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Thanks all - yes it is complicated, as are many things these days. At the moment the plan is to try to escape the rat race not engage in more bureaucracy!!!

Whitehorsewalker/Sue - would you mind if I PMed you just to ask a few questions/hear more about your experience, running a B&B,  please?

Happy to help.  :)
General Walking Discussion / Re: "Quality Mountain Days"
« Last post by Ridge on Today at 15:58:04 »
Lovely photo Richard  O0
Looks fantastic, why did this weather have to disappear when we arrived?  ::)
Looks fantastic.
Gear / Re: Osprey Talon
« Last post by clyoung on Today at 15:28:18 »
I have had an Osprey Talon 22 for about 3 years. I haven't found the back that sweaty and the pole stowage is handier than some of the alternative designs around. It's proved fairly robust though there is now some damage to the water bottle pockets.

Although my two sons carry their own gear, for more challenging routes and conditions I take things like a group shelter and I found it a bit tight on space for those times. So I now use a Gregory 34l pack (women's version) for those situations, I find it cinches down quite well when you take stuff out.
Wales / Re: TR - Snowdon via the Watkin Path
« Last post by clyoung on Today at 15:16:34 »
Great pics, what glorious weather you had.
Wales / Re: Penallt, Monmouthshire
« Last post by clyoung on Today at 15:16:01 »
Great photos, looks like a really interesting walk.
Wales / Re: Skirrid Fawr
« Last post by clyoung on Today at 15:15:37 »
Great pics. It's a great walk when you want an easier option that still gets you out on a hill. I did it in 2014 when I was recovering from injuring my hip falling off my bicycle.
Wales / Re: Pumlumon Fawr
« Last post by clyoung on Today at 15:13:41 »
Looks great, which route is this? I quite fancy tackling it from the north.
Photography / Re: Photographers Question & Answers corner
« Last post by Ronin83 on Today at 15:07:56 »
Why can't we just post a photo from our phones? Seems long
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