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« Last post by kinkyboots on Today at 08:19:51 »
Lowe Alpine Attack 25 Daypack in Black/Tangerine @ £25 (Normal RRP £55)

Gear / Re: Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
« Last post by jimbob on Today at 00:55:42 »
Given your problems, maybe you should be seeking professional medical advice. A podiatrist may give better, absolutely personal advice. We not really knowing your actual situation could exacerbate any problems you have.
Gear / Re: Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
« Last post by dee100 on Today at 00:11:52 »
I wear arch supports tailor made by NHS for flat feet
Gear / Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
« Last post by dee100 on Today at 00:09:28 »
Hello there  and greetings,[/font][/font]
due to ankle deterioration [/font]in past year I don't walk so much now or as fast. Nonetheless  I am going Israel soon and will do some gentle hiking, trails, hills and mountains.[/font]
I am using karrimor plus ride running shoe, I think I paid £35-40.[/font]
As I write this, I think I know where I went wrong.[/font]
I used Nike Pegasus running shoes for walking for 15 years with no problems.[/font]
Due to money problems since 2 years ago I switched to Karrimor cheaper range. I noticed they were just too light and that is why my ankles have gotten worse in past year.[/font]
My finances are very healthy now, I leave Israel next week...what do you advise? Running shoes with air all along soles or can you suggest something more suitable?[/font]
I have premature osteo arthritis on knees and they donít feel very strong.[/font]
I read that if shoes are heavy with thicker soles, the ankles will atrophy and I wonít notice when I step on a rock until it is too late....if I wore chunky c l a r k s  shoes, perhaps the stiffer sole would not benefit me?[/font]. Would the latter be ok for daily use in London?
Your kind advice much appreciated,[/font]
Thank you![/font]
Gear / Re: when to buy a tent ?
« Last post by jimbob on Yesterday at 23:51:31 »
I bought a real cheapie, BUT was prepared to put a lot of time into it.  All seams were restitched and taped, extra peg points added. Tension points were reinforced and the whole tent sprayed with Fabsil Gold, twice. It has served OK, my problem wasn't the coffin tent but the shoddy sleeping bag that I eventually got rid of in Spain when walking the Camino. I bought a cheap quilt that did a better job but is still too heavy for me really. saving up for a down bag.

There is a series of Youtube videos showing what to do with cheap tents (apart from binning them, that is. :) )
« Last post by jimbob on Yesterday at 23:44:16 »
Kiwi pro trousers at £22.50 and3 pairs bamboo socks for £7:00 at Downtown, Grantham. (So called Black Friday Sale)

I like the Kiwis so another pair will never go amiss, and bamboo socks are great as my foot "baselayer" under my merino stockings.
General Walking Discussion / Re: First Row With a Farmer
« Last post by tonyk on Yesterday at 22:58:11 »
 Only had one run-in with a farmer and that was around thirty years ago.I was walking the Peak District High Level Route which was new at the time and this farmer was pretty upset that it crossed his field which until that time had been a little used right of way.He headed across the field on his tractor and then hurled a load of foul mouthed abuse at me and accused me of being a civil servant! What that had to do with it I don't know but I suppose that is an example of the way some farmer's minds work.I ignored him throughout,just stood there not saying anything but maintaining eye contact.After a while he ran out of steam and drove off.Typical bully who has probably been doing this all his life and when he dosen't get the reaction he expects  he dosen't know what to do.I should imagine the clown that the OP met was another bully who gets a kick out of intimidating people.
General Walking Discussion / Re: advise please walking pen-y-fan in the dark
« Last post by tonyk on Yesterday at 22:38:37 »
hi can some one  give me advise on walking pen-y-fan at night for 4 woman two haven't done it before

 At what time of the year? How experienced are the two who have done it before? Have you walked together as a group before?
... but making an attempt on a mountain that is nearly 3000ft in altitude, having never been to its summit, at the dead of night.

Its not advisable.

Why not? In any case the route is basically straight up/down from  Storey Arms or Pont ar Daf.  Probably one of the easiest night routes I know.
Gear / Re: when to buy a tent ?
« Last post by tenmilesplus on Yesterday at 21:10:25 »
 Hiya, cheers for the reply, I am looking around for a light tent, the more I look into it the more info I find, 190t / 2000 seems to be good value and as I'm going to be using it for Summer only I don't see any point of getting anything more expensive..
 Is there a better brand and brands to avoid ? I see Vano, HI gear, ?? Quechua Forclaz ?? and many more, what should I be looking for other than weight / head / thread per inch etc..

What about a ground sheet ? I see there are foam ones, inflatable ones, self inflatable ones.. Or is it worth not taking one ? I see they are only 750g so it seems worth carrying one for the comfort / weight ratio.

  To save a bit of weight and for ease of packing I'm just going to take a fleece / Pongee as I don't like being too warm at night..
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