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Gear / Re: ~50l backpack with bottom entry
« Last post by sussamb on Today at 22:04:52 »
The LA Airzone 35/45 has side entry that may suit your needs ...
General Walking Discussion / Re: First multi-day hike?
« Last post by Owen on Today at 22:01:31 »
How about the Jura, Northern Switzerland, you can do it using hostels or Getes, I don't think you can wild camp in that part of the world very easily.   
Peak District / Baslow to Beeley
« Last post by Lee in Doncaster on Today at 21:54:15 »
Fortunately I didn't have to climb right to the top of the tree:
General Walking Discussion / Re: Women hiking alone.
« Last post by Maggot on Today at 21:53:23 »

I saw him at the doctors surgery randomly and he started talking to me so we had a chat. He wasn't supposed to, it was against his bail conditions but he wasn't the sort of gentleman bothered by that. I didn't ask about his eyes he volunteered it.

Crikey, well I am glad you are ok!
Rest of England / Re: Marr to Hooton Roberts
« Last post by Lee in Doncaster on Today at 21:53:22 »
Cheers Pleb...yes, it probably is.
General Walking Discussion / Re: Preventing Achilles Tendon Injury
« Last post by Maggot on Today at 21:52:25 »
If you haven't, then you could try putting heel raisers in your shoes/boots.  They raise your heel and take some of the pressure off of your Achilles.

Maybe get some kinaesiology tape and do a bit of strapping?  strapping is really good if done well, and you can get all funky colours of tape too  ;D
General Walking Discussion / First multi-day hike?
« Last post by JJ87 on Today at 21:51:08 »
Hi all,

I've set my mind on multi day hiking, but never did more than half days to full days of hiking in the mountains of north Garda lake and Paklenica (Croatia). This means I have zero experience in bringing own supplies, carying heavy gear etc.

To get "into it" and deciding it's really what I want to do I have been looking for "beginner hikes" or 2 to 3 day hikes in Europe (I'm from Belgium myself). Obviously it's mostly the "epic" hikes that get attention online, and so far I've only found Cinque Terre as a relatively easy "multi day" hike.
Because of pig plague and home situation I can't go to Wallonie or Luxembourg :/.

Are there any "I wish I had known about that hike when I first started" idea's?

Photography / Re: Where am I?
« Last post by karl h on Today at 21:50:12 »
I thought of Lambfoot Dub straight away but then I wonderered if it is Middleboot Knotts Tarn?  :-\

Er..yes it might be ;)
The banks don't quite look like Lambfoot ( and the water in Lambfoot is quite dirty for some reason  ;D  )
Wales / Crib Goch Foxes Path
« Last post by Bigfoot_Mike on Today at 21:36:56 »
i haven this called the Foxes Path and the Goat Path. Does anyone know how easy this path is to find from the Crib Goch North Ridge end? I have seen a few descriptions from Bwlch Y Moch, but none from th3 North Ridge. I have previously descended the North Ridge into Cwm Glas Mawr when reversing Crib Goch, but wasnít aware of this path at the time.
Gear / Re: Klymit Imsulated Static V
« Last post by taxino8 on Today at 21:30:46 »
Iím still liking it but Iíve loads of time before next year so I can have a good look around at alternatives.
Of course my sleeping bag is also due for an upgrade, thatís another head scratcher!
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