Author Topic: TR Day 2 and 3 of a 3 dayer from Coniston Sun 27 to Mon 28 May 18  (Read 594 times)


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Day 2

The wind howled all night but the MSR was sheltered enough from it behind the wall. Beefy was still feeling poorly and I didn't feel great either. We debated going back to Coniston and back home instead of heading toward Green Crag and Devoke Water. We decided to stay and do the whole route but we knew once we started we wouldn't be able to change our minds. We packed our things and descended the Walna Scar Road en route to Seathwaite

Waterfall on Long House Gill

Harter Fell

We had originally planned to go up Harter Fell too but the wind was so strong we decided to give it a miss. The sun was out and the sky was blue, a lovely day except for the wind.

Wallowbarrow Crag

Beefy on the way through the woods to High Wallowbarrow

The footbridge over Grassguards Gill

We had a break here for some lunch, Beefy struggled to eat very much he felt so ill. I started feeling queasy and didn't feel great either. Perhaps we should have gone home after all. We took the bridleway climbing up from High Wallowbarrow toward Grassguards. It was baking hot here, out of the wind and we struggled up the path.

Climbers on the crags

The bridleway was a lovely route, one neither us had done before, with lovely views

On the bridleway to Grassguards

Grey Friar and Dow Crag now in view

Harter Fell

At Grassguards we turned left beside Grassguards Gill toward Green Crag

We stopped for a rest on the way. Beefy was feeling really ill, I took some of the weight from his pack, a bottle of wine, although I didn't feel great I wasn't as bad as Beefy.

Green Crag ahead

We stopped again below Green Crag for another rest and for some food, not that Beefy ate much.

Beefy on Green Crag summit

The wind was horrendous here we were nearly blown off our feet a few times on the way up. I quickly took this shot then we left the summit quickly to get out of the wind, we could only just about stand up in it.

We headed our way toward White How and Great Worm Crag but veered off toward Far Hill first to see if we could find a pitch there. Beefy was so ill he could barely walk another step so pitching on one of the tops near Devoke Water was too far away. Nowt at Far Hill so we walked toward White Crag. Beefy sat down and had a rest and I scouted around for the best place to pitch. I found a pitch, slightly sloping but it had a great view and it was sheltered from the wind. We got the tent up and Beefy had a lie down while I went to get the water from the nearby Highford Beck and got the water on to filter.

The MSR beside White Crag

The Scafells and Green Crag from our pitch

Close up of the Scafell range

We had some tea but Beefy again struggled to eat very much. We poured some wine and waited for the sunset. We weren't sure what we would get, the cloud look like it might obscure it as it went down. Before the sunset started Beefy puked up but said he felt better afterwards. He didn't want any more wine but he managed to eat some more food. I said I would try to drink his share of the wine  :)

The sun starts to go down

The cloud was rather dramatic

The cloud sometimes makes the sunset even better

The sun began to change to a red colour

The sunset was just as good as the night before, two fab sunsets, we considered ourselves very lucky

Close up of the sun going down

What a fabulous sunset it was. Sadly I couldn't finish the wine but I did try my best  ;D
Day 2 was Walna Scar Quarry to Seathwaite - High Wallowbarrow - Grassguards - Green Crag - below White How - Far Hill - White Crag 13.7km with 551m ascent. A real struggle for Beefy and in hindsight perhaps we should have gone home but we would have missed the fab sunset.

Day 3

We awoke to another hot day but this time with very little wind and we were plagued with midges as we packed our stuff away. We walked pathless across the rough moorland to get to the Birker Fell Road. The ground was very dry but the lack of paths spoke volumes, it would normally be too boggy and wet to walk over this bit.

Looking toward Woodend

The Scafells, Bowfell, Crinkles and Harter Fell

We'd never been over the Birker Fell Road into Eskdale and we enjoyed the route despite the road walking. We were pleased of the easy walk and there were only a few cars now and again.

Garner Bank from the Birker Fell Road

We took the bridleway left at Forge House on the Muncaster Trail. We stopped for a break near Muncaster Head sitting in the shade, we'd had enough sun and felt like we were being baked alive, it was hot. There was breeze coming off the sea as we got closer to it and we welcomed it.

There has been some tree felling above the bridleway on the slopes of Muncaster Fell

One of the forestry workers must have made this

Muncaster Tarn

It had been tough on the climb up here and we had to dig deep because we didn't have that much time in hand for our train and we had to keep a good pace.

The descent to Ravenglass down Fell Lane

We were relieved to get to Ravenglass and sat in the shade waiting for the train. It had been a tough weekend with the heat and not feeling well, especially for Beefy who was a lot worse than me.

Day 3 was White Crag - Birker Fell Road - Forge House - High Eskholme - Muncaster Tarn - Fell Lane - Ravenglass Station 15km with 273m ascent. When we got home Beefy had  about 7 ticks on him, one on his leg and 2 on his stomach and 4 on his waist at the sides. They were tiny and I am going to get a magnifying glass to make it easier for us to see them, I almost missed them. We reckon it was when he sat in the grass below Green Crag when they all jumped on him, I had got my chair out to sit on and I seemed to have escaped this time. Beefy will be using his chair next time too.

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More amazing pics Ape O0
What a great weekend it was
Apart from the bug

karl h

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What lovely pics April O0  May has been really good weatherwise, although it was very windy on Sunday.
That's a very nice  route, lots of familiar views.
Hope you are both on the mend :)
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Looks like a great weekend - apart from the bug and the wind and the heat and the ticks  ;D .  Well done sticking with the plan - must have been worth it for the sunsets.   Monday was soooo hot - I was on Rosthwaite fell on Monday and thought I'd explode!


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Lovely sunset pics again.

Hope you are both feeling back to normal.
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Great pics and what a superb route.

Shame you both weren't feeling in tip-top condition and the heat on Monday must have made things feels worse :(

Hope you're both fully recovered now.



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Oh dear-must be all the wine catching up with you!  ;D
Great pics again O0 [size=78%], but rather you than me.[/size]


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Thanks everyone  O0

@ pdstsp - it was hot alright

@ pleb - not wine related this time  ;D

We are both feeling better, but I still have a cold, I am blowing my nose every 10 seconds  :(
"Who would've thought...... you are light and darkness coming through" words by Tim Armstrong


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Sounds like a tough couple of days for you both - glad you're feeling better.  O0  You guys are a lot tougher than I am - I would've bailed as soon as I started to feel sick. :-[

Ticks and illness aside, a great read & pictures. The photos of the sunset are beautiful.  O0 


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Great pics and text. Shame about the illness but hey, everything bad thing makes the good things better!  :-)


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Well done to you both for completing this epic journey even though you were feeling ill.  I used to regularly drive over the Birker Fell Road on the way to work and stop to admire the view when the Scafells made an appearance.  :)
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Lovely photos April     :)     And well done to you and beefy for pressing on despite feeling so unwell

Welsh Rambler

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More lovely pictures April  O0  A lovely walk to look back on even if it didn't feel too good at the time. Maybe get some more practice in this wine tasting so you can finish Beefy's next time  ;D
Regards Keith


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Maybe get some more practice in this wine tasting so you can finish Beefy's next time  ;D

Actually, further to my previous post, you and Beefy might have more walking stamina but I would never have left that wine un-drunk so I think we're probably equal overall...  ;) ;D


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Really enjoyed both your reports and all your photos April..great stuff! O0

Hope you're both fully recovered soon,

Tracey :)
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