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Re: Trail names
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I sign  in as Slowcoach and i may well be up to no good.....
It's all uphill from here.


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Re: Trail names
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I prefer to be known by my abreviated Christian name, but even some of my friends call me by my forum username of 'Slogger', so I suppose that is my trail name too. :)


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Re: Trail names
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On the Appalachian Trail you will get a Trail name even if you do not want one. Keep winging about the one you are given and it will be changed to... Kept Winging. They are specific, remembered and add a bit of safety on the trail; against duplicate real names out there. Unwritten rule is that coarse names are not given -but they do happen; meeting a fellow hiker ten years later in a business meeting and saying- Hey Stinky Socks is that you may- raise a laugh but would be unwelcome.
Mine is not Doddy

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Re: Trail names
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 When I was walking the Pennine Way one guy was given the name "Vindaloo" after he made thirty trips to the loo in one night.


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Re: Trail names
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Poor vindaloo, that sounds slightly painful 😂