much' to '[censored] All'


Wales / Re: Fan y Big downgraded
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 10:52:11 »
Personally I've always regarded the Beacons as hills rather than mountains.  Never looked at what they are officially 'classed'  O0
Wales / Re: Fan y Big downgraded
« Last post by phil1960 on Today at 08:22:41 »
It all seems a bit daft to me, there’s always some bright spark with a new measuring stick  ::)
Gear / Re: how to fix a rip in a tent ?
« Last post by NeilC on Today at 07:54:52 »
Hiya, cheers, it is the thick gloopy type but I'm not sure if it like that due to it being old.. I have seen a You Tube demonstration of someone putting ordinary tape on one side and glooping the other then after 12hrs taking the tape off and gooping the other side.. The rip is so small I might just try this and if it fails then I'm going to try your patch method..


I've done that method on a groundsheet and it worked for a small hole.

It's all down to the sealer. The McNetts appears to last forever. I did one 5 years ago it's still perfect. But I got some stuff I thought was the same from a poundshop and that's come away. If in doubt buy the good stuff and it will last and last.
Wales / Re: Fan y Big downgraded
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 07:44:04 »

Pathetic. Such classifications are entirely arbitrary.

Who has the right to dictate what is and isn't a mountain?  >:(
Gear / Re: Poor choice of clothing? - Biking gear.
« Last post by scorpain on Today at 07:01:14 »
4x4 Wheelchair Walk up High Cup Nick
I suppose it is closer to a 'quad' than a wheelchair.
For this first time though I'll just go the 'up one side, back down the other side' route from Dufton. Nothing to explorative on my first travel, then snag the hike for next time.

Absolutely can imagine trying to fill the lounger, losing grip and away it goes. In theory however, it'd beat taking a chair.
Gear / Re: Osprey Talon
« Last post by kiwi keith on Today at 02:00:56 »
I used a Osprey Stratos 22 for my WHW last year. It performed well and was very comfortable on my back. I found that it could just fit in my daily requirements at a squeeze. Too tight at times.  I decided to also get a Stratos 34 which has the same comprehensive features but can hold everything I need and more. Now I can take my billy with me to cook up a hot cuppa whenever. I like the built in rain cover and pole holders. Have used it for several day hikes around home but will be putting it to a true test next week when I start the PCP.
Gear / Re: how to fix a rip in a tent ?
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 00:20:33 »
Dyffryn forgot to add that stitching is absolutely not recomended except to skilled knowledgeable seamstreypeople.The stitches themselves cause lots if holes which have to be sealed. If the wrong thread is used, it has to be sealed and can rot very quickly in sunlight.For the 99% of those who do not possess such sewing knowledge and proofing expertise then the well proven and completely foolproof way is the double patch method as advised previously.

My wife knows about sewing waterproof material professionally and she told me never to go near her machines except to put them on the sewing table for her.  She has rolls if seam seal and bottles of silicone to get the correct finish.
Gear / Re: Poor choice of clothing? - Biking gear.
« Last post by Mel on Today at 00:20:03 »
I'm having a mental image of you chasing your inflatable lounger across the fells as it blows away when you get up  :D
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