Author Topic: When resting, confined to your tent, or incarcerated in a pub, do you read?  (Read 375 times)


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I'm not a great reader but I do like to have a few books downloaded when I'm on a hike. Very useful when I'm stuck in my tent due to bad weather, in a pub or when I fancy a long afternoon break. One thing I really do enjoy is 'The Long Reads' from the Guardian newspaper. Brilliant, I now get them sent straight to my email address, not just a headline and a couple of punchy paragraphs but a 'Long Read' and in my view a really good read.

The only book I've downloaded which was to do with my walk, was 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevenne' by Robert Lewis Stevenson. When I did the walk (part of the GR70) it was great to keep dipping back in time to read his experiences of a particular village, a landscape, an old rail line or some other place and as I walked to see land meet loads of families en route, some with a donkey or donkeys as well. People in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany seem to know this book well but I've only ever met a couple of people in the UK who have ever heard of it.


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Yes i often bring a magazine on tent trips.


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In a pub or b&b I'm on line checking routes and weather for the next day.  Never been a reader apart from my monthly Evo magazine. :)


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I often walk alone so my kindle is important to me.  Sit in the corner with a beer, read a bit, people watch. 


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I do like to pack a paperback.

I've been reading 'Bothy Tales' by John D Burns; a present from my wife, whilst I've been wild camping on local cliff tops. Has made me laugh out loud at times.

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Always take Kindle, and download a couple of novels Iíve not read beforehand...usually fantasy or SF.


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Never take a book and haven't got a Kindle, my phone will only work as a phone or to send/receive texts!  So for me I sit in the pub writing up my journal, looking at my map for the next day.  I always end up chatting with someone who wants to know where I am walking to/from.  By which time I am ready for bed albeit sometimes it is only 21.00 but then it sets me up for an early start the next day.  The only times that is a bit different was on the Pennine Way and the C2C where because of the number of walkers there was always a prearranged meet up for a meal and a beer.


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Mostly take a kindle with various books down loaded. The last one I read was "Love on the time of cholera" still no idea what it was all about. The biography of William Wilberforce was much more successful.


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In and out of pub asap and no time in tent for a read, exept the map or guidebook, then head down, zzzzzzzzz 3 or 4 hours max, then up and off again. Besides books add to the weight! ;)