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I would drop Cat Bells and Tarn Hows, it gets very busy there unless you drop lucky. Save that for a day with bad weather. I live in Kendal and always try to avoid busy times in the tourist traps.
Gear / Re: Uncomfortable rucksacks!
« Last post by Troggy on Today at 15:06:18 »
I've got some spare camping mat that I''ve cut a couple of pads off to shove under the straps of the Osprey kestrel 48. The straps on that can twist an bit when loaded up. The pads work ok.
Lake District / Re: Is this the best Lakeland view?
« Last post by Troggy on Today at 15:00:03 »
It's a beautiful view; but I'd hesitate to say it's the best, as I think it is subjective to people about what they consider to be the best view. My own favourite is from the top of Walla Crag, looking down on Derwentwater and away over to Bassenthwaite...and if I ever learn how to load a pic on her, I'll put it on. It'd  be nice to see what views hold a special place in others hearts.
Gear / Re: Advice on wide feeting walking boots
« Last post by Troggy on Today at 14:54:12 »
Yes, I sympathise as I have the same sort of problems. I got a pair of Altberg at 11W and they're a bit too short, so I'd probably need a 12. However, as I said before, now that I've cut out the dratted toe guard on a pair of Meindl suede, goretex lined boots, that I really like but couldn't wear for long, they're really comfortable and they are 10 and a half!...bit draughty on the right toe area though! Again, got a pair of cheap Karrimor size 12 and they're just right in the width and I pulled the toe guard out of them and glued over the seam. They're doing fine so far.
As boots are generally so expensive, or most people would want to wear them for long days out walking, it's probably best, whatever sort of slight imperfections/difference in sizes your feet may have, is get good advice from specialist shoe shops that supply or can provide a wide range of boots to suit.
Photography / Name the hills
« Last post by richardh1905 on Today at 14:52:21 »
I'll hold the door :police:
General Walking Discussion / Re: Preventing Achilles Tendon Injury
« Last post by dav on Today at 14:12:10 »
Some good advice for Achilles Tendonitis there.However, first of all you have to get the correct diagnosis as to whether it is a 'True' Achilles Tendonitis or simply an Achilles Tendon Sheaf injury.The symptoms are almost identical. Any irritation to the back of your heel/tendon area will be uncomforatble so you have to prevent this. Some runners with Sheap problems cut away the top of their shoe heel tabs.
Scotland / TR Melgarve bothy to Newtonmore
« Last post by jj99 on Today at 14:07:07 »
This is another long read - the five of five so far with 12 in all.

If the last one did not send you to sleep ---- neither will this one ....
Gear / Re: Size 8 1/2 - 9 Ladies boot?
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 14:04:24 »
I don't think a men's boot is a good idea (is it?) so I am wondering if anyone knows of a ladies boot in larger sizes?
The main difference between men's and women's shoe sizes, apart from the fact that they don't run true together so a man's 7 will be a woman's 8, is that men's shoes are wider. Perhaps this is the answer to her problems.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Sleeping in shooting huts?
« Last post by dav on Today at 14:04:02 »
Shooters huts or Bothies. Bothies are looked after by the Mountain Bothies Association and they are available for anyone to take shelter and sleep in. The arrangement is with the agreement of the land or estate owner. Shooting huts are usually primarily for the use of members of the shooting organisation and not the general public. Obviously if one was open and it was late in the day you could probably get away with sleeping in it, the same goes for RSPB (Twitchers) bird observation huts/hides.
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