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General Walking Discussion / Re: More weight to carry? Am I sceptical?
« Last post by tonyk on Today at 14:10:22 »

 The question they should be asking is why are so many people depressed? Probably due to the empty materialistic society we have created and lack of any real community.

Lake District / Re: Another zip wire plan, this time across Thirlmere
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 13:09:00 »
That is pretty much what UU said to me when I queried why they had done it. They would have more chance of me believing them if they had 'improved' any other tracks in the area.

I feel that retrospective planning permission should never be granted and particularly not for an enormous organisation who have their own infrastructure team and legal department.
General Walking Discussion / Re: More weight to carry? Am I sceptical?
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 12:54:51 »
That is not at all how it was reported on the radio this morning.

What they said is that anti-depressants work, people on anti-depressants are less depressed than those on a placebo. That doesn't mean that more people should be taking them or that there can not be terrible side effects including addiction.

The chances of a scientific paper saying 'it is officially OK for the nation to take anti-depressants'...
Trentishore Down and on to Holdstone Hill. Wonderful views up and down the coast, I think the weather is going the be good.

I notice today that its now officially OK for the nation to take anti-depressants. How many studies in the past said its not OK. The drug companies must be rubbing their hands with glee! I accept that anti-depressants have their place and are helpful to some people, but where will this recommendation lead the nation over the next few years? Is it perhaps a ploy to allow the goverment to get out of, or lower future Mental Health funding? Will those who need help, now be told to just keep taking the tablets and while you are at the Pharmacist, why not pick up some more! More is good!

I'm sorry, but I am very suspicious about this. Will Mr Hunt soon be telling us that GP's now have more time to see more patients? Mental Health, dont worry about it any more, we've solved that, have another anti-depressant!

I have met people when hiking who carry lots of medication for all sorts of problems and ailments, will they soon be carrying more?

In my work, both in the past and now, I see a lot of anti-depressant use, its not all wonderful I can assure you.
Lake District / Re: VR - Wild Camp on Silver How
« Last post by beefy on Today at 11:51:46 »
Great video beefy O0  I'm hoping to combine Silver How and Loughrigg fell on a walk this year :)
Thanks Henry  O0
Lake District / Re: TR - Stanley Ghyll Force
« Last post by fernman on Today at 10:58:34 »
Thank you! I expected it would be something like that, which is obviously ignored as there is a dsefinite path going up beyond it.
Gear / Re: Hillwalkers warned about magnets in clothing.
« Last post by pleb on Today at 10:47:48 »
Now that explains a lot.

@ Pleb this why you get lost so many times  :D
OI........................ :tickedoff:
I still haven't made my mind up about the Honister Zip Wire.   I was against it when they applied last time, but I'm not so sure this time around.   I haven't really had time to read through the application yet.

I am thinking about putting in an objection to the United Utilities retrospective application for widening the track up to Fisher Crag.

UU posted this statement on their Twitter page yesterday:

Zip Off have just posted this on Twitter page.   The tracks look identical to me.

Lake District / Re: TR - Stanley Ghyll Force
« Last post by Seferix on Today at 10:25:42 »
Excellent photos and video!
Went up there some years ago on a fern society meeting, stayed at Eskdale Campsite.

There's a notice at the foot of the waterfall, on the left. Anyone know what it says? Just curious.

It says 'Danger, no path beyond this point'
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