Author Topic: Hi all, My name is Eddie and I'm new to the forum. A question please!  (Read 663 times)


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I'm planning to do the White Peak to Dark Peak in the next week or so (solo) in one trip with an overnight camp. I'm taking my vehicle and would like some advice on how to tackle it.
Option 1 - Drive to Hope, leave vehicle, train back to Bakewell, walk, finish at Hope, drive home.
Option 2 - Drive to Bakewell, Park, walk to Hope, train back to Bakewell. Drive home.
Option 3 - feel free to suggest

Please suggest parking locations in Bakewell or Hope.
In anticipation, thanks for your help.



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Peronally, I'd take public transort to Edale, then walk the walk, plus the camp and at the end use public transport again (or hitchike) to get home. Or do it the other around.

I personally find that using my car tends to handicap me. I've used mine but because I know I've bought it with me I tend to use it as a santuary, it makes me a lazy walker.


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My personal preference is to walk back to my car. This is mainly down to being tired and not wanting to have to rush to catch a train or bus.

Plus I get a moments satisfaction when my car comes into view and I know its nearly time to get my boots off.


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Thanks lads for the tips. I think I'll take Tom's advice and drive to Hope, park up, catch a bus to Bakewell and then do the walk back to Hope. Regards all.