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I paid 70 return recently from Portsmouth to Caen on Brittany Ferries as a foot passenger. They are now doing a 4 day special offer for passenger and bike for a return fare of 64.


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The MOD are issuing a new rage of boots this year. Apparently it will be a gradual rollout as kit needs replacing but if they clear out any remaining stocks there we may see more new boots of the current type for sale.

I think the replacements may prove popular when they reach the surplus market:

I've just aquired a pair of Altberg Defenders, also looking around for some Lowa desert boots, they will be both my walking & work boots for the next few months. I've had a few flair-ups of tendonitus on the top of both feet over the last couple of years. The higher military boots allow me to skip lace eyelets over the effected area but still retain support, hopefully allowing my feet to heal properly.


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A water filter that appears much like the Sawyer for a tenner:
It's cheap but looking at the mouthpiece in the pic it doesn't allow  a tube to be fitted for gravity filtering  like the Sawyer does :)

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Yes its cheap, but it is only rated as 1500 litres, whilst the Sawyer is 450,000 (yes - four hundred and fifty thousand) litres.

So the Sawyer works out a lot "cheaper per litre"

I am a bit sceptical at the level of filtration (0.01 Micron) when all major manufacturers are 0.1 micron)

Weight: 53g/ 0.12lb
Length of Tube: 70cm/ 27.6"
Filter Micron Size: 0.01 Micron
Dimension: 31*160mm/ 1.2"*6.3"
Max Filter Water Capacity: 1500L / 396 Gallons
Main Material: ABS, PP, Ultra filtration membrane, Pre-carbon filter
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