Author Topic: The Friends of the Lake District view of the LDNP local plan review  (Read 106 times)


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The Friends have a bit on their website about the LDNPA local plan review here

Here area few bullet points I have copied from their response and I wholeheartedly agree with it all

"Friends of the Lake District considers that the Local Plan is far too focussed on tourism business and not enough on the other aspects of running a National Park. This Plan will encourage provision for an ever greater number of visitors to a National Park which is already struggling to support 19+ million visitors a year. The Local Plan should be more aware of conserving and enhancing the landscape; and of the needs of people who live in and work in other sectors in the Lake District"

"Related to the increase in visitor numbers is the intractable issue of transport within the Lake District. The National Park’s roads are already at capacity during the busiest months; any increase in visitors will make congestion worse, impacting on the livelihoods of local people, businesses and visitor enjoyment"

"We are concerned that the Local Plan champions inappropriate, fanciful tourism development ideas in the Showcase Areas"

I haven't read all of it as yet but I am sure it will reflect exactly how I feel about the LDNP and how it should be managed.

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